Top 10 Best Songs For Group Dance of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest top 10 best Songs For Group Dance in 2017, Dancing plays a very important role in the lives of many people. Dance has no limit when it comes to age, status, colour or ones background, one just need to love, feel and breathe the music. Music is very captivating and energizing, one can dance to the lyric song as many times as they please so long as the music is available to listen.

Dancing has many benefits to people who listen to it and take time to dance, when one dances to music he or she exercises and this helps her to keep fit and reduces stress. Dance also enables one to relax and to express oneself. It brings a sense of unity, it’s a source of entertainment laughter, fun and motivation. It is also a career for people who take that profession. No one has excuse to dance since music is accessible through phone, Mp3 and many more.

Top 10 Best Songs For Group Dance

Here we present the list of top 10 best Songs For Group Dance in 2017.

10. Older by Lodato and Joseph Duveen

This song is sung, produced, written and recorded by Lodato and Joseph Duveen in New York. Based production duo called Salvatore. Older as a song become the first number one dance song and single track in the united state in January of 2017. The song is a combination of pop, rock and hip hop. Older has great tunes that have lots style and flavor.

Duo tinkering come up with the idea of the song and both Ladato& Joseph Duveen kept on putting all the pieces, ideas and skeletons together until they finally produced a hit jam called Older. The song unfolds with a powerful rap introduction and then slides into a memorable and catchy master peace dance piece that it is. This song is an amusing song to dance to and it makes people to even forget their worries and problems once it’s on.

9. Blow Your Mind (Mwah) by DuaLipa

This song is sung by a U.K. English artist that was born in August 22, 1995. The artist can blow people’s mind with her hit song on the dance floor and in clubs. She started her music career when she was just 14years old, covering songs sang by artist such as Nelly Furtado and Aguilera Christiana, since then she has never looked back, she has the power skills to entertain a large dance crowds through her song Blow Your Mind (Mwah). She is not only a singer but a model and her sexuality and beauty is seen through the song. She is a magnificent singer and her music does get people mood up and jamming.

8. Love on the Brain by Rihanna

This song is sang and recorded by Rihanna but produced by Fred Ball with the help of Joseph Angel and Rihanna. This song was taken to urban contemporary radios and rhythmic contemporary on September 27th 2016, this song is a Love and soul beautiful song inspired by 1950’s lyrics. The instrumentation in the music is a composition of organ, guitar arpeggio, syncopated strings, swirling a simple chord progression and orchestra.

The song is a good example of a toxic love. This song has reached the top on Poland charts and the top twenty songs in United States, France and New Zealand more so even on the US Billboards. This is an amazing love and romance song as well as a Kul song for dancers to have fun.

7. Hell in Paradise by Yoko Ono

This is a song sung by Yoko Ono from the album called Star peace in 1985. The song is all about the perception of mankind and idea of hell, irrespective on one living in heaven that Ono considers itself to be planet Earth. The song is one of the biggest hit in 1980’s and in charts it was rated the 16th number. In the year 2004, the song was remixed making it to reach number 4 on the chart and in 2016 it become number one dance club song.

This music has a pop feel. The song dance has kept people moving up and dancing around into the wee until morning hours. The song has gained a huge reputation as one of the greatest dance songs in this modern era. This song is one of the many songs that have become for the new age.

6. Trouble by Offaiah

This song was sung by Offaiah who is an Argentinian DJ that rose from the unknown to become one of the most popular artists in the United Kingdom. This song Trouble was among one of the biggest hits songs in the dance music. The song in itself made people to dance and rock out the whole night until morning. The song has become popular in the United States billboards and dance club due to its unique moves. The song is amazing and wonderful piece that any dancer can be able to move in different variety styles. If any person is ready to grove and dance the whole night this is the song to request the DJ for.

5. Body Moves by DNCE

This song is sung and recorded by an American band DNCE in the year 2016. The song writer majors in dance rock and he released the song in the market in November 30th same year though Republic records. The band group members that is Joe Jonas wrote and composed the song lyrics with help from Albin Nedler, Kristoffer Fogelmark and Rami Yacoub.. The Moves and the tempo in the song are very unique and amazing for one to dance and it makes people to move on the dance floor freely and easily till done. Since the band is funky dance rock and pop band they know how to make people party till morning.

4. 24K Magic by Bruno Mars

This song is sung by an American singer Bruno Mars. 24K stands for twenty four karat magic. The song was in 18th November 2016 by Atlantic Records. The track was declared to be extremely amazing and popular song that took the dance club and the world by storm. The song itself is designed to be played in the night life and club and it makes people to rock till done. The song has attractive tempo, beat, lyrics and vocals and that one cannot resist jamming or dancing to it.

3. Star boy by The Weeknd featuring Daft Boy

This song is recorded by a Canadian singer called The Weeknd and the video was directed by a grant singer. The song has become famous in billboards charts and dance club in different countries such as Netherlands, France, New Zealand, Sweden Canada and many other.If any person is ready to grove and dance the whole night this is the song to request the DJ for.

2. Button Pusha by Ralphi Rosario and Aneeta Beat

This is a song sung by Ralphi Rosario and Aneeta Beat. The song was dedicated to any person and clubs that keep the music real.The song was the second number one single in 2009, hitting the dance club and billboard in Rosario. It is one of the greatest dance songs that were designed make people move their whole body in the dance floor. It is evidence that most EDM fans get up to dance the song when it starts playing on the radio and inside clubs. The song has a very attractive vocals.

1. Good Grief by Bastille

This is a song sung by Bastille in 16th June 2016 and written by Dan Smith, who handled from Mark Crew production. This hit single featured artist such as Charlie Barnes and Annie Mac, and was proposed among the hottest single track that same year in U.K making the writer very popular. The song talks about man who is missing a girl that is very important in her life and once its starts playing you can’t stop dancing all night.

All this dance songs have unique lyrics and beat that makes people to dance, rock out and jam the whole morning. The songs can blows one’s mind if he or she is open to it, one just need to breath, relax and feel the lyrics. This songs have featured different artist across the world and their inspiration comes from the 1950 lyrics. The instrumentation in this music is composed of quitter, orchestra, organ and many others.

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