Top 10 Best Electronic Dance Music Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Electronic Dance Music songs of all time 2017, Created for the sole purpose of getting everyone’s moves on, electronic dance music (EDM), also referred to as club music, is fast-paced, catchy, and features heavy bass beats. The genre includes house music, techno, and what the older generations called disco and rave music, respectively. Today, however, it is far easier to listen to than anything associated with disco balls, bead bracelets, and illicit substances. Adjust your bass to a reasonable level and start moving your body to the top 10 best electronic dance music songs of all time.

Electronic Dance Music Song Top 10 latest new Electronic Dance Music songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Electronic Dance Music songs of all time 2017.

10. Rise (Katy Perry)

American singer-songwriter Katy Perry’s 2016 electronic single “Rise” is NBC’s soundtrack for its broadcast of the 2016 Olympics in Rio: “I won’t just survive. Oh, you will see me thrive… I will still rise.” Dramatic and inspirational, the song might be more likely to inspire you to go on that grueling morning jog than to wear down your heels on the dance floor, but it will get you moving either way. We might have qualms about Perry’s half-dreads (what was her stylist thinking?), but we appreciate her sentiment behind the lyrics, which she co-wrote. As Perry tells Billboard, “Now more than ever, there is a need for our world to unite. I hope this song can inspire us to heal, unite, and rise together.” As of 2017, Perry is working on her fifth album.

9. This is What You Came For (Calvin Harris and Rihanna)

Released in 2016 and still haunting the radio stations as of January 2017, “This is What You Came For” features the mild, laid-back tune co-written by Scottish DJ Calvin Harris and American singer Taylor Swift and the sultry vocals of Barbadian music artist Rihanna. The subtle contrast and unusually toned-down quality of Rihanna’s voice worked together to make this Billboard’s top dance club song for 2016. Billboard also ranked the song third among dance/electronic songs for the year, while NPR included it in a list of top 100 songs of 2016. With all that star power, you can expect a song that has just enough repetition to allow you to show off your best dance move without being tedious. Music Times notes its “earworm quality” and predicts the song “will dominate the radio all summer.” Harris released “My Way” in September 2016, while in October Rihanna released a dance remix of “Love on the Brain,” a track from her 2016 album ANTI.

8. Sonnentanz (Klangkarussell and Will Heard)

“Sonnentanz” or “Sun Don’t Shine” (literally “Sun Dance” in German) is a 2013 electronic dance single by Austrian duo Klangkarussell (“Sound Carousel” in German), featuring British singer Will Heard. The song reached second place in the UK charts for dance music. “The freshest and most exciting dance tracks take their time escaping Europe’s party islands before they migrate over to the UK, with the latest being ‘Sonnentanz,'” reports Digital Spy. It praises Heard for his “impressively on-trend tortured soul vocal” and the track for its “wonderfully hypnotic production.” Black Diamond FM reports that the instrumentals for the “catchy summer anthem” is wildly successful on YouTube and SoundCloud, despite the band’s relative youth and obscurity. Klangkarussell released an EP, Hey Maria, in late 2016.

7. Marry the Night (Lady Gaga)

Featured in American singer-songwriter Lady Gaga’s 2011 album Born This Way, “Marry the Night” is a mixture of pop, dance, electroc rock, and house music. The lyrics deal with Gaga’s love of the nightlife (“I’m gonna lace up my boots / Throw on some leather and cruise / Down the streets”), yet the nearly 14-minute music video clearly revolves around a need to dance. The video shows Gaga struggling with personal problems, practicing ballet exercises in a tiny tutu and pointe shoe-inspired fetish heels, being turned away from a European ballet school, and eventually finding her true self in a modern dance studio. According to Rolling Stone, the track “begins big and just gets bigger. The touchstones are Eighties arena pop and hair metal.” There is a lot going on, but it’s no wonder the song made top place in the Hot Dance Club Songs list. Gaga released the album Joanne in October 2016 and will be acting in the musical A Star is Born in 2017.

6. We Don’t Talk Anymore (Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez)

American singer Charlie Puth and American singer/actress Selena Gomez came together in 2016 to create “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” the third and last track in Puth’s first and only album Nine Track Mind. For what is essentially a break-up song, this tropical house/dance song is somehow just right for a cheery night of dancing. MTV calls the track “hot” and “catchy,” with “an adorable video. Everything from the beat to Puth’s sunny smile is the definition of fire.” Gomez was unable to complete her world tour in 2016 due to health issues, though she appeared in the 2016 films The Fundamentals of Caring and In Dubious Battle. She is working on her third album as of 2017.

