Kailash Kher Top 10 Songs, New Songs in 2017

Kailash Kher is an Indian Playback and Pop-rock singer. He was born in Meerut on 7July, 1973. He is a versatile singer who not only sings in Hindi but also in other languages like Hindi, Nepali, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Odia, Malayalam and Urdu. His music style is hugely inspired from folk and Sufi music. He has been active in the Indian music industry since 2003. In the starting of his career he sang for many commercials like Citibank, Pepsi, IPL, Honda Motor Cycles and Coca-cola. He debuted with the song “Rabba Ishq Na hove” from the movie “Andaaz”. From then, Kailash kher has sung more than 700 songs and released five music albums.

Kailash Kher Top 10 Songs, New Songs in 2017

Top 10 Songs By Kailash Kher until 2017:

Checkout this list of Kailash Kher top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10. Allah Ke Bande:

After his debut in the movie Andaaz, Kailash Kher sang this song for the movie Waisa bhi Hota hai part 2- and the song become super hit and made him the overnight star in the music industry. Even the greatest singer and music composer A.R.Rahman has applauded the song and the singer saying that the song is one of his favourite and Khailash Kher is a pure soul who sings from the heart. The song gave hopes to so many de-motivated and hopeless people to stand again and work even harder.

9. Ya Rabba:

Another super hit song from the movie “Salaam-e-Ishq: A tribute to love” has broken the sales records and proved be another milestone in his singing career. There was no looking back for the singer after the release of his last two songs. The song is an emotional and sad number loved by the majority of the public.

8. Chaand Sifarish:

How can anyone forget this song? A romantic song loved by each and every person. The song was from the super hit movie “Fanna”. The song is so romantic that you will easily lose yourself in this lyrical heaven of Chand Sifarish. The song was sung by Shaan and Kailash Kher. The singer won his first Filmfare award as the best playback singer for this song.

7. Mangal Mangal:

An enchanting, powerful and strong song from the movie Mangal Pandey- based on the first freedom fighter of Indian Independence. As per the story and plot of the movie, the film required a raw, high-pitched, sharp and strong voice

6. Fatak:

From the movie Kaminey is sung by two singers- Kailash Kher and Sukhwinder Singh. It was basically a song to create awareness regarding AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases in the movie.

5. Kaisi hai ye Udasi Chayi:

From the fim “karthik Calling Karthik” is another emotional song sung by our favourite singer Kailash Kher. He has done full justice to the song. The song shows the loneliness, sadness very well. It touches your heart and reminds you of your loved ones.

4. Kaun hai Woh:

A captivating song from the super hit movie “Baahubali” was sung by Kailash Kher. The song was filmed for a special sequence where the heroism of the actor is shown. The song was important for the film. It is more of a devotional song with lots of Sanskrit words. This is why the song is not much played anywhere. But the song is captivating and thrilling and goes perfect with the story of the movie.

3. Hanuman:

The song was used in an animation film based on the miracles of Bal Hanuman. The film was loved by everyone especially kids. The film was made to introduce the kids with the powers of Bal hanuman. The song was totally focused on explaining and showing the qualities of lord Hanuman.

2. Dum laga ke Haisha:

This is both a funny and inspirational song. The song comes at the climax of the movie where the lead actor is shown racing while carrying his over-weight wife on his back. The song is cute, funny and motivating. Everyone should listen to this song to believe it.

1. Teri Deewani:

This song is from the album “Kailasa” has broke all the records of the previous albums, the song become such a hug hit. The song has record sales. This song gave the huge fame and popularity to the singer. Even after so many years, the song is requested by the fans of the singer in each of his live-in concerts. No public appearance, live performances and concerts are complete without the song “Teri Deewani”.

Recent songs and Events in 2017:

1. National Anthem:

Kailash kher has sung the Anthem for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan- the national campaign for cleaning India.

2. Tere Naal Ishqa:

From the movie “Shivaay” (October, 2016) is an emotional song which gives new meaning to the movie sequence.

Recently he has been conferred with the fourth highest civilian honour- Padma Shri for his contribution in Art and Music.

From the above article we came to know about the talented singer- Kailash Kher and his all time popular songs. The singer has a rare voice quality that is fresh, raw, and high-pitched and sharp which makes him unique among his counterpart. He mainly sings Sufi, Qawwali, Ghazal and other folk and devotional songs. Majority of his songs contains classical lyrics and folk-type music which makes them entirely different. Apart from films, he also sings for TV commercials, serials and other campaigns. He is a great gift of GOD to the music industry.

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