Top 10 Best Party Songs

Parties are going on somewhere in the world at any given time. Music plays such a huge role in the creation of epic parties, and with that in mind, you need to know which tracks are the ultimate dance party songs.

top party songs 2017-2018

The following list will introduce you (or perhaps re-introduce you to) the single greatest party songs of all time. These selections span all different genres, and are from all different points in modern music. Without further ado, here are the top 10 Best Party Songs of All Time.


Here we present the list of top 10 best Party songs of all time 2017.

10. “Shake It Off” – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an artist that has been steadily growing in popularity with each passing year since she debuted in 2006. Her songs began in the country genre but soon transferred over to the broader audience that the Pop genre provides. Along with this transition came songs that began to morph into dance anthems, or at least jump around your room and sing at the top of your lungs anthems. One of the best examples of this is a song that people almost always have to include on their party play list, “Shake It Off”. This is a dance party song about while people might give you all kinds of hate and negativity, you just have to keep on shining and shake it off.

9. “California Love” – 2Pac (feat. Dr. Dre)

When it comes to a song that can really get the party started with a hip hop anthem of epic proportions, look no further than 2Pac’s “California Love”. This song features an addictive beat and instrumentation composed by Dr. Dre, who does a verse on the song as well. This collaboration of the two West Coast rappers has always been deemed a must have for your party if you are wanting people to get up and move around. What good is a party if people aren’t having a great time? This is a greatest party song that is sure to amp up the party to the next level, or to set it off right.

8. “Blurred Lines” – Robin Thicke

Becoming one of the biggest pop hits ever in the last few years, Robin Thicke burst on the scene in a huge way with his single “Blurred Lines”. The song is even better due to the inclusion of hit performers Pharrell and T.I., who both make a significant impact on the vocals throughout the entire track. “Blurred Lines” seems to focus on a relationship that the singers feel compelled to end. Trying to liberate a woman from this poor excuse for a couple is just the beginning, and the singer is all about showing her the single greatest time of her life in the most animalistic way possible.

7. “Take Me Out” – Franz Ferdinand

Indie rock sensations Franz Ferdinand came out swinging in 2004 with this driving track that got people up and singing along. This is a song that is a lot more rock and roll than it is dance anthem, but there is more about this song that says lets get together and have a great time than there is about a shredding lead guitar solo and vague lyrics. Speaking of lyrics, the band’s song is all about not caring about where he and his significant other go, what they do, or if he’s even cared about, just take him out already.

6. “Yeah” – Usher (feat. Lil’ Jon and Ludacris)

A great song that can kick off your party, or unsure that it doesn’t fall into any sort of lull for the action is “Yeah”. While the song is billed as an Usher track, who has his fair share of impressive tracks to keep your party bumping, when you add in the likes of producer and glorified hype man Lil’ Jon and rapper Ludacris, the song inevitably amplifies considerably. This is a song that even the most awkward of your party guests can’t help but get up and shake it to, so make certain it makes the party playlist.

5. “Hypnotize” – Notorious B.I.G.

The Notorious B.I.G. was one of the greatest rappers of all time, and this doesn’t happen without making serious impact on the hip hop community. This also happens to occur when you write songs that people want to hear over and over, and ones that become must have tracks for any kind of party. “Hypnotize” was a song that not only would feature the lyrical prowess of the rap giant, but would also have one of the greatest (and highly sampled) hooks in all of rap music. Kudos to that one friend that you have that can spit the verses word for word, and let him have his few minutes to shine in front of your party guests.

4. “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” – Cyndi Lauper

When you are just getting the ladies together, or when you kind of just want to have a great girl specific dance anthem at your co-ed party, there is no greater song to do this with than “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”. Even though this song saw the height of its popularity during the 1980s, its timeless lyrics and catchy chorus makes it something that everyone remembers and instinctively wants to sing along with. Plus, if you add a little bit of liquid courage, you might just find that this party song can bring a lot of shy women out of their shells and loosens them up a little bit through the silliness of the song.

3. “Love Shack” – B-52’s

Perhaps one of the most popular songs for karaoke night, this party song is all about having a good time with your favorite people. While the singers in the track had to go out to some shack in the middle of nowhere to have a good time, you can offer that same kind of great and memorable time just by popping this track on and watching people get down with all of their best dance moves from the era.

2. “Y.M.C.A.” – The Village People

This isn’t exactly the greatest track for say a house party in high school, but if you are getting a group of adults together and you are trying to break the ice and get them to move around a bit, there is no better song on the planet. Whether they claim they do or not, EVERYONE knows the movements to “Y.M.C.A.” That being said it becomes a great fun track for you to slip in when you want to mix things up a little bit with your guests.

1. “Party Rock Anthem” – LMFAO

The single greatest party song for you to put on your party playlist is appropriately titled “Party Rock Anthem”. This is a song that is quite literally all about having fun partying, appreciating the people you are with, and cutting loose some because life is short. Is the song ridiculous and focuses way to much on the word “shuffling”? Absolutely. But if you can step away from taking this song too seriously, it will be the very best choice that you can make song wise for your party because it all but guarantees a great time for you and your guests.

Party songs have no expiration dates. Seeing that some of these tracks are from the modern era of pop music and other tracks are from the height of Disco, it goes to show that parties are all about just having a good time. No matter who you are, or what era of music that you grew up in, there is something unique about each and every one of these party songs in 2017 that make them addictive and keep everyone in the room having a great time. Dance along or sing along (or both), just don’t stop the party when you get these top 10 songs coming out of your speakers.

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