Sona Mohapatra Top 10 Songs, New Songs in 2017

Mohapatra is a multi talented and versatile Indian singer, lyricist music composer, song writer and produce born on 17 June 1976 in Cuttack, Odisha, India. Sona has performed in various concerts across the world and has been featured in concert webcasts, albums, singles, Bollywood films, music videos and advertisements. She has started her career in music industry with advertising and one of her famous jingle was for Tata Salt. She has released her won album with Sony records named “Sona” in 2007 which shout to explore the diverse style of rock, flamenco, rhythm and blues, Romani music and Hindustani Baul. She sang a song for famous Indian show “Satyamev Jayate”. Sona was also nominated for best playback singer for the song “Ambarsariya” from the movie “Fukery”. This particular song bring feminism for her and made her famous in Indian music industry.

Sona Mohapatra Top 10 Songs, New Songs in 2017

Top 10 Songs By Sona Mohapatra until 2017:

Checkout this list of Sona Mohapatra top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10. Ghoor Ghoor Ke (Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami) –

“Ghoor Ghoor Ke” is a v romantic and stylish number from the comedy movie “Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami”. This is perfect number to dance while filmed beautify. Rocking music and rocking lyrics will rock your mood. A perfect item number filmed on hot actress Neha Dhupia. Song became hit and gained so much popularity within few days.

9. Holi Mein Ude (Global Baba) –

This song sung by Sona Mahapatra and keshari Lala Yadav. This is Holi song and which contains colors and soothing music; A perfect song to dance while it contains fast music and funny lyrics which is perfect for those who play with color on Holi Festival. Song became hit and still a very popular number.

8. Qatl-E-Aam (Raman Raghav 2.0) –

This is another very romantic number from the movie “Raman Raghav 2.0. Contains awesome lyrics and pretty music.USP of the movie increases just because of this number, some of its lyrics has some real meaning of life. She sung it quite perfectly while soothing number won the heart of her fans.

7. Dil Aaj Kal (Purani Jeans) –

This is another very beautiful track number from the movie “Purani jeans. Its guitar music is very attractive and eye catchy while song contains pretty lyrics. A perfect number which suits on lovers while beautifully filmed on Tanuj Virwani and Aditya seal. Soothing music and lines will make you crazy. Sona sung it beautifully; her voice made it perfect number.

6. Naina (Khoobsurat) –

This is another very famous track number from the Hindi Feature film “Khoobsurat”. This song is perfectly filmed on beautiful Sonam Kaporr and Handsome Fawad Khan. For this track number Sona was nominated for filmfare award for best female playback singer while lyrics of the song are quite pretty and great. Sona sung is very well and won the heart of every Indian through this beautiful track number. It is love song, heart catchy, which became instant hit within few days.

5. Ishq Karenge (Bangistan) –

This is another very awesome song from the comedy movie “Bangistan”, this is sung by Sona Mahapatra, Abhishek Nailwal and Shadaab Faridi. This pretty number uploaded with beautiful lyrics and wonderful background music. A very eye catchy number sung perfectly by Sona along with other singers; USP of this movie increased because of this popular track.

4. Aaja Ve (Album-Sona) –

This is another romantic song from the Album “Sona”, the lyrics of this song is just pretty while music is eye and heart catchy. Just perfect number to dance on, while filmed on kids, contains beautiful lines. This song became hit when it was released and won the heart of every Indian. This song was released in 2005 along with this album.

3. Jiya Lage Na (Talaash) –

This emotional song from the movie “Talaash”, it is sung by Sona Mahapatra and Ravindra Upadhyay. Beautiful song became hit when it was released and nominated for Mirchi music award for Raag based song of the year. The song filmed on Rani Mukharjee while this soulful track contains soothing lyrics and awesome background music.

2. Abhi Nahin Aana (Album-Sona) –

This pretty number from her own album “Sona”. It’s a slow song which is uploaded with slow music and beautiful lyrics. This awesome track number contains beautiful and romantic lyrics and perfect for couples. A love song will make you crazy all around, soothing music adding some more stars in it. Guitar music making it perfect, she acted on this song; Still a very popular slow song.

1. Ambarsariya (Fukrey) –

This is another very romantic and love song from the comedy and love story movie “Fukrey”. The movie was released in 2013 and became hit along with this song. This song won the award of Punjabi music best Punjabi based song in a Hindi Film award, while she was also nominated for Guild award for best female playback singer. This awesome track number contains beautiful lyrics and pretty background music.

Update: There is no doubt that, Sona Mahapatra is very talented and versatile singer who sung many beautiful songs in Hindi Movies. But as per the recent reports and our search there are no upcoming songs and events of her. If something will release in future we will update the information accordingly.

This article contains a list of top ten song of Sona Mahapatra while from the above discussion it is very clear that, she is one of the talented playback singers in Bollywood. She also has launched her own album that contains beautiful songs. There is no doubt that, she deserves the crown of the queen because Sona is the queen of melody. Above listed songs are all time popular and most loved by her fans.

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