Top 10 Most Requested Songs at Parties of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best Top 10 Most Requested Songs at Parties of All Time 2017, There are literally millions of songs in the world that could have made this list and I’m sure there will be disagreement over what should have replaced these songs. But over the years, I have never seen more reaction out of a crowd than when these songs came on. Everyone asks for these songs because they make the crowd move!

Top 10 Most Requested Songs at Parties

Here is the List of Top 10 Most Requested Songs at Parties of All Time 2017

10. “No Diggity” – Blackstreet featuring Dr. Dre and Queen Pen

This song has been extremely popular since it came out in the 90’s. The piano and beats are extremely recognizable and every hip hop fan knows the song’s chorus in and out. It presents a very simple beat that is extremely easy to move to no matter how good or bad of a dancer you are. The song brings attention to the grace that makes a beautiful woman and it’s extremely easy to find the courage to get out on the dance floor and move to this song.

09. “Hypnotize” – Notorious BIG

I have never seen a club not jump up and get to dancing when this song comes on. Notorious BIG knew exactly what he was making when he created this song. The crowd always sings along with the lyrics, “sometimes your words just hypnotize me” while moving and grooving to the amazing beats that come out of this song. He spends four minutes bragging about being rich and how he made his money; something every listener can fantasize about being able to do themselves.

08. “Pump Up the Jam” – Technotronic

Whether if you’re playing the original or a remix made by one of the many DJ’s out there this is an extremely popular song at parties. The song itself is singing about dancing and getting the party going. They repeat the same few lyrics throughout the song but it doesn’t stop the crowd from singing along and throwing their hands in the air. So pump up the jam and get the party going with this song while you watch your dance floor fill with music loving people.

07. “Rapper’s Delight” – The Sugarhill Gang

This song has been pulling people out onto the dance floor since 1979. This was one of the first songs released into the public that inspired an excitement for hip hop and rapping. They sing about creating a masterpiece that is sure to make the public happy and they weren’t wrong. Many years later, people still appreciate this song for the great masterpiece that is. So when this song comes on be sure to throw your hands up in the air and sing along “Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn!”

06. “SexyBack” – Justin Timberlake

The beats and sounds in the song do something to people; they cannot help but get up and move to this song. It has been performed by Justin Timberlake many times always inspiring the crowd to move and dance to it’s explicit and sexy lyrics. You can find this song everywhere, from house parties, clubs, and even gay bars. Everyone feels the need to try and bring sexy back with their moves to this song and its sexual words. Get your sexy on and be sure to treat your crowd’s ears to this song.

05. “Uptown Funk” – Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars

When you search for this song on YouTube you find tons and tons of videos with choreographers and fans doing their own dance versions to this song. It is so popular you CAN’T play this song without everyone responding to it in SOME way. Everything from toe-tapping to getting up and letting their inner choreographer free. Fill your cup, put some liquor in it and get out on that dance floor! You won’t be able to stop yourself with this song’s electric lyrics and exciting sounds.

04. “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

This song ALWAYS gets a reaction out of people! It’s an entire song dedicated to being happy and showing joy. The music video features people of all races dancing and when he sings “clap along” you CAN’T help but get your hands up and clap right along with the music. If anyone at your party is having a rough day, this song will pull them right out of their funk. It’s the perfect song to get the crew clapping and smiling with joy.

03. “Gold Digger” – Kanye West ft Jamie Foxx

This song is so upbeat it’s impossible to not get down with it. The song alone encourages you to get up and dance saying “Girl, go ‘head and get down!” Men and women equally love dancing to this song because most of them can agree on the fact someone in their life has tried to use them for their money. No one appreciates someone that uses them for their finances. But besides the lyrics, the song itself has a funky beat that is easy to lose yourself into. This song is always sure to get the audience moving.

02. “Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough” – Michael Jackson

Before and after Michaels death his music has always been able to get people up and moving on the dance floor. In the song, he sings about how the floor makes him feel like he can’t help, but get up and not stop until he’s had enough! With its extremely appealing jazzy sounds throughout it and his high pitch and beautiful voice; you can’t NOT move to this song. I’ve witnessed groups of all ages get up and get down to the beat and Michael’s exciting voice.

01. “1999” – Prince

Right on the top of the list with Michael Jackson is the king of all parties; Prince! Prince has always had the ability to get a party moving with his powerful voice and theatrical persona. Everyone recognizes this song within seconds of its first beat blowing through the speaker. On New Years Day of 1999, a music video channel played this music video for the entire twenty-four hours celebrating the New Year.

If you want your crowd moving and bumping you have to add these songs to the lists. Or the next time you find yourself at a club or party, request these songs and watch your environment change to non-stop dancing!

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