Top 10 Best Telugu Singers in 2017

Music is as old as humankind is. It has been used for all the good purposes, to entertain, inspire, and preach various messages and in some cases to cure ailing hearts. It is from the music that stars are born. Performers with great voices, trilling performances and inspirational messages that always move the masses.

The top 10 best Telugu singers fit in this description. They have for years entertained and more so spice up the film industry alongside other undertakings.

Here is our countdown for top 10 best Telugu singers of 2017

10. S P Balasubrahmanyam

S P Balasubrahmanyam Top Popular Telugu Singers in 2018

Wearing different feathers on his cap, Balasubrahmanyam is a leading and thrilling Telugu performer. Through his musical career, h has bagged numerous awards alongside winning in musical competitions. His first award came in 1981 from the National Film Awards as the best male playback singer while others including Filmfare and National Awards.

9. S P Sailaja

Born in 1963, Sailaja is a leading female Telugu singer who continues to rock the waves to this day. As one of the greatest singers, she has over 5,000 songs under her belt and has featured in numerous films in Bollywood. Alongside singing, she is also a great actor and a great stage performer.

8. Geetha Madhuri

Born in 1989, Geetha Madhuri is among the leading Telugu singers taking the eighth position. She has numerous awards under her belt that include the Nandi Award, filmfare awards, Gamma award and Southscope best female singer award among others. One of her biggest features is the MAA TV show known as the Super Singer.

7. Smitha

A musical multilinguistic, Smitha was born in 1980. She is credited with ability to sing in six different languages with Telugu being among them. She carries her fame from over 1,000 records, over 200 concerts in different countries and 75 playback songs. She came to the musical limelight in 2000 and continued to thrill her fans almost two decades later. She is credits with a number of hits riding high on the local and international charts through the years.

6. Tippu

Tippu Top Famous Telugu Singers in 2018

A popular Telugu singer, Tippu boasts of over 4,000 records to his name. Young and energetic, his music has featured in numerous Bollywood films as he continues to rock the industry. His popularity in the industry is further enhanced by his multilingual ability that allows him to appeal to a wide range of fans both locally and internationally.

5. Shreya Ghoshal

Born in 1984, Ghoshal is among the most talented singers who offer Telugu music to the fans. She has over 195 records of Telugu songs under her belt. A multilingual singer, she has over the years bagged several awards for her contribution to the music and film industry. Among them are three State Film awards, Four National Awards and twelve Filmfare awards. She also earned her position in the Forbes magazine of best female Telugu singers and continues to thrill the industry.

4. Sunitha

Otherwise known as Uprashta, she was born in 1978 and began her musical career in 1995. She has featured in numerous films and continues to be one of the most celebrated Telugu singers today. In her bag of awards, she received Nandi Award for best female singer alongside others.

3. A.R Rahman

One of the Telugu musical legends, Rahman is credited with mentoring many young musicians into Telugu music. Born in 1967, he is one of the oldest professional musical giants. Through his career, Rahman has managed to win numerous awards among them the Golden Globe award, Two Academy Awards, fifteen Filmfare awards and BAFTA awards among others. He carries different feathers in the music industry as a songwriter composer and singer. He has composed music for various artists and offered the assistance to climb the ladder of fame alongside other accreditations.

2. Lata Mangeshkar

Another legendary musician, Lata Mangeshkar is also a pioneer in the Telugu music. Born in 1929, she carries with her great fame and accomplishments through her career. She boasts of over 1,000 compositions most of which has featured in different films over the years. This is alongside numerous awards both locally and internationally. She made her debut in 1943 and her music continues to rock the waves to this day.

1. Thaman Siva Kumar

Thaman Siva Kumar Top 10 Best Telugu Singers in 2017

The leading Telugu singer in the list of top 10 best Telugu singers is Thaman Siva Kumar. He has through his career composed and performed numerous hits for his fans. He is among the sought after by filmmakers and has received various awards during his career. Alongside singing, he is a great music director and has worked with leading musicians in Bollywood. Some of his awards include SIIMA award, MAA music awards and has been rated as the best male singer in the film industry.

Majority will seek music to cool off the heat. Others to enjoy a relaxing moment while some cannot do without it. Telugu music fans have a lot to choose from. With artists who are riding high in popularity, there is always something for everyone. The top 10 list is of the great Telugu performers whose performances rock in both music and film industries.

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