Top 10 Best Korean Singers in 2017

Ever wondered why the first thing learnt in school is singing? Why religious gatherings are spiced with songs through their program? Why one would spend a whole night and brace the cold listening to a favorite musician? It’s all because of the love of music. It’s a following of the hearts desire to be soothed by the music. Musicians have the talent, will and potential to deliver the satisfaction sought. South Korea is a well-known country for having people who are workaholics, has the best female golfers, best plastic surgery deals, high number of people with high IQ but do you know also South Korea has good musicians as well? Remember “Gangnam Style”, the song by Psy a Southern Korean musician which is the most viewed and liked in YouTube history? that’s how good the Southern Koreans can be in music.

Here is a list of the top 10 best Korean singers in 2017.

10. Gong Min-ji

Gong Min-ji Top Popular Korean Singers in 2018

Born in 1994, Gong answer to the stage name Minzy. She started her career at YG Entertainment’s 2NE1 group. She left the group in 2016 to pursue a solo career. With her growing popularity, she is considered as one of the potential stars in Korea climbing up the ladder of success.

9. Kim Jonghyun

Born in 1980, Kim Jonghyun dons different hats in the entertainment industry. A radio presenter, songwriter and a singer. He started his career in music in 2008 by joining the South Korea Boy Group Shinee as a lead vocalist. He went solo in 2015 and has since been among the best-hit makers in the region. He also has a number of awards to his belt that include Golden disk Award, Mnet Asian Music Award, Melon Music Award and Red Dot Design Award.

8. Park Chanyeol

Popularly referred to as Chanyeol, he was born in 1992. He is a singer, songwriter and a rapper who is making it great on the Korean music scenes. This is alongside being the best upcoming actors featuring in the modern times movie productions. Through his career that started in 2002 in EXO group, he has managed to bag a number of awards. Among the most prestigious are the 16th Top Chinese Award for the Most Popular Idol and the Fifth YinYue Tai VChart Awards for the most popular artists and the best collaboration.

7. Im Yoon-ah

A Korean singer and actress, Im Yoon-ah was born in 1990. She made her entry into the music circles through the group Girls Generation in 2007. As an actor and singer she has won numerous local and international awards in both categories with the most recent being the 1st Asia Artists Awards, 31st Korea’s Best Dresser Swan Awards and Ceci beauty Awards in 2016. In 2017, she already has the 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards and more are in the waiting.

6. Taeyang

Taeyang Top Famous Korean Singers in 2018

Born as Dong Young-bae in 1988, he is better known by his stage name Taeyang. He joined the Big Bang group in 2006 and later in 2008 went solo. He has a number of credits under his belt that include the best R&B soul album in the Korean Music Awards. He also managed to have his album ranked in the 122nd position on the US billboard and made sales of over 100,000 copies from the album.

5. Park Jin-Young

Answering to the stage name JYP, Park Jin-Young was born in 1971. He has an extensive experience in the entertainment industry having worked as a singer, producer and a reality show judge. Currently he runs JYP entertainment. Through his career, he has bagged awards that include the Golden disk award and 17th Mnet Asian music award as the best male artist and producer.

4. Kim Hyun-ah

Popularly known by her stage name Hyuna, she was born in 1992. Her career began in 2000s when she joined the group Wonder Girls and later 4minute in 2007. Her first solo album was in 2011 and this made sales exceeding 2.5 million copies. She gained credit as being the first Korean woman to garner over 100 million views on YouTube. Among her biggest awards, include the world’s best entertainer and the world’s best female artist in 2014 and the best solo artist in the same year.

3. Kim tae-Yeon

Kim Tae-Yeon started her musical career as at S. M. Entertainment during her middle school years. Later in 2007, she joined the group Girl’s Generation. She made her entry as a solo in 2015 and her debut track managed to sell over 1 million digital copies. She gained the same success with her two singles in 2017. I 2016 she won a major award the Mnet Asian Award as the best female artist.

2. Lee Ji-eun

Born in 1993, she is better known by her stage name as IU. Her star came calling early in life during her middle school days when she auditioned with various agencies to be a singer. She landed with LOEN Entertainment in 2007 and later went solo in 2010. With four studio albums, among her achievements include two number one albums and fourteen number one singles. She was nominated by Billboard as the all-time leader of Korea K-Pop Hot 100.

1. G-Dragon

G-Dragon Top 10 Best Korean Singers in 2017

A rapper, songwriter, fashion model and actor, G-Dragon is also among the leading Korean musicians in 2017. Born in 1988, she started her career as a trainee with YG Entertainment. A seasoned professional musician, she boasts of 22 number one hit songs to date. She carries in her basket a number of awards among them 22nd Seoul Music Award, 15th Mnet Asian Music Award and 2014 World Music Award for the world’s best album.

The above list consist of just a few of the reigning forces in Korean music industry. The top 10 best Korean singes in 2017 all have a history of success and rising to the international platform no wonder we decided to enlist them in our list. For those who are wondering where PSY of “GANGNAM STYLE” being the most viewed song doesn’t really quite elevate your status to the best since we need consistency and more music to keep the morale but not just a one hit wonder and you’re off. All the same these are the best in Korean music industry and get to listen to their songs.

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