Top 10 Best Dance Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Dance songs of all time 2017, When it is time to dance and have a good time; there are certain type of songs that people want to play for this purpose. Most dance tunes are uplifting and inspiring songs that get people excited and delighted about dancing and having a good time. The songs usually have a quick tempo and lyrics that are designed to get people jumping up out of their seats.

Keep in mind that as long as there has been music people like to dance. So, each generation of party goers will have their own type of dance song that will appeal to the people of their era. The songs on this are from different generations and each of them are songs that have withstood the test of time as great dance hits.

Top 10 latest new Dance songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Dance songs of all time 2017.

10. I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas

The Black Eyed Peas released I Gotta Feeling back in 2009 and it became an ultra-pop jam that took the music world by storm. This song was not only good on the charts it is now an unofficial party anthem for people everywhere. While the song is no longer as popular as it used to be in the past; people still dance to it every time that it is played on the in the club, at a party or on the radio. Also, people still love this song because it helps them to get ready for having fun out when they go out for a night on the town.

9. Yeah! by Usher Feat. Lil Jon & Ludacris

Usher Feat. Lil Jon & Ludacris are three big time R&B and hip hop artists that teamed up to create Yeah! This song was a 2004 party jam that people could not stay seated or remain still when it was played. This song was a solid party tune that people rocked to all night long. Usher sang the hook and Lil Jon threw down on vamp and Ludacris made the rap breakdown come to life with his awesome skills. Together these three talented artists made Yeah! one of the best dance songs ever.

8. Twist by Chubby Checkers

Chubby Checkers showed the world how do the Twist in 1959 and once again during the early 60s. The Twist was so popular that it was released in one year (in 59 for the kids, teens and young adults) and then in 62 for adults. The song was such a popular jam that millions of people all over the nation were Twisting for years behind it. People just could not get enough of this dance song during the time. Today, people no longer do the twist. However, if certain top rated artists ever collaborated to bring this song back in style – it would become a number one hit again, guaranteed.

7. You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC

AC/DC used to rule the rock scene during the 70s and 80s and in 1980 they made the song You Shook Me All Night Long. This jam was a true rock and roll tune that was a party anthem for rockers during the summer of 1980. The song has a fast rhythm and an aggressive vocal style. The guitars are mean and rugged and the beat just makes people want to dance and have fun. While this song was never a big hit it truly was a dance jam that very few people can deny was fun to move to.

6. Love Shack by B-52’s

The summer of 1989 was really smoking hot because of the B-52’s dance hit song Love Shack. This was a fun pop and rock tune that allowed people just to relax and have a good time dancing without a care in the world. This song was really popular in 89 and it was another great hit that helped to keep the summer cool during the last year of the 80s. Love Shack is a pop and rock treat that many people might have forgotten about today. However, once they hear it chances are they will be moving their feet and bobbing their head for nostalgia purposes.

5. Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

LMFAO came out with the Party Rock Anthem in 2011 and if this is not a certified dance anthem song, then I do know what is. This song is truly remarkable in terms of its mass appeal and the amount of people that has listened to it. This song generated over 1.2 billion views on YouTube. While this is not the only song to amass this type of numbers it certainly is one of the few songs that could generate that type of viewership. Party Rock Anthem featuring Lauren Bennet and Goon Rock is a dance song of epic proportions.

4. 1999 by Prince

The late, the great Prince Rogers Nelson passed in 2016 and his death was a very sad thing for the world of music. While Prince is no longer with us, his music still remains a powerful force in the world. His song 1999 was actually released in 1982 and it was a powerful tune that was a favorite dance song at the club and on the radio. When the year 1999 rolled around millions of people all over the country jammed to this song. It was a great tune for that era and it’s use during the past Y2K scare was perfect for that situation.

3. Celebration by Kool & The Gang

Kool & The Gang are no longer major label artists but the group is still making music for well over 50 years. In 1982 they made a song called Celebration and this song was the anthem for many family reunions that took place during that era. People at the time loved this dance song because it was just about celebrating and having a good time. How could a person not move to it? Celebration is sometimes played at family reunions even to this day.

2. Push It by Salt-N-Pepa

Salt-N-Pepa the female duo rap group from NYC showed the world how to “Push-It” with their 1987 jam. This song was a huge hit within the hip hop communities and it even had commercial appeal. Push It is now such a big tune that it is played in popular culture. People listen to this song on commercials, movies and in shows. This song is also one of the top rap tunes of all time. Push-It is just a fun song that makes people just want to push – it.

1. Staying Alive by Bee Gees

The Bee Gees were a golden group in 1977 when they released Staying Alive which was the theme song for a movie with the same title. Staying Alive is a great song that was made popular by actor John Travolta who rocked the movie and music industries at the same time with this tune. He danced to this song during the movie and his routine was considered one or the best in history. To this day people everywhere will emulate his signature moves whenever this song comes on.

As you can tell, these songs are among the best dance songs to have ever been created. They are enjoyable and entertaining melodies that were popular during their time and still are well received in modern times.

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