Top 10 Country Songs April 2017

Welcome to our countdown of Top 10 Country Songs April 2017. We are back again with another list of hot country songs that you must have on your playlist! We have Jon Pardi on number 2 with Dirt on his boots! We surely don’t mind the dirt because the song is making us feel good! Josh Turner’s ‘Hometown Girl’ is on number 10 this month! The list is certainly hot this month.

Top 10 Country Songs April 2017

Are you ready to go for an interesting country music ride? Take a look at the Top 10 Country Songs April 2017.

10. Hometown Girl – Josh Turner

American country music artist Josh Turner is a huge commercial success. Many copies of his song has been sold since March 2017. The song has been written by Daniel Tashian and Marc Beeson. This song is touching our hearts and souls! The song is about his hometown girl who is very grounded and has not forgotten her roots. It seems like he is looking for a pretty little homegrown hometown girl!

09. Road Less Traveled – Lauren Alaina

Lauren Alaina is an American country music singer. The song inspires us and tells us to stay to true to oneself. Her song conveys that one should not think about their insecurities and accept themselves. The song is beautiful and uses instruments like drums, banjo and a lot of hand clapping which makes this a truly country song. Well, in today’s world such anthems are needed because the youth needs to learn about self worth.

08. Think a Little Less – Michael Ray

Think a little less by Michael Ray is a commercial success. It was released in the year 2016 and it has made its way in our Top 10 charts this month. The lyrics paint a beautiful picture in our mind. It is a love song which is shot in a resort with a seductive all white theme! Well, the video does justice to the lyrics, “Kiss a little more, think a little less”.

07. Any Ol’ Barstool – Jason Aldean

The song by Jason Aldean was released on radio first. Any Ol’ Barstool gives us a true country music feel. The video is simple and the charm is maintained. A country boy singing in the bar with a guitar in his hand. He is wearing the famous country cowboy hat. Jason’s voice is the real deal here and the lyrics are perfect for a country song. The song shows women in a completely different light! It surely is a great breakup song for those who recently got dumped. We are with you and you will probably relate to this song as well!

06. Better Man – Little Big Town

Another breakup song on the list! Little Big Town’s Better Man is trying to convey that the girl deserves better and she needs a better man. She misses her ex lover and wishes he was a better man. The video is clean and nicely shot. Women who have been physically abused and tortured can relate to this song. It is a feel good song for the broken heart souls. So, cheer up ladies and listen to Better Man by Little Big Town. This will surely motivate you to move on and love yourself!

05. Fast – Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan is trying to give a motivational speech through his song, “Fast”. Lyrically, the song is trying to convey that people want everything so fast. Kids want a fast bike and you want your dreams to come true fast. He is asking us to slow down and soak it in because life is short and one should enjoy the moments. Well, it is true! We live in a world where we do not pause and think. The music is very feel good and the vocals of Luke Bryan goes in harmony with it.

04. Hurricane – Luke Combs

It is a beautifully shot video and the vocals make us melt. Luke Combs has a brilliant voice and the music does not overpower. Many young people shall relate to this song. The good part about the video is that it uses two regular people. There is no model, no actor but just two people in love. A kiss in the rain and walking bare feet on wet green grass. Now that is the kind of romance we love to see! The video is lovely and the vocals make this song great.

03. In case you didn’t know – Brett Young

Ah! Some songs make your heart melt and in case you didn’t know, Brett Young is a handsome man with a beautiful voice. This song is for all those who are in love! If you are too afraid to tell her how you feel, you should sing this song to her. This is one of those songs that you put on repeat. The video shows how Brett is singing in a theater and a girl is looking at him and smiling. You feel good about it and you think, “Wow, he got his girl!”. Poof! The girl is gone! It was her ghost or a figment of his imagination because she died and he couldn’t tell her about his feelings. Well, this is you chance to tell how you feel to the one you love.

02. Dirt on my boots – Jon Pardi

The feet stomping music and the awesome lyrics of Dirt on My Boots is gaining much popularity these days. The song has a country feel to it. It is traditional but with a modern twist. A country boy can relate to this song and the vocals of Job Pardi are simply heart warming. We totally love this song and it totally deserves to be on Number 2 this month. What do you think? Well, we think that he is one of the finest country singers.

01. Body like a Back Road – Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt is sitting comfortable on Number 1 this month with his song Body like a Back Road. The music is happy and fun! The lyrics make you want to sing and dance. Sam Hunt has a pretty voice and does justice to the music and lyrics. He is talking about a girl having a body like a back road. This song gets us every single time!

This was a fun musical ride! Did you find your favorite country song in the list? We will be back with a hot and happening list next month! Till then, stay true to your roots and enjoy the country music list April 2017! We hope you enjoyed the list because we surely danced along!

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