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  • Top 10 New R&B Songs 2017

    Checkout Below Listed Top 10 New R&B Songs 2017, R&B is one unique genre that is comprised of elements of Rhythms & Blues, pop, hip hop and dance. Electronic influences are seen very often in this genre. The use of melisma is also the stand out if this genre of music. It has produced some […]

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    Top 10 New Bollywood Songs List

    Checkout below listed Top 10 Bollywood Songs before of 2017, Bollywood movies are known for having variety of songs in their albums. Ever since the beginning of Indian Film Industry, its movies were accompanied with songs. Most of the times, good music is very important in the success of the film in Bollywood. Bollywood has […]

  • Top 10 New Country Songs 2017

    Checkout below listed top 10 new Country songs for 2017, Country Music is one of the most popular genres of American music that has its roots in the Southern United States. Country Music has been evolving since years and now has been loved all around the world. Many artists have made it a popular genre […]

  • Top 10 Pop Songs 2017

    Checkout below listed top 10 new Pop songs for 2017, Pop Music is one of the most popular genres of music which actually originated from rock and roll. It is often influenced by elements of urban, rock, dance and country. As the characteristic features these songs have medium-length songs, repeated choruses and melodious tunes. It […]

  • Top 10 New Tamil Songs 2017

    Checkout below listed top 10 new Tamil songs for 2017, Tamil film industry or Kollywood has always been very happening and the cinema world has witnessed many superstars emerging from Kollywood. Also, some of the best composers of Indian Film History have their roots in Kollywood. Ilayaraja, AR Rehman are the world renowned composers, who […]

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    Top 10 New Punjabi Songs

    Checkout the below listed Top 10 New Punjabi Songs 2017, Punjabi music has evolved a lot from its typical folk, Sufi style to what is known to be Punjabi Pop now. Most of the Punjabi songs are characterised by the iconic beats and tempo of the song. Punjabi Pop music is not only popular in […]