Rekha Bhardwaj Top 10 Songs, New Songs in 2017

Rekha Bhardwaj is an Indian playback singer. She was born in Delhi on 23 January 1964. She has studied music at Hindu college, Delhi University. Rekha Bhardwaj married filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj in the year 1991. She is very famous in the music industry and known for her distinctive style and voice quality. She debited with the song “Ek Won Din Bhi” from the movie “Chachi 420”. Rekha has sung many memorable songs since her debit in the year 1997. She has also sung for Pakistani Serial and movie and was nominated for the Best original Soundtrack in the Pakistani award show. From romantic to item songs to emotional numbers, she has sung all sorts of songs. Now, let’s look at her top 10 songs:

Rekha Bhardwaj Top 10 Songs, New Songs in 2017

Top 10 Songs By Rekha Bhardwaj until 2017:

Checkout this list of Rekha Bhardwaj top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10. Sasural Genda Phool:

The list should start with the song which has gained major popularity for the movie “Delhi-6”. This song became the USP of the movie as hardly anyone remembers the movie but the song is still fresh in our memories. The song was fun, quirky and happy song etched in the memories forever. The song represents the whole atmosphere for a new bride at her in-laws house.

9. Oye Boy Charlie:

From the movie “Matru ki Bijli Ka Mandola”, another funky cheerful and comic song sung by very versatile Rekha Bhardwaj made her instantly famous among the industry. It also increased her fan following instantly. The song has no meaning as such but it was just a party song meant for fun and mood lifting.

8. Humari Atariya Pe:

A fun song sung in Mujra style by the singer won her accolades. She was also nominated for the Best Female Playback Singer. The song was filmed on Madhuri Dixit and Huma Qureshi- two beautiful and talented actresses of Bollywood.

7. Ranjha Ranjha:

Rekha bhardwaj sang this song “Raavan” the music of the film was given by very talented and globally recognised music composer, singer A.R. rahman. The exact meaning of the song can only be derieved after watching the movie. But the music of A.R. Rahman and voice of Rekha Bhardwaj gave this song a new life.

6. Badi Dheere Jali Raina:

From the movie Ishqiya got her National Film Award for best female playback singer. The song is very emotional and touches the right cord of your heart. The song was mostly liked by the adults and seniors as the song has emotional touch and deep meaning which can clearly be understood by the mature people.

5. Raat ke Dhai Baje:

Another hit song by Rekha Bhardwaj from the film Kaminey directed by her husband Vishal Bhardwaj. The song showed a marriage ceremony in the middle of the night that is why the song is called raat ke dhai baje. The song was very cute and funny and interesting.

4. Ghagra:

From the movie “Yeh Jawani hai deewani” Rekha sang this song for the movie which was filmed on very talented Madhuri Dixit’s cameo role. The song gained popularity among the audiences and made her even more famous. The song shows the versatility of the singer. Along with emotional and sad songs, she can do full justice to the fun and peppy numbers also.

3. Kabira:

An emotional track from the movie Yeh Jawani has deewani. This song also became popular among the audiences and especially the fans of Deepika Padukone. The song reminds you about the loved ones, early life, memories, the belonging, and attachment with the home, friends and all the things associate with one’s life.

2. Darling:

Another top chart busting song which remains on top of every music rating. It has become a rage and was sung everyone; Pub, clubs, parties etc. It was picturized in the movie “7 khoon maaf”. Rekha Bhardwaj received Filmware Award for Best female Playback Singer for this sung composed by her husband Vishal Bhardwaj. The song also got awards for another singer of this song- Usha Uthup.

1. Namak Ishq Ka:

Though she has sung this song 11 years back, still this song is fresh in the minds of young and adults. The song has created the buzz. It was filmed on very sensual Bipasha Basu in the movie Omkara. The film was directed by her husband. There is one more song “Laakad” which Rekha sang and it was an emotional song, but the previous song bring her fame and popularity more than any other song in her career.

Recent Songs in 2016-2017:

Rekha Bhardwaj has sung in many movies in the year 2016-2017. Here are the names of few of them:

1. Teri Fariyad:

From the movie TUM BIN 2- this song was originally sung in the movie TUM BIN 1. She has sung the female version of this song, which was originally, sang by Jagjeet Singh in the first part of the movie. The song was already popular among the audiences. Her voice has given new definition to the song.

2. Rasta Tham Gaya:

The interesting fact about this song is that it belongs to a Pakistani movie called “Dobara Phir Se”. It’s an emotional song suitable for the plot of the movie.

From the above article we came to know about the popular songs of Rekha Bhardawaj, the very versatile singer of Bollywood industry. She not only sings emotional songs but also sings items songs which become the USP of the movies like “Namak Ishq Ka” which gave her much recognition in the masses. She has made very distinctive choices in her career which set her apart from all her contemporaries in Indian Musical Industry.

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