5. Lean On (Major Lazer and DJ Snake)

A 2015 collaboration between American electronic music band Major Lazer and French DJ-producer DJ Snake, the song “Lean On” is given pop flavor by the delicate vocals of Danish singer MØ — it is a piece that truly transcends borders. “Lean On” is DJ Snake’s first chart-topping EDM song since 2014’s “Turn Down for What” and Major Lazer’s first, according to Billboard. Clash Magazine calls the track a “contagious” offering that puts “a spring in our step.” The song is one of the best-selling singles in history, according to the IFPI. Clean and bright, MØ’s voice adds gold to what Forbes calls “one of 2015’s most enduring and successful hits.” Rolling Stone reports that “Lean On” with its Middle Eastern melody is “the most streamed track in Spotify history.” You’ll be as relieved as the critics that Nicki Minaj and Rihanna refused to lend their voices to the song. Major Lazer released the album Peace is the Mission in 2015 and plans to release Music is the Weapon in 2017. MØ and British band Snakehips released the song “Don’t Leave” in January 2017.

4. Let Me Love You (DJ Snake and Justin Bieber)

If no one told you, you wouldn’t have recognized Canadian singer Justin Bieber in the tropical house/electronic dance track “Let Me Love You,” featuring his grown-up vocals. Produced by French DJ William Sami Etienne Grigahcine, professionally known as DJ Snake, and co-written with several other artists in August 2016, this is the third track in DJ Snake’s Encore album. It reached top 10 in the charts and made Billboard’s top 50 of 2016. Rolling Stone praises the “unexpected twist” of the “clever” music video, while noting Bieber’s “soft vocals.” “Let Me Love You” is proof that Bieber can produce catchy, sugar-free fare for adults, not just his female teen fans, and is a great follow-up to his first top-ranking single, EDM song “What do You Mean?” (2015). Bieber continues his world tour in February 2017. DJ Snake is promoting another song from the same album — “The Half” — as of January 2017.

3. Hung Up (Madonna)

American Queen of Pop Madonna’s contribution to club music is numerous, but 2005’s Confessions on a Dance Floor is an album that is well loved by both music critics and anyone who dances. It won a Grammy for Best Electronic/Dance Album. “Hung Up” is the most highly rated track of the album, not only for offering groovy beats to dance to, but also for featuring a variety of dance moves in the music video, including from Madonna herself. Nearing the age of 50 at the time of its release, Madonna made a successful comeback with “Hung Up” — it also doesn’t hurt that Swedish band ABBA allowed her to use a sample from “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight).” After “Hung Up,” check out the next best song in Confessions, “Sorry.” In 2016, Billboard named Madonna Woman of the Year. At the end of January 2017, Madonna will participate in Women’s March on Washington in protest against Donald Trump.

2. Boom Boom Pow (The Black Eyed Peas)

American hip-hop band The Black Eyed Peas’s 2009 album The E.N.D. received acclaim for its electronic, dance, hip-hop, and dance club influences. “Boom Boom Pow,” the first track of the album, is the band’s first song to reach first place on Billboard and is among Billboard’s top 10 songs of the year and decade. The song was inspired by the electronic club music of Australia and “made for underground clubs,” according to Black Eyed Peas rapper Rolling Stone calls the song “the best thing The Black Eyed Peas have ever recorded,” while Billboard declared it a “knockout.” The Black Eyed Peas went on hiatus in 2011, regrouping briefly in 2015 for its 20th anniversary. In January 2017, The Mirror reported rumors that singer Fergie may be replaced by a lesser-known artist as the Peas’s vocalist. Fergie gave birth to a son in 2016 and expects to release a solo album, Double Dutchess, in 2017.

1. Never be Like You (Flume)

Australian musician/DJ Flume’s “Never be Like You” is so popular that the Bolshoi Ballet, the most prestigious company in Russia and one of the top three in the world, choreographed an entire dance to this song for its 2016-2017 season trailer. This shows how suited the song is for dancing in every way. Released in Flume’s 2016 album Skin and featuring Canadian artist Kai, the R&B-flavored “Never be Like You” was nominated for a 2017 Grammy for Best Dance Recording. Billboard praises the track for “smoothly balancing chilled out trap effects with spacey ambient noise and future bass elements, going hard and soft at once,” while All the Machines says it “shows us that we don’t need to be bombarded with noisy bass leads and synth patches.” Rolling Stone names “Never Be Like You” as one of the 30 best songs of 2016 — we think it qualifies as one of the 30 best since the inception of electronic dance music.

Dancing makes everyone look cooler and feel better. Unsurprisingly, many of the hit songs on the radio belong to sub-genres in the electronic dance music genre. EDM is relatively new on the scene, but it’s only growing in popularity. While you enjoy these dance songs, we recommend you practice a few dance moves, too — you never know when your moment in the spotlight might come.

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