Top 10 Dance Club Songs February 2017

Checkout the below listed top 10 new Dance Club songs of February 2017, It’s not entirely necessary to go to the nearest dance club to listen to their songs, but it is without a doubt the best venue to really get the full experience. At the beginning of any year it’s also the most exciting time to find out just what’s going to be considered hot enough to be kept in the loop and what you might want to groove to throughout the night. The top ten dance club songs in February of 2017 are bound to be a stunning mix of hard beats and pleasing lyrics that might shock or titillate the senses, but at least they won’t be boring.

Dance Club Song Top 10 Dance Club Songs February 2017

Here we present the list of top 10 best Dance Club songs of February 2017

10. Blow Your Mind (Mwah)- Dua Lipa

If you like a heavy, thumping lead-in to your average song then this track will be one to request from the get go. It delivers a feel that initially makes you believe that it’s going to be quite heavy-handed throughout the piece, but eventually it slides into a much more manageable and even moderate beat that is easier to move to and offers a more dynamic and fluid level of enjoyment. Comparing it to other songs it’s undoubtedly a heavier beat and would thus require a little more patience to find a proper rhythm, but overall it’s a powerful and entertaining piece.

9. Enough is Enough 2017- Donna Summers & Barbra Streisand

You might look at the artists and figure that this is just another opportunity taken to remake a classic, but in truth it is a pleasing lull in the action that can offer some much need relaxation after a night spent moving and grooving the favorite songs of the day. It’s a pleasant counterpoint that doesn’t demand too much, but is not just the slow song you might think it would be. As a dance song it has a rather lengthy intro, but once it gets going it almost reminds you of the golden days of music and how they helped to shape the current era.

8. The Urge in Me- Joe Gauthreaux ft. Inaya Day

Constantly moving and only stopping to take a momentary breath now and again would describe this song quite well. It notably changes pace during its run time to offer up some contrast to the ongoing beat that all but demands a person’s attention. This is one of those songs that many people will profess to like for its sound and movement but might find otherwise similar to many other songs that are of the same type. This isn’t to take away from the song itself, which features smart and catchy lyrics as well as a beat that sucks the dancers in and doesn’t let go until it ends. But all in all, it is a bit limited in its range.

7. Love On The Brain- Rihanna

Almost nothing Rihanna does is considered bad any longer. Eccentric maybe, popular absolutely, but bad doesn’t seem to be a word that suits anything she is responsible for creating. As a slower and more meaningful song this is a welcome break in the action that can allow a couple on the dance floor to simply enjoy each other’s company as they stare longingly into one another’s eyes or share a warm embrace while just swaying back and forth. Again, Rihanna isn’t known for producing bad songs, so this is a perfect must for February, which is considered the month of love after all.

6. Distortion- J. Sutta

Much as the title would suggest this song is about distortion, though the sound is more than just the meaning of the title as the beat is dropped and picked up continuously, leaving one almost feeling like an emotional yo-yo as your body seems to feel the need to elevate and drop with the beat on a rhythmic basis. It would be very easy to watch people in the club attempting to dance to this song only to miss out on several beats continually in the attempt. It makes for a good club song, but it might better if it stayed in the club.

5. Move Your Body- Sia

Sia is on the rise without a doubt. Her voice, her lyrics, and her songs are done in such a way that her mastery of the craft is all but cemented in to music history. Much like her other songs, this track makes you want to get up and move even if you’re not in the mood. The use of percussion and her voice combined create a type of compulsion that many people can’t seem to ignore as they find themselves getting up to dance or at the very least swaying in their seat as they close their eyes. It’s hard to listen to Sia and not be moved in some way.

4. Trouble- Offaiah

This almost sounds like a clever remake of a 1970’s track, but in order to find out which one it could be you would have to have been alive in those days or be an avid fan of the decade. In any case, it has the almost thin sound of the music from those days, as though the acoustics aren’t quite on par. However, it would seem that this song thrives on this more than it’s harmed by it, as it gains its charm from the sound instead of being diminished by it.

3. Nothing to Lose- Vassy

This sounds very much like the typical, archetypal dance song, which is no doubt why it is so high on this list. It has the right formula, meaning it builds up to the chorus, then blends into the lyrics once again only to build up to the chorus before finally coming to a climax that allows the dancers to relax for just a moment before entering into the final stretch that will allow them to pick up the pace once more before the song fades off for good. It’s a good song, but the formula is very easy to follow.

2. Body Moves- DNCE

Some songs are popular not because they move fast or have powerful beats, but because they allow you to move at a more moderate pace and have a performer with stunning vocals at the helm. This was what drove a lot of the 1990’s boy and girl bands and made a few of them undeniably famous in their own right. In this venue such a musical development has always seemed to thrive as the requests never stop coming for songs such as this.

1. Hell in Paradise 2016- Ono

This is one of the ultimate types of songs you’ll hear in any dance club, largely because it moves, it has few if any lyrics, and it allows for continual and nonstop good times as the dancers can just lose themselves in the beat. It doesn’t require much thinking and only invites constant motion and energy that each dancer can feed off of until the end.

Dance songs are usually meant to be dynamic and fast-moving in order to get the attention of the customers, but they can always be mild and slow-moving as well to offer that much-needed break. The dance songs of February will be largely about amore and the need to remain close, so this list will serve a dual need when it comes to entertainment and intimacy.


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