Lata Mangeshkar Top 10 Songs, New Songs in 2017

Lata Mangeskar is an Indian Playback Singer born on 28 September, 1929. She is one of the most respected, honourable and famous music personalities of India. She started to work at the age of five as an actor in her father’s musical plays. After her father’s demise in 1942, she started to work as a singer and actress; almost 7 decades back. She has sung in more than 36 regional languages for over a thousand films. She has majorly sung in Hindi and Marathi language. She belongs to a musical family. Her siblings are also famous in musical field. She has received the highest award in cinema, the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 1989 by the Indian Government. She has also won the highest civilian honour ‘Bahrat Ratna’. It is very difficult to select only 10 songs from the thousands of songs sung by her. Still, let’s try to get the best songs out of all the best songs of her:

Lata Mangeshkar Top 10 Songs, New Songs in 2017

Top 10 Songs By Lata Mangeshkar until 2017:

Checkout this list of Lata Mangeshkar top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10. Aye mere watan ke logon:

A patriotic song which moves every single person in tears. The song was written by Kavi Pradeep is said to have such a deep impact that- when Lata Mangeskar sang this song it brought tears to then Prime Minister- Jawaharlal Nehru. The song urges every Indian to remember the sacrifices of Indian soldiers and respect them for the security they provide to our nation. The song was sung during the Sino-Indian war in 1963.

9. Aaj phir jeene ki tamanna:

A fun and carefree song filmed on Waheeda Rahman became mega hit among the audience. The song shows the leading lady expressing her choice and desire for freedom and to live the life on her own terms. The singer brought a fresh feel to the song. Beautiful Waheeda Rahman and mesmerising view of Chittorgarh Palace, gave this song a new life. This is one of the favourite songs of the younger generation. Personally, I also love this song.

8. Sun Sabina Sun:

In the year 1985, Lata Mangeskar gave another hit in the movie ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili Hogayi. The song is a romantic number with utterly soothing and beautiful music which seems like magic to the ears of the listener.

7. Aye- Dil-e-Nadaan:

Lata mangeshkar sang this song in 1982. This is an emotional song which is still fresh in the memories of people. The soulful and calming music for this song was given by Lachchiram Bhairam and written by Anand Bakshi; the fresh voice of the singer gave a new dimension to this ultra emotional and deep song.

6. Piya Tose:

Lata mangeshkar sang this song in the movie ‘Guide’. The music was given by S.D. Burman and was written by Shailendra. This song also hit the chart busting records and earned huge success along with another song ‘Aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai’ of the movie.

5. bahon mein chale aao:

A soulful, deep romantic song is a very popular track from her collection of songs. This song has also been recreated by today’s directors. The song has featured in new album with young actress. The younger generation who were unaware of this song; came to know about the beautiful song because of the new version of the old classic song.

4. Lag Ja Gale:

The song is one of the most romantic and popular track loved by each and every fan of the singer. The song is an old super hit number from the movie ‘Woh Kaun thi’ (1964) is still famous among the younger generation. Many composers have created the remake version of this song due to which it is still played in the TV serials, shows, concerts and plays.

3. Kaise piya se main kahun:

Lata mangeshkar has such a melodious and soft voice that she is capable of singing for the younger actresses. Take this song as an example; here she has sung this soft melodious romantic song for Kareena Kapoor.

2. Mera Saaya:

Another romantic song from the movie ‘Mera Saya’ is also an intense love song. In the year 1968 the song has broken all the sales records. The movie becomes blockbuster majorly because of this song. Starring Sunil Dutt and Sadhana, directed by Raj Khosla; the film became a box office success. It also won the Filmfare award for Best Sound.

1. Pyar kiya to Darna Kya:

The most popular song of all time- pyar kiya to darna kya from the super successful movie ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ is at the top of the list. The song was sung in the year 1960 but is still the most famous songs of Lata Mangeskar. The song is loved by elders, adults and even young people.

After a gap of many years it is in the news that she has recently sung a song ‘Jeena Kya hai’ for an upcoming Bollywood movie. Because of old age- she doesn’t record or perform in shows as often.

In the above article we have discussed about the most famous singer of all time- Lata Mangeskar. The singer has sung thousands of songs in many languages mostly being in Hindi. She has also been the member of Rajya Sabha in 1999. She has received all the musical awards and honorary awards for her contribution to the Indian Music Industry. Lata Mangeskar is a very famous Indian playback singer whose stardom and talent has crossed all the borders and earned her millions of fans from all over the globe.

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