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  • Jimi Hendrix Top 10 Songs List, and Albums of All Time

    Jimi Hendrix was an American singer who is recognized as the best guitarist ever. Hendrix just recorded music for a long time, before he kicked the bucket at 27 years old, in 1970. A song, author, a stone guitarist and singer, many will recall Hendrix for his extraordinary taste of mold and inclination for electric […]

  • John Lennon Top 10 Songs List, Albums of All Time

    John Winston Lennon was an English musician. He was conceived on ninth October 1940 and kicked the bucket on eighth December 1980. John Lennon began his musical profession as a major aspect of a notorious gathering, which was known as the Beatles. The Beatles were ostensibly the most achievement music gathering of the 60’s. After […]

  • Jay-Z Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

    Jay-Z is an American hip-hop artist. He was conceived on December 4, 1969. He is a fruitful hip-hop artist as well as a proficient businessperson and speculator. His music profession has additionally achieved critical money related achievement offering more than 100 million records. He additionally has 21 Grammy honors to his stellar profession. He is […]

  • Marvin Gaye Top 10 Songs List, and Albums of All Time

    Marvin Gaye was an unbelievable songwriter and singer. Gaye kick-began his profession as an in-house session singer and player for Motown. Later, he started his performance profession, a move that drag extraordinary hits, for example, “Ain’t that particular” and “What’s Going On.” Unfortunately, Gaye went to an inopportune passing in 1984, after his dad shot […]

  • Beach Boys Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

    Catching cheerful ways of life, sweet stories, passionate arrays and vocal harmonies in a song isn’t simple. Be that as it may, The Beach Boys did this flawlessly. The band didn’t just prevail with regards to offering albums and singles but on the other hand could perform in many parts of the world. Truth be […]

  • Mary J Blige Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

    Mary J Blige is a Phenomenal Pop and R&B artist who is likewise the undeniable ‘Ruler of Hip Soul,’ on top of being knowledgeable about the music business. The musical Queen has a one of a kind deep voice that makes her tracks burst with significant and hip jump enhance. Blige keeps on flooding the […]

  • Queen Band Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

    The Queen band is a gathering that makes shake music in London, built up in 1970. Its work was at first affected by hard shake, dynamic shake and in addition substantial metal. As time passed, they wandered into more radio-accommodating and popular music by fusing styles, for example, pop shake and field shake into their […]

  • Dr. Dre Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

    A standout amongst the most inconceivable makers in rap music is Dr. Dre. He brags of having made the ‘gangsta rap’ period in the 90s, as a music spine for N.W.A. His commitment towards the establishing of N.W.A. super gathering makes him the undeniable back up parent of rap music. He is celebrated with his […]

  • Lana Del Rey Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

    Lana Del Rey is a music ruler who was conceived Elizabeth Grant in the United States of America. She is a model, songwriter, and singer. She released her first collection in 2010, since when she has transformed into a disputable figure, bantered by both sweethearts and haters. The singer gloats of three studio albums with […]

  • The Eagles Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

    The Eagles is the band that had the biggest effect on numerous sorts of music in the 1970’s. The gathering had hits in Pop, Rock, Adult Contemporary, and Country. Initially, the band was framed as a reinforcement for Linda Ronstadt amid her ‘Silk Pulse’ visit however later chose to make music autonomously. The choice ends […]

  • Ramones Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

    In the American Punk Rock world, the Ramones were the most compelling and persevering band that ever existed. In spite of ‘The Sex Pistols’ from England composing a book on ‘Growling rage punk,’ the Ramones were perky, teaching a considerable measure of fun loving nature and silliness into their driving guitar impacts. Their dynamic stage […]

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

    Notwithstanding making due for quite a while, the Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP) has likewise flourished in their music profession. This Los Angeles gather entered the business in 1983 and released their unique self-titled collection, “Scorching Chili Peppers,” in 1984. Their other two first albums were “Freaky Styley” (1985) and “The Uplift Mofo Party Plan” […]