Yo Yo Honey Singh Top 10 Songs, New Songs in 2017

Yo Yo Honey Singh was born as Hirdesh Singh in the year 1983. Today he is the most famous singer and music producer. Honey Singh was a rapper before and now he is singing in big banner films in Bollywood. He is one of the highest paid music producers in Bollywood! We all know that Yo Yo Honey Singh is known for his lively songs! Are you a big fan of Yo Yo Honey Singh? If the answer is a resounding YES then you will be happy that you spotted our list. Today we have created the top 10 song list of Yo Yo Honey Singh for you! We have also included the latest songs of Honey Singh to keep you updated.

Gear up Honey Singh fans because this is going to be a really fun music list. Take a look and enjoy the hot and happening musical ride!

Yo Yo Honey Singh Top 10 Songs, New Songs in 2017

10. Raat Jashan di – Zorawar

Raat Jashan di is a track from the movie Zorawar. It is a Punjabi movie which released in 2016! The song features Bani J. The song is sung in Punjabi by Yo Yo Honey Singh. It is a really fun song and it makes you want to dance. Raat Jashan di is on number 10 and it totally deserves the spot. Yo Yo Honey Singh was the main lead actor in the movie Zorawar. Yo Yo Honey Singh was much appreciated for his role in Zorawar.

09. Party all night – Boss

When Party All Night song was out on television, people went gaga over it. The song is a perfect party track and it is played in almost every party! Party all night is from the movie Boss and it is a big hit! Although it came out way back but it does not fail to make people get up and dance. In the video, we can see Akshay Kumar and Yo Yo Honey Singh together sharing the same screen.

08. Dheere dheere – Yo Yo Honey Singh

Ah! Dheere dheere is a perfect track for people who are in deep love. Yo Yo Honey Singh is seen in a different light with this song. He usually sings rap and Bollywood masala songs but with Dheere Dheere, he changed everyone’s perception. Yo Yo Honey Singh has sung this song beautifully and we just cannot wait to hear more of such songs from him. The video features Hritik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor. It is the perfect remix of the old song, ‘Dheere Dheere se meri zindagi mei aana’.

07. Sunny Sunny – Yaariyan

Although the movie was a big flop, the Sunny Sunny song was a big hit. The song was probably the only good thing about the movie! The video shows a bunch of teenagers having a pool party and singing this super fun song. Yo Yo Honey Singh has done a great job with this peppy number. Neha Kakkar has also given her voice for the song and both of them have done a great job together.

06. Desi Kalakar – Desi Kalakar

Another love song from the rap king Yo Yo Honey Singh! This song features the Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha. The lyrics are clever and one can just sing along happily. The music is catchy and it tells a story. The video of the song is interesting where Sonakshi and Yo Yo Honey Singh are in love and they are eloping! We get to see a new side of Sonakshi in this video.

05. Blue Eyes – Yo Yo Honey Singh

Yo Yo Honey Singh has very classy songs with beautiful women. Blue Eyes by Yo Yo Honey Singh is another famous song and it did not fail to gain popularity. When the song came out, people went crazy about it and it was played in almost every discotheque. Lyrically, the song is talking about a girl with blue eyes and it is hypnotizing the boy.

04. Lungi Dance – Chennai Express

Lungi Dance is a tribute to the famous South actor Rajnikaanth! This was much needed because Rajnikaanth is a very famous personality. The song is from the famous Shah Rukh Khan movie Chennai Express. It is a true dance number and people go mad when the song plays! The choreography is fun and the song is very addictive. Honey Singh has sung this song in a South Indian accent which makes it more fun.

03. Chaar Botal Vodka

Chaar botal vodka is an ideal song for the alcoholics who love to party and get drunk. Oh yes! This song had become really famous when it initially came out. Lyrically, the song is talking about the drinking habits of the young man. It seems like he washes down 4 bottles of vodka each day! It surely got the attention of many youngsters as many can relate to the lyrics of this song. This is truly a party track!

02. Brown Rang – Yo Yo Honey Singh

Brown Rang is such a fresh breath of air for girls who are always discriminated because of the ‘brown rang’. There is always a song about fair girls but Yo Yo Honey Singh made a song for the wheatish complexion girls which made the women of India really happy. This was really nice of Yo Yo to be thinking of the ladies who are not fair! It is a feel good song for sure.

01. Angreji Beat – Cocktail

Angreji beat has to be on top! This was one of the initial songs of Yo Yo Honey Singh. He became so popular after this song. The song was also used in the movie Cocktail and became really famous after Deepika Padukone’s super cool entry on Angreji Beat. Yes, it truly deserves to be on number 1 in our list.

Yo Yo Honey Singh Latest Songs 2017

There are no latest songs by Yo Yo Honey Singh but we shall update you when he is out with another awesome track. We are eagerly waiting for his new songs because he is one of the best music producer and singer we have in the Bollywood industry.

We want to hear more of Yo Yo Honey Singh! He is truly a rock star and a great singer. We have seen how versatile Yo Yo is! Let’s see what he brings to the table next? We shall find that out soon! Yo Yo will be back with more hits and we will be dancing on his tunes again. Stay tuned for updates on Yo Yo Honey’s Singh’s latest tracks. Have fun and keep listening to Honey Singh’s Top 10 songs!

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