Top 10 Best Tamil Singers in 2017

Sweet voices, inspiring lyrics and thrilling performances are among the key things that make fans to fall for a particular singer. Different genres, languages and performance styles provide solace for different tastes of the fans. Tamil singers are a unique outfit, with sweet voices, thrilling performances that appeal to multitudes irrespective of race.

Here is a list of the top 10 best Tamil singers in 2017.

10. Haricharan Seshadri

Haricharan Seshadri Top Famous Tamil Singers in 2018

One of the Tamil singers to make a debut at young age, Haricharan is among the best and highly rated performers. He joined the music industry at only 17 years and won nomination to the National Award with his first song. With instant popularity, he proceeded to thrill the audience with numerous songs most of which became instant hits.

9. Shweta Pandit

A career actor, Shweta is also a great Tamil musician who rocks in the industry. At a tender age of four years, she started her acting career and was featured in the movie “Anjali”. With the rich history as an actress, she joined the music industry gaining prominence as one of the biggest singers in Bollywood. She is better known for her starring performance in Tamil songs.

8. Suchitra

Better known for her great works at the decks, she joined the music industry as a DJ working for a Tamil radio station. She gained fame owing to her startling voice and this drove her to try her hand in music. Her voice gave her more prominence and continued success in performance of Tamil songs. To add to her basket of prominence, she has more that 100 songs under her belt with a number of the songs making it to the top of the charts.

7. G.V Prakash Kumar

Prakash Kumar was introduced to the music industry by his maternal uncle A.R Rahman. This was through an opportunity offered to him to be the vocalist in one of his compositions. Later in 2010, he felt his uncle’s tutorage was adequate and ventured into the industry on his own rocking the industry to become an instant star in Tamil Songs.

6. Vijay Prakash

Vijay Prakash Top Popular Tamil Singers in 2018

Despite dropping out of college, Vijay Prakash had his eyes trailed on Tamil music. His entry into the world of music was in 1997. His song “Jai Ho” gave him prominence being a hit song and also winning him a Grammy. The song was performed in company of four other singers and continues to be one of the popular Tamil songs to date.

5. Priya Himesh

A renown multilingual singer, Priya Himesh takes the fifth position among the greatest singers of Tamil. She started her music career in 2007 and continues to thrill her fans with songs in different languages. Other than being a great Tamil singer, she is currently working on South Indian songs. She has received numerous awards among them the Filmfare award for her famous Telugu song.

4. Saindhavi

Being lone of the biggest names in Tamil music, Saindhavi is better known for her classic compositions. She is a great name within the movie industry with numerous compositions being featured in film productions. She is a talented professional singer who started her career at a tender age of twelve years boasting of richness in experience.

3. Yuvan Shankar Raja

At a young age of 16 years, Yuvam Raja was already among the biggest celebrities in Tamil. He is considered to have been nurtured by his father, Ilaiyaraaya a legendary Tamil singer. Being the youngest son in the family, he has a wealth of experience and ready to take up in his father’s shoes. He is recognized as one of the greatest performers from K-Town.

2. Naresh Iyer

A native of Mumbai, Naresh Iyer is a great performer who despite his roots takes the second position among the greatest Tamil singers. He began his music career after being recognized and picked by a legendary singer A. R. Rahman in a reality show. He was nurtured by the Tamil songs legend equipping him with expertise to give the best of performances. He is one of the most sought after performers and has a number of his songs featured in the biggest movies in Bollywood.

1. Prashanthini

Prashanthini Top 10 Best Tamil Singers in 2017

She joined the music scenes in 2001 when she paired with Harris Jayaj. The pair produced a Tamil song for the movie “12B” that was an instant hit. Her success is also credited to her admiration for her father Malaysia Vasudevan who mentored her through her musical career. After clinching her position, she followed with hit songs most of which she performed in K-Town.

Music offers solitude to masses. This is irrespective of age or culture. Tamil music continues to grow in popularity and much of it comes from the populace of Bollywood movies. The top 10 best Tamil singers in 2017 are a common feature in this industry and they play a vital role in enriching the excitement from the movies.

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