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    Top 10 Punjabi Songs July 2017

    Top 10 Punjabi Songs 2017 – Hot New Songs

    Punjabi songs are very popular in Bollywood as well as in local regions as they contain funny and solid lyrics, powerful background music. So, in this article you will find top ten most popular Punjabi songs of 2017 which got huge success and became commercially hit. People who loved to remain up to date about […]

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    Top 10 Rap Songs July 2017

    Top 10 Rap Songs 2017 – Hot New Songs

    Rap songs or Rapping is quite different and unique from other music. Rapping is not an easy job because it contains fast vocal delivery through rhythmic speck and street vernacular. So, if you are a rap song lover and searching for the best top ten songs then this article is just for you. This article […]

  • Top 10 Dance Club Songs For July 2017

    Top 10 Dance Club Songs For July 2017

    Dance club songs refer to a weekly musical chart prepared by Billboard in U.S. It is a sort of survey whereby the popular and most played songs in nightclubs are complied and put together in a weekly chart. All the information is gathered from the DJ’s of all the famous nightclubs around the United States. […]

  • Top 10 Pop Songs July 2017

    Top 10 Pop Songs 2017 – Hot New Songs

    Pop songs are pretty and full of entertainment while their popularity has been increased since decades. During the 1950’s pop music originated from the UK and US. Pop songs are known for their great music and rhythm. Therefore, this article will represent a list of top ten pop songs which got so much of attention […]

  • Top 10 Hip-Hop And R&B Songs For July 2017

    Top 10 Hip-Hop And R&B Songs For July 2017

    Hip-Hop is also known as rap music and R&B refers to Rhythm and Blues. These two music forms are similar and hence considered as one. This music genre was originated in 1940s. It is a very popular African-American music genre. R&B music often describes the pain and hope for joy and freedom faced by African-American […]

  • Top 10 Country Songs July 2017

    Top 10 Country Songs July 2017

    Country music is unique and different while originated from southern United States in 1920. After 1940, country music got feminism and became popular around the world. In this below text you will find the top ten country songs which are trending in July 2017. The list is prepared according to the billboard country songs. Let’s […]

  • Top 100 Songs June 2017

    Top 100 Most Popular Songs June 2017

    This article will introduce visitor about top 100 most popular song of June 2017 with all data about them. These all songs are best and loved by audience; article contains songs with the series on the basis of their demand and popularity. All the below listed songs are performed by talented artists. So let’s have […]

  • Top 10 English Songs in June 2017

    Top 10 Most Popular Songs in June 2017

    Music is an integral part of everyone’s life. It makes the life interesting and easy and many times helps in dealing with difficult situations and problems. Music is vast and songs are recorded in hundreds of different languages. English is one such language and is among the most popular category. English songs have been very […]

  • Top 10 Bollywood Songs in June 2017

    Top 10 Bollywood Songs in June 2017

    Bollywood is one of the biggest movie industries in the world based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is also known as Hindi Cinema. It is also the biggest industry in terms of employment and the no. of films produced. Every aspect of Bollywood is admired by the world audience but its dance and music steal the […]

  • Top 10 Punjabi Songs June 2017

    Top 10 Punjabi Songs For June 2017

    The below given article introduces its visitors about top ten most popular songs of June 2017 with their lyricist, composer and singer. So if you’re Punjabi song lover and hunting for top ten best Punjabi songs then, i am very sure that this below list will not disappoint you anymore because after a long hour […]

  • Top 10 Rap Songs June 2017

    Top 10 Rap Songs Of June 2017

    Rapping or rap songs are a type of musical form that is quite unique and different from the other types of music forms. Rapping involves vocal delivery through street vernacular and rhythmic speech. If you are looking or searching for top ten rap song of June 2017 and still not found a list then you […]

  • Top 10 Dance Club Songs June 2017

    Top 10 Dance Club Songs For June 2017

    Let’s check out the below list of top ten dance club songs of June 2017 that won the heart of almost every dance song lovers. As everybody knows that dance club songs are not only popular in America but also in the world. Dance club songs are enjoyed by many people specially youngsters. These types […]