Top 10 Dance Club Songs For July 2017

Dance club songs refer to a weekly musical chart prepared by Billboard in U.S. It is a sort of survey whereby the popular and most played songs in nightclubs are complied and put together in a weekly chart. All the information is gathered from the DJ’s of all the famous nightclubs around the United States. It was started in the year 1976 to popularise the dance music. Since then, many other charts have come up with the top 10 lists of songs and top artist list. Recently, Billboard has declared Madonna as the most successful singer as she has more than 46 no. 1 songs to her credit. In the same manner, the most popular dance club songs of the month has been given to Ghosting by Joe Bermudez.

Top 10 Dance Club Songs For July 2017

Let’s look at the top 10 songs for the month of July 2017:

10. Still Got Time by Zayn Malik

The song written by Zayn Malik was well received by the fans and music lovers. It’s a dance/electronic song featuring and recorded by PARTYNEXTDOOR. It is a first song from Zayn Malik’s second album. The song reached at no. 10 from the 13th position in the last week.

9. Be the One by Dua Lipa

This song by Dua Lipa was once at no. 1 but recently it is at no.9. The song has been trending since 12 weeks. It was very much loved, appreciated and downloaded by the music lovers. The song also entered into UK’s charts and earned huge success throughout the Australia and Europe.

8. Despacito by Luis Fonsi

Is on music charts since 6 weeks. The song is from the album Despacito & Mis Grandes Exitos is a single by pop artist Luis Fonsi. The music video is featuring one of the most popular artists Justin Bieber. The song has got many nominations at various shows and platforms like Premio Juventud for the Perfect Combo, Teen Choice Award for Choice Single for Male singer and Premio Juventud for Best Song for Singing.

7. My Fire by Nile Rodgers

This is a song by the artist Nile Rodgers and is featuring Kimberly Davis. It’s a dance/electronic single from the album Moodswings. The music video is featuring the behind-the-scenes footage of the trio- Rodgers, Moran and Davis, recording the song. The song is also available in many remixes to suit the different tastes of the audience.

6. Swish Swish by Katy Perry

The song is featuring Nicki Minaj and is written by Katy Perry. It’s a single from katy’s album Witness. The song is all about neglecting unnecessary negativity and is showing both the artist performing and singing the song. It was released in Digital Download format under the label ‘Capitol’.

5. Heart Away from You by DJ Pebbles

The song has gained a position higher than the last week. The song is currently at no. 5 and is sung by DJ Pebbles. She has sung this song after a massive heartbreak and has depicted the after effects of heartbreak and is showing that it is ok for girls to have fun, flirt and have a good time after the huge turmoil. The song is empowering for women.

4. Symphony by Clean Bandit

Is a song by the artist trio Clean Bandit and is featuring Zara Larsson. It is from the album ‘So Good’. It’s the third single from the album and both were also huge success. The song has also top the UK, Norway and Swedish Charts. The song has got more than 250 million views on YouTube. The artists have given many live performances on the song since its release.

3. Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran

The song is being loved by the audiences from the last 6 weeks. It is written and sung by English singer Ed Sheeran. The song was launched under digital download format. It’s a 4.21 minutes length song from the label Asylum Atlantic. In the song, singer has showcased his teenage life with friends at his home town ‘Framlingham’. The castle which is in the song is actually situated at his home town where he was also invited to perform. It has got many positive reviews from the audience.

2. Pose by Rihanna

The song reached to 2nd ranks from the previous 3rd rank. This is sung by Rihanna; a very popular singer who is at no. 2 in the list of greatest artist. It is been on music charts since last 7 weeks. In collaboration with Bibi Bourelly, Hit-Boy and Travis Scott- Rihanna has written the song. In the song she is confronting her critics. The song is well received by the audience as well as the critics. This song debuted at no. 45th and later reached at no. 2nd.

1. Ghosting by Megn

Is the latest and very popular song is written, produced and recorded by American DJ Joe Bermudez. The song is featuring very famous singer Megn. The song tops the July Chart and has given first no.1 position to Megn and 2nd number-one to Bermudez. It is a 4.15 minute song from the label 617 Music. It was on 2nd rank in the last week and has been trending since 9 weeks.

Music charts are prepared by many labels and companies in many categories including weekly charts, monthly charts, yearly charts etc. These charts give recognition and also increase the fan base of the singers along with increasing the popularity of the songs to the masses. Above mention songs are the recent top buster dance club songs. These are trending on the top list from the last few weeks and have managed to woo the audience on a continuous basis.

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