Top 10 Best Mexican Singers in 2017

At the sound of music, every expression changes. Excitement is created and more so a few heads nod to the sound. All these define the mood, experience and joy that come with music. Music cuts across all barriers. It doesn’t matter the language, there is always a response. Mexico is a leading producer of great music, movies and actors. Some of the best world class musicians have their origins in Mexico and don’t forget it’s the country of soap Operas.

Enlisting down the top 10 best Mexican singers in 2017 is not an easy task since we had to look at the charts, awards, songs released and the response of the general community.

Here is our conclusive list of top 10 best Mexican singers of 2017.

10. Ariel Camacho

Ariel Camacho Top Famous Mexican Singers in 2018

One of the youngest musicians to rise to stardom. Ariel Camacho lost his life through a tragic road accident. Despite this, his music continues to carry his name high on the music charts all over the globe. Alongside the popularity of his music in death, his musical group continues too ride in the same fame. Among his records, the best performing was “EL Senor de Los Cielos” that spent over 48 weeks on the top of the charts.

9. Ricky Martin

best Mexican singers all time

With global fame, Ricky Martins is a strong and charismatic performer of all times. Among his great achievements is having the best and highest selling album in 2015. Through his career, he has been hosted in different countries across the globe. He has also had the chance to perform alongside the world greatest artists among them Taylor Swift. Among his best numbers is the “A Quien Quiera Escuchar” that at one time ranked on the 4th position on the billboard.

8. Calibre 50

Known to involve the fans in making decisions about their performances, the Calibre band ranks in the eighth position of the best Mexican musicians. Their hit song at one time ranked on the 1st position among the Latin productions. By involving the fans though social media, the groups has a great following and always appeals to the fans.

7. Banda Sinaloense MS

With six of their hit songs making it to the top of the charts, Banda Sinaloense MS rides in the seventh position of the best Mexican singers. The group has managed two nominations to the Grammy alongside other achievements. Among the biggest hits by the band, include the latest single titled “ Solo Con Verte” that received over 20 million views on YouTube. The song is currently ranked on the 8th position on the charts.

6. Julion Alvarez

Considered as the flag bearer of the Banda music in Mexico. This is a new genre that is gaining popularity on the international scene and giving the singer a boost on the charts. The group has managed to have three of its album on the list of top 75 while one of the records took to the 12th position on the charts.

5. Nicky Jam

Nicky Jam Top Popular Mexican Singers in 2018

Nicky Jam rose to fame through his song “El Perdon”. With its popularity, the track managed to maintain the top position on the Latin music charts for twelve consecutive weeks. The track further pushed his fame further by being the first Latin video to be awarded by YouTube for most views. Owing to its popularity, the song was translated to an English version titled “Forgiveness”. He is credited for using a new approach to urban music and an outstanding appeal for the pop music.

4. J Balvin

J Bavin is a leading Latin singer who boasts of making collaboration with internationally recognized artists. He owes his fame to among others a collaboration on “Lean On’ and Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”. His Hit song “Ginza” took to the 1st position among the hot Latin songs replacing Nicky Jams and as well spending over 10 weeks at the top. Balvin won the Grammy Award in 2015 in the Latin songs category and two of his songs made it to the top 5 list on the charts.

3. Enrique Iglesias

Swimming in fame, Enrique Iglesias takes the third position among the best singers from Mexico in 2017. He is one among the top musicians to garner over I billion views on YouTube. His hit song “Bailando”, catapulted him into the hall of fame with the views alongside earning a position among the charts. He also enjoyed the biggest record with the song in the No. 1 position fro 41 weeks.

2. Juan Gabriel

A pop icon with a long musical career, Juan Gabriel takes the second position of the leading singers. He is credited with producing music on different genres and one that appeals to different generations. His greatest moment came at the age of 65 years when his album made it to the top position in the Latin’s Albums.

1. Romeo Santos

Romeo Santos Top 10 Best Mexican Singers in 2017

Despite releasing his album “Formula 2” in 2014, Romeo Santos received the big break months later. The album was the second highest selling in 2015 and managed to set a record for remaining on the charts for 124 consecutive weeks. Of these, the album spent 123 on the top 10 list making it one of the best in history.

The power of music can never be defied nor is the power of the music to create a star. Mexicans though they are good in Soap Operas shows they are quite fantastic singers as well. The above stars have risen to the heights of great Mexican national stars since they have really worked hard and my point would be for you as a Mexican artist you can be just like them if you can emulate their style.

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