Top 10 Punjabi Songs March 2017

Welcome to our countdown for the Top 10 Punjabi Songs of March, 2017. The musical talent within this group is diverse indeed. From and romantic, ‘love on the run’ song from Hardy Sandhu, to the larger than life ‘Folk N Funk’ sounds of Punjabi pop star, Jazzy B. This months countdown is loaded with style, form and bursting with color and sound. Standby for one entertaining and wild ride as you enjoy this collection of some of the best talent in the Punjabi music industry.

Top 10 Punjabi Songs March 2017

Here we present the list of top 10 best Punjabi Songs of March 2017.

10. Backbone – Hardy Sandhu

Hardy Sandhu’s latest romantic hit is “Backbone”. Composed by B-Praak with lyrics by Jaani, this song is all about romance. Rhythmic and performed tenderly by Sandhu, this track lends itself to a rather creative and gorgeous music video. The music video, directed by Arvindr Khaira stars Hardy Sandhu and Zenith Sidhu as lovers on the run in the backdrop of some of the most scenic areas of Australia.

9. Londono Patola Reloaded – Jazzy B

“Londono Patola Reloaded” by Jazzy B comes off of his album, “Folk N Funky 2”, and was composed by Sukshinder Shinda with lyrics by Gurminder Maddoke. This is a great song, that really lives up to ‘Folk N Funk’, and the video matches this energy perfectly. Directed by Directorgifty and starring Jazzy B, we are taken into a world of suggested opulence and fast cars. The brass section really enlivens this track as Jazzy B’s moves light up the stage.

8. Snapchat – Jassi Gill

“Snapchat” was composed by Preet Hundal with lyrics by Babbu and performed by Jassi Gill, a Punjabi vocalist and actor. The song revolves around the popular social media app, ‘Snapchat’. The music video directed by Arvindr Khaira is very entertaining and contains some excellent choreography by Sahaj Singh, as well as a few fight scenes, as it tells the tale of romantic conflicts which arose from Snapchat.

7. Naag The Third – Jazzy B

This is the second track in our countdown from Jazzy B off his album, “Folk N Funky 2”. Naag the Third was composed by Sukshinder Shinda, with lyrics by Balvir Boparai. “Naag The Third” is perfect pop at it’s best, in the Bhangra style, cleverly mixing traditional instrumentation with modern stylized beats. The video by Harry Singh and Preet Singh is colorful and larger than life.

6. Choorhey Wali Bahh – Mankirt Aulakh

“Choorhey Wali Bahh” was composed by Gupz Sehra with lyrics by Jaggi Sanghera. Fans of Punjabi music love the flash and style of Mankirt Aulakh, which can be best seen in this music video by Parmish Verma. This rhythmic and up tempo track works well within the context of Parmish Verma’s music video, which stars . Mankirt Aulakh and Sonia Maan as a romantic couple who, no matter the ups and downs, in the end find their love, as he surprises her with a romantic proposal of marriage.

5. Haa Kurvakeh – Jassi Sidhu

Bhangra musical artist, Jassi Sidhu takes us on an up beat journey through a colorful world of art and urban lifestyle in the music video by Manni Osman. Jassi’s vibrant vocalizations take us into a world where gorgeous graffiti adorns the brick and mortar walls, and into the night, as he guides us into the stylish nightlife of the city. “Haa Kurvakeh” was composed by DJ K Square with lyrics by Mehroze.

4. Angreji Wali Madam – Kulwinder Billa featuring Shipra Goyal

Kulwinder Billa and Shipra goyal band together to give us their chart topping hit, “Angreji Wali Madam”, music composed by Dr. Zeus with lyrics by Shiviot, and music video directed by Robby Singh. This is a fun and high spirited track that features the talents of two mega stars, Kulwinder Billa and Shipra Goyal. Their duet is enjoyable and entertaining as they play off of one another’s vocals.

3. Punjab – Gurdas Maan

Gurdas Maan is considered a legend in the world of Punjabi entertainment. He is a multi-talented performer, vocalist, composer and actor. His musical style is pop/folk/Bhangra. His latest smash hit is “Punjab”, music composed by Jatinder Shah and lyrics by Maan himself. This is a socially important song, as it narrates how the once brave Punjabi’s have somehow succumbed to a variety of addictions. The music video, directed by Gurickk G. Maan, is well done and captures the meaning of this track in a straightforward way.

2. Chal Jindua – Ranjit Bawa, Jasmine Sandlas and Akasa Singh

Talented performers, Ranjit Bawa, Jasmine Sandlas and Akasa Singh team up to bring us “Chal Jindua”. In a lively and fresh music video directed by Jaidev Kumar, the artists perform their song in the scenic country of Canada. The track was composed by Durgesh Rajbhatt and Love Shankar with lyrics by Babu Singh Maan, and reflects a productive, enjoyable and very musical day in Canada.

1. Na Ja – Pav Dharia

“Na Ja” is an enjoyable track about love and how it can make one jubilant and joyful. Performed by musical artist, Pav Dhaira, the song revolves around a man who sees a most lovely lady and is immediately smitten. Music composed by Pav Dharia with lyrics by Don Jaan, Manav Sangha, and Pav Dharia. The music video, directed by Pav Dharia depicts a most happy man who sings about how much he loves and adores this woman and will treat her well, fulfill her dreams, “I’ll take you to London, Five star hotel…”, yet reality might be just a bit different.

The popular music of Punjab is finding its way across the globe and rapidly gaining fans along the way. Known for its ability to mix the folk instrumentation with modern and socially relevant topics as well as love and romance, makes the popular music of Punjab unique, one of a kind and thoroughly enjoyable. We invite you to return next month as we delve into yet another countdown of the top ten smash hits of Punjabi music, for April 2017.


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