Mika Singh Top 10 Songs, New Songs in 2017

Mika Singh is an Indian composer, performer, actor and singer. His real name is Amrik Singh. He was born on 10 june 1977 in Patna, Bihar. He is the younger brother of very famous singer Daler Mehndi. Mika Singh is popularly known for the party and hip hop music though he has sung soulful no. also. He was a Kirtan singer before starting his musical career with private albums like Gabru, Something-Something, Sawan mein lag gyi aag and many more. His private albums becomes very famous among the youth and has increased his fan following. He is also considered as a highly acclaimed Punjabi singer.

Mika Singh Top 10 Songs, New Songs in 2017

Checkout some of the best songs of Mika Singh of all time

10. Aapka Kya Hoga (dhanno):

From the movie Housefull in 2010 became the major hit though this was a remake song by the same name from the movie Lawaaris (1981). Still it was appreciated by the masses and became the party song.

9. Jugni:

This song from the movie Tanu weds manu also became huge hit and put Mika Singh into the high class of singers. This song was filmed on very talented kangana ranaut which also became a reason for its success.

8. Dhinka Chika:

A peppy and funny number from the movie ready became a rage with the masses including kids. The song was shot on Salman Khan; this also raised the bar for mika singh. Salman Khan proved to be lucky for Mika Singh and his popularity has been increasing since then.

7. Pyar do Pyar Lo:

This song was also a remake of a song by the same name. Pyar do PYar lo Song was filmed in the movie “Thank You” which stars very popular and famous Akshay Kumar, Irfan khan, Bobby Deol in the lead role. This song was also apt for partying. The song remained in the top chart busting songs of that year.

6. Subah Hone Na De:

From the movie Desi Boys became instant hit with the female fan following of akshay kumar and john Abraham as it was filmed on these two very popular actors from the film industry. This song became the life of every party. With all these songs Mika singh became very popular and high acclaimed singer.

5. Gandi Baat:

Again a hit song from the movie R.Rajkumar (2013). This song was widely accepted by the audience but criticised by the classes and the critics due to its low class touch. But this didn’t harm the image of the singer as he says he sings for the fans not for the critics and his fans accepted this song with open arms and made it one of his mega hits. He was also nominated for the best playback singer at Zee Cine Award.

4. Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita:

Is a catchy, fun and groovy song picturise on Akshay Kumar. Mika Singh got nominated for the best Playback singer award at Apsara Award show and Zee Cine Awards for this song. This catchy number was liked by all and soon it was hummed by every person including the kids who also used to enact the scene of the song.

3. Mauja Hi Mauja:

How can one forget about this song. Mauja hi Mauja song was sung by Mika Singh in the movie JAB WE MET. This movie was the biggest hit of the year and won great reviews and accolades for each and every person associated with the movie. Be its actors, director, writer or singers. The movie raised the standard of every aspect of the film industry. Already famous actors and singers like Mika Singh touched the highest sky in their career.

2. Heer To Badi Sad Hai:

From the movie Tamasha in the year 2015 again hit the chart busting ranks. This song depicts the sad situation of the lead actress in the funky way. The song acts as a story telling element which takes forward the story of the movie. Hence; the song proved to be very crucial for the film.

1. Jumme Ki Raat:

From the movie kick became the biggest hit of the year. It was filmed on Salman Khan. As you all you what Salman Khan does becomes utterly important and famous among his fan following which not only includes Indian but also foreigners. When Mika Singh again sang for Salman Khan, he was highly praised and celebrated.

Recent songs in 2017 of Mika Singh and events:

In the year 2017, Mika Singh has given two songs which as usual became instant hit.

1. What’ up:

The song in the movie Phillauri became a new wedding song. The song has become famous especially among the Punjabi culture. But not only Punjabis, every person seems to be enjoying this peppy wedding number and praising the wonderful and exhilarating singer Mika Singh.

2. Dhingana:

The daring and catchy song from the movie Raees filmed on the badshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan. The song depicted the daring of the lead character which goes very well with the captivating theme of the film.

Events: Mika Singh is currently out for his live-in concerts to different cities of USA like New York, Atlanta, and Indianapolis etc.

In India his last concert was in Bangalore with the Harmony group in the month of February, 2017.

In the above article we have talked about few famous songs of the Singer Mika Singh who needs no introduction. He has made waves in the Indian musical industry with his unique voice, singing style and pitch modulation talent. He is so talented and passionate about his work that every person of Bollywood knows him and wants him to sing for them. In his small career duration, he has sung for the who’s who of Bollywood like Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Shahid Kapoor and many more. Mika singh has also acted in few movies named MIITI, LOOT in Punjabi language and Balwinder Singh Famous Ho Gaya in Hindi to name a few. He has also been on various music shows as a Judge. With his captivating performances, Mika Singh has garnered a huge fan following in and around the world. He has given the biggest chartbusters for many Bollywood movies. Above we have discussed his 10 popular songs, but when it comes to peppy and catchy songs of Mika Singh, the list is endless so his contribution to the Hindi and Punjabi music industry.

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