Top 10 Punjabi Songs February 2017

Checkout the below listed top 10 new Punjabi Songs of February 2017, The culture of Punjab has a rich and vibrant musical history, where influences can be as diverse as traditional folk or Sufi, to modern electronica. Whatever the genre, the masterful musicians of Punjab can probably construct a unique piece of well crafted music. Below we have the top ten Punjabi songs of February, 2017. Enjoy these tracks, feel their richness and vitality as their sound embraces and enriches you.

Top 10 Punjabi Songs February 2017

Here we present the list of top 10 best Punjabi Songs of February 2017.

10. Ja Ve Mundeya by Ranjit Bawa

“Ja Ve Mundeya ” is an up tempo track, ably performed by the multi talented, singer, actor and dancer, Ranjit Bawa. Composed by Desi Routz with lyrics by Maninder Kailey, “Ja Ve Mundeya” is a well crafted, pleasant and sweet song. The music video stars Ranjit Bawa and Ankita Sharma, shows a day in the life of a man and his love as he works to build it up for that special moment where he proposes.

9. Zindagi by Akhil

Akhil is a fast rising star in the Punjabi music industry, with his breakthrough hit “Khaab” becoming a hit with the younger generation. Now, he’s back with another chart topper, “Zindagi”. “Zindagi” was composed by Desi Routz with lyrics by Maninder Kailey. “Zindagi” is a beautifully written love song and performed to perfection by Akhil. Smooth and satisfying, it reels you in with its rhythmic acoustic intro, which soon builds to include a techno sway dance beat track.

8. Kadar by Mankirt Aulakh

Fans absolutely loved Mankirt Aulakh’s hit “Jatt da blood”, and now he’s back on top of the charts, with his latest offering, “Kadar”. “Kadar” was composed by Desi Routz with lyrics by Maninder Kailey. Peppy and upbeat with a playful video directed by Sukh Sanghera, full of color and great dance moves, Mankirt Aulakh again proves he’s an excellent vocalist and continues to produce high quality music.

7. 3 Peg by Sharry Mann

Sharry Mann has done it again, with his hit song, “3 Peg”. Sharry Mann is a multi talented Punjabi singer, actor and songwriter from Mohali. “3 Peg” is a lively song composed by Mista Baaz with lyrics by Raviraj. The video for “3 Peg” is quite enjoyable, as they play out a small little lovers spat as the music compliments the performances. The vocals have joy as well as a little touch of a saucy attitude, which works quite well for this song.

6. Backbone by Hardy Sandhu

“Backbone” is the new single from Punjabi actor, singer Hardy Sandhu. Not only is Hardy Sandhu a multi talented artist, but he also a first class cricketer as a right arm fast bowler. Athletic and musically talented, Hardy Sandhu’s rendition of “Backbone” hits our list at number six. “Backbone” was composed by B Praak with lyrics by Jaani, with the video directed by Arvinder Khaira. Filmed in scenic Australia, the video portrays Hardy Shandhu and Zenith Sidhu as a couple on the run and in love. Hardy’s vocals convey the freshness of love, along with the joy of self discovery as they explore the great expanse that is Australia.

5. Lahore by Gippy Grewal featuring Roach Killa

Singer songwriter, actor and director, Gippy Grewal is well known for his chart topping Punjabi songs such as “Phulkari”. His new single, “Lahore” was composed by Dr. Zeus with lyrics by Navi Kamboz, video directed by Devang Desai. Gippy has his eye on a lovely lady, and the video for this song is loaded with love, glitz, a rocking party scene, and some swift kick rap by Roach Killa. “Oh girl, when you walk, walk, walk…” Roach Killa’s rap is timed perfectly with Gippy Grewel’s fresh vocals, which make this a modern and timely track from Gippy Grewal.

4. Snapchat by Jassi Gill

“Snapchat” is the single from Punjabi actor and singer, Jassi Gill. “Snapchat” was composed by Preet Hundal with lyrics by Babbu, and music video directed by Arvindr Khaira. The video centers around love, relationships and snapchatting, and the results which can arise from using this bit of social media. The song and video are an enchanting play on the new world of social media and it’s effect on relationships. This upbeat music video features some fabulous dance moves, with the current snapchat craze as its main theme, as Jassi’s energized vocals take command of the track.

3. Laembadgini by Diljit Dosanjh

Diljit Dosanjh is a film actor, singer and television personality and can be found working in both Punjabi and Hindi films. Diljit Dosanjh is one of the top stars in the Punjabi music industry, and this is his new song, “Laembadgini”. This track was composed by Jatinder Shah with lyrics by Veet Baljit, music video directed by Anurag Singh. Uplifting and somewhat saucy, this track comes alive in the video, and there is especially entertaining and comic scene when Simran Hundal irons his shirt. A fun-filled frolic with a taste of good hearted attitude, this track is sure to become a favorite with fans.

2. Choorhey Wali Bahh by Mankirt Aulakh

Talented vocalist Mankirt Aulakh as the number 2 spot in our countdown with his song, “Choorhey Walii Bahh”. This engaging track was composed by Gupz Sehra with lyrics by Jaggi Sanghera, video directed by Parmish Verma. With a sweet and lilting rhythm, Mankirt Aulakh’s vocals dominate the track, while in the video, his presence dominates with his magnetic and powerful presence. “Choorhey Wali Bahh” is an excellent track, not to be passed by, but instead, to be savored and enjoyed.

1. Angreji Wali Madam by Kulwinder Billa featuring Shipra Goyal

The Punjabi singer and actor with the melodious voice, Kulwinder Billa, has the number one spot today in our countdown of the top Punjabi songs of 2017. The song is “Angreji Wali Madam”, and was composed by Dr. Zeus with lyrics by Shivjot, video directed by Robby Singh. This is a great tune, SASSY, fresh and spontaneous, with a lot of attitude. The video aptly showcases the vocal talents of Kulwinder Billa and Shipra Goyal as they dance and sing their way into your hearts with this superb duet of dueling vocals. Well done track.

These are the top Punjabi tracks for February of 2017. Sharp, crisp and superbly performed by their respective vocalists, they are guaranteed to capture not only your attention, but also your heart, spirit and keep you listening and wanting for more.

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