Arijit Singh Top 10 Songs, New Songs in 2017

Arijit Singh is one of the highest paid singer in Bollywood! He has sung Bengali songs. Currently he is neck deep in musical projects. Arijit was born in Murshidabad and little did he knew he would become such a famous playback singer. He is considered to be one of the most talented and versatile singer we have in our Bollywood industry. Arijit has given his voice for many songs for big banner Bollywood movies. Sometimes the movie was not a commercial success but his songs saved the grace of the movie. Today we have created a list of his Top 10 Songs and the latest tracks as well. Take a look!

Arijit Singh Top 10 Songs, New Songs in 2017

Top 10 Songs By Arijit Singh until 2017:

Checkout this list of Arijit Singh top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10. Phir Mohabbat – Murder 2

Phir Mohobbat is a beautiful romantic track from the mystery movie Murder 2. Arijit Singh was new to the industry when he sung this song and it won many hearts. The song is beautifully shot with Jaqueline Fernandes looking gorgeous as always. This truly deserves to be on number 10. Lyrically, the song talks about a man is asking his heart is to slow down because it is falling in love yet again.

09. Muskurane ki wajah – City Lights

Many people can relate to this song. It is one of the most popular songs by Arijit Singh. It straight goes to your heart and makes you want to sing along. Muskurane ki wajah is from the City Lights and it has won several hearts because of Arijit’s voice and the beautiful lyrics. Lyrically, the song talks about the love between a man and a woman. The man believes that his woman is the reason behind his smile. It just melts your heart instantly!

08. Khamoshiyan – Khamoshiyan

Khamoshiyan is the title track of the thriller movie Khamoshiyan. There is horror and mystery in the movie and it completely gets your attention. The song came out in the year 2014 and it made his fans very happy. Khamoshiyan has lovely lyrics and the music is heartwarming. Lyrically, the song is talking about silence. It just means that silence has a lot of power and it is a sound as well.

07. Channa Mereya – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Channa Mereya is a heartbreaking song where the boy is bidding goodbye to his true love because she is getting married to someone else. Ae Dil hai Mushkil is a movie which is based on one-sided love. Channa Mereya is a beautiful song and it breaks your heart with the music and the deep lyrics. Lyrically, it talks about the boy leaving and he is asking the girl to remember him fondly. He took the darkness in heart and dedicated his happiness to her. Arijit Singh has done a brilliant job with the vocals. There is pain in his voice which does justice to the song.

06. Sanam Re – Sanam Re

The song starts beautifully and melts everyone’s heart. Sanam re is the title track of the movie Sanam re. It is a romantic movie which was not a big commercial success but Arijit’s song became an anthem for lovers. Lyrically, the song is talking about the boy waiting for the girl on drenched streets. His heart is slowly becoming hers and he is falling deeply in love with her.

05. Zaalima – Raees

Zaalima from the movie Raees gained much popularity when the video came out. Mahira Khan looks stunning and the chemistry between her and Shah Rukh Khan is fantastic. This song has been shot beautifully and the vocals of Arijit Singh is music to the ears. We love his voice in this song. The movie Raees was a commercial success and it got great reviews.

04. Suno na sangemarmar – Youngistan

When it is about love, we think of the famous Taj Mahal. The song is shot in Taj Mahal and the video is simply beautiful. The song talks about the boy giving his heart to the girl and telling her that the minarets of Taj Mahal are nothing in front of her beauty. The lyrics are so nice and it just makes you want to hum along. Arijit’s voice does justice to the song and it makes our hearts melt.

03. Nashe si Chadh Gayi – Befikre

Nashe si Chadh Gayi is a fun song from the movie Befikre. Arijit’s voice is intoxicating and it makes us want to dance. This is a peppy number on which you could dance and sing along. Vaani Kapoor and Ranveer Singh are seen dancing beautifully on this song. The song has a very French feel to it and it has been shot in France. The movie did not do so well but the song became very popular.

02. Enna Sona – Ok Jaanu

Enna Sona is a song from Ok Jaanu and it became very popular when the video was out for the whole world to see. The music is so soothing and Arijit’s voice makes it even better. It is a romantic song and Arijit’s fans love it! This one truly deserves to be on number 2!

01. Tum hi ho – Aashiqui 2

Arijit Singh became very famous after the release of the movie Aashique 2. The song became very popular and he started getting more and more offers after that. Tum hi ho from Aashique 2 is the most famous song of Arijit Singh. It is truly the love anthem of our nation! People still remember him for this song because it is so beautiful.

Arijit Singh Latest Songs 2017

1. Roke na ruke Naina – Badrinath ki Dulhaniya

Roke na ruke naina is a touching song from the latest movie Badrinath ki Dulhaniya. It is an emotional song which is touching many hearts. Arijit’s voice is magical in this song. Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan are in this movie and the movie is about Badri finding his dulhaniya.

2. Ye Ishq hai – Rangoon

Ye Ishq Hai is from the movie Rangoon. There have been good reviews about the movie. The song is very soothing and the lyrics are very romantic. Rangoon is a movie starring Kangana Ranaut, Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. Arijit has done an excellent job in this song.

This was little treat for Arijit Singh’s fans. His voice has touched many lives and we are waiting for more of his tracks. We shall update you about his recent tracks soon! Hope you liked the list. If you are a fan of Arijit Singh, you must listen to all the songs mentioned above. It will surely MAKE YOUR DAY!

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