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  • Frank Sinatra Top 10 Songs List, and Albums of All Time

    Straight to the point Sinatra meets all requirements to be known as a legend, and his music profession crossed decades, through the World War II up to the 1990’s. Until he kicked the bucket in 1998, he consistently engaged the world through playing out his unbelievable songs. The thriller musician is connected with parts of […]

  • Usher Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

    Usher Terry Raymond, popularly known as Usher is a songwriter, actor, and artist. The man keeps on engaging the world with his wonderful gifts. Usher has been dynamic in music since the mid 1990’s, and that clarifies why the musician sings so well. Usher surprises the world, on account of his melodic voice that mixes […]

  • Alicia Keys Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

    Alicia Keys is an American songwriter and a multitalented singer. The musician enchants her fans with astounding songs contained in her unimaginable studio albums. Alicia Keys is a one of a kind artist in that she co-composes, creates and composes every one of her songs, making the tracks have an individual message, in this way […]

  • Nicki Minaj Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

    Tanya Onika Maraj, popularly known as Nicki Minaj is a songwriter, singer, and rapper. The hot and provocative rapper is dynamic in music since 2004. She broke a record for being the main female artist to have seven songs all the while on Billboard Hot 100 songs. Minaj’s melodic and unmistakable voice excites each song […]

  • One Direction Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

    The greatest ‘kid band’ on the planet today is One Direction, and that is undisputable. The gathering drives youngster and tween young ladies insane, at whatever point they hit the stage. Over the couple of years that the gathering has been dynamic in music, the band has developed with the music. One Direction gloats of […]

  • Jason Aldean Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

    Blue grass music is cool, yet the business around a similar sort of music can be fierce. Notwithstanding, Jason Aldean makes a similar look simple and agreeable, on account of his unbelievable music. Since beginning genuine singing in 2005, Jason has created hit songs that keep on topping the charts, getting to the top ten […]

  • Rachel Platten Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

    Rachel Platten is a pop artist who has been in the business for quite a while. Her first collection released in 2003, with the second one discharging eight years after the fact, in 2011. Her songs are made fruitful by TV airplay, and she discovers national approval in the wake of marking an arrangement with […]

  • Kelly Clarkson Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

    It is a close tough undertaking to think of the best ten songs by Kelly Clarkson. The woman has turned out to be such a music symbol since gracing our TV screens when she turned into the principal ever victor of the well known ‘American Idol’ back in the year 2002. Her first collection titled […]

  • Tom Petty Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

    Tom Petty is broadly known for his extraordinary solo work with the Heartbreakers. Since their presentation in 1976, he has made 13 studio albums. Maybe, you have ever delighted in one of their extraordinary live exhibitions. Their self-titled introduction included shocking roll and hard shake songs. In the initial couple of years, Petty and the […]

  • Kesha Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

    Kesha initially showed up on ‘Ideal Round,’ a Flo Rida track in 2009 as a vocalist. From that point forward, she has kept on lighting pop charts quite a long time. The musical ruler has worked with well known superstars like Benny Blanco, Dr. Luke, K-dollar sign and Max Martin. Many individuals trust that Kesha […]

  • Rolling Stones Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

    The Rolling Stones are most likely the most seasoned shake and-move band ever. Inferable from this, they have procured an excessive amount of involvement in the business empowering them to create raving successes over that time. They have been hailed as the best band in shake and-roll ever. The band has had a firm stay […]

  • George Michael Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

    George Michael was a result of his period, and his astounding voice and songwriting ability cements his position in musical history. Michael begins his singing profession as an individual from a team band known as “Wham,” before choosing to go his direction, a choice that makes him in a split second fruitful, particularly after he […]