Top 10 Dance Clubs Songs April 2017

Welcome to our countdown for the Top 10 Dance Club Songs for April 2017. Chainsmokers is back on the list yet again! Looks like they aren’t going anywhere till next month. Rihanna is on top this month sitting comfortable on Number 1 with her raunchy song Sex with me. We do not mind at all! We have some hot and happening songs for you for your playlist this month. Sit back and enjoy the musical ride that you are going to go on now! This list is too hot to handle.

Take a look at the list of Top 10 Dance Club Songs April 2017.


Top 10 Dance Clubs Songs April 2017

10. Paris – Chainsmokers

Looks like Chainsmokers will not leave our Top 10 list till next month. On number 10, we have Paris by Chainsmokers. Just so you know, the song is not referring to Paris as such. It is a state of mind, a state of bliss that the couple used to be in. When they were together, it was so perfect that it felt like Paris. The song has fun beats and it is a perfect sing along song. Chainsmokers gives us a reason to love and dance at the same time with their songs.

09. Love Never Died – Nytrix

Love Never Died by Nytrix has an amazing use of dubstep. However the video is the main attraction of this song. The makers of this song have done a great job with the graphics. As for the song, it is on number 9 for a reason. Nytrix has done a brilliant job with the vocals. Yes, we are loving Nytrix with his song Love Never Died. He is trying to convey that love never dies. People may die but love remains.

08. Places – Xenia Ghali Featuring Raquel Castro

On number 8, we have Xenia Ghali with her song Places. It starts as a sweet song and you wonder what comes next! This is the perfect song for dancing all night with your love. The lyrics of the song suggests that the girl he is seeing is silver whereas Xenia is gold. Xenia can take him to places where his girl can’t go. Looks like there is a competition here between Xenia and some girl. Many girls shall relate to this one!

07. I got you – Bebe Rexha

On number 7, we have Bebe Rexha with I got you. Bebe Rexha looks stunning in the video. The song is a truly romantic one and the girl is telling the man that she’s got him! She tries to comfort the man through this song. The lyrics are beautiful and the music makes you swing and dance. Yes, this is an ideal song for a little close dancing.

06. Burn Brighter – Pavlova

Burn Brighter by Pavlova is giving a reason for people to get up and workout. Yes, this is a great workout song so that you can get up and dance. Some songs just motivate us and this is one of them. The song is trying to send a message to a man. It is a love song with dance beats. Pavlova is not giving up on her love and she feels that together they can burn brighter. Burn Brighter is produced by Detail and Diplo.

05. Feel like Home – Sander Kleinenberg featuring DYSON

Sander Kleinenberg feels like home in our top 10 chart. She is on the number 5th position this month and she totally deserves it. The beats of this song makes your body move and the lyrics are meaningful. The girl feels like home with a person she has fallen in love with. She feels that she has known the person all along. We believe that’s what love does to you! It makes you feel like home.

04. Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s love the shape of somebody. This song has the nicest beats and Ed Sheeran has done a great job with the vocals. Some songs have simple and sweet lyrics but they leave an impact. This is one of those songs that you can dedicate to your girl. It will surely make her smile. Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You truly deserves to be on number 4 this month!

03. Chained to the Rhythm – Katy Perry featuring Skip Marley

Katy Pretty is adorable in her song Chained to the Rhythm. In the video, she is in an amusement park and it has been shot beautifully. It is a perfect party song which makes you dance and sing. The song Chained to the rhythm has lyrics which one can relate to! “Turn it up its your favorite song, dance dance to the distortion. We’re all chained to the rhythm” gives us a reason to dance to the tunes of Katy Perry’s song.

02. Lick Me Up – Tony Moran & Dani Taro Featuring Zhana Roiya

Looks like all the bold and sexy songs are making their way to our top chart this month. Lick Me up by Tony Moran & Dani Taro is a steamy song and it is perfect for a night at the club. It makes your foot tap and your booty shaking with the fun beats. We are literally dancing while writing this for you! There are many remix versions of this song which are getting really popular on social media. The video of the song has a dance club feel to it.

01. Sex with Me – Rihanna

Rihanna is leading this time with her Sex with Me song. Her song is bold yet sexy and it is gaining much popularity for its lyrics and music. The beats of this song are slow yet really great for a slow dirty dance with your partner. Women are totally going gaga over this song. We are loving it! The Madahouse Remix version of this song is getting much attention because of the beats mixed beautifully.

There you have it! Did you like the songs? We hope you did! We will be back next month with another hot list for you. Will Chainsmokers be back with Paris in the next list? Will Rihanna’s Sex with Me be on number 1 again? You will have to wait till you find that out next month. Till then, keep dancing and enjoying.

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