Top 10 Best Songs For Solo Dance of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest top 10 best Songs For Solo Dance in 2017, Dancing alone on a stage is not at all an easy thing to do. While it could make even the most experienced of dancers a little bit nervous or shy, the biggest obstacle to overcome is usually the song that is chosen to dance to. Typically, it has been traditional to choose a song that has no lyrics to have an audience completely focus on the dancing taken place. More recently though, interpretive dance is taking a starring role, offering the opportunity for powerful lyrical songs to find their way into solo dance performances. Below you will find the top 10 songs for your upcoming solo dance performance.

Solo Dance Top 10 Best Songs for Solo Dance

Here we present the list of top 10 best Songs For Solo Dance in 2017.

10. “Just Like Heaven” – Charlotte Martin/ The Cure

“Just Like Heaven” is a great solo dance song for someone who is looking for a track that doesn’t fall into a sad or somber style of music. While these are typical of the emotional solo dances that exist, there is something to be said about completely turning an audience upside down with joy and love instead of heartbreak and pain. If you are someone that connects more with the happy side of things, this would be a good track, either in its original form or through the cover done by Charlotte Martin.

9. “The Cave” – Mumford and Sons

Mumford and Sons has created a dance track for solo dancers that is truly a delight, and they likely weren’t considering this at the time of its composition. This is a song about leaving the bad things behind you and moving forward with the person that you care about. While there are certainly way more interpretations (all over the internet), this can be a good muse should you choose this song to dance to.

8. “Collide” – Howie Day

This is a song that is as beautiful as it can be powerful to dance to. While the track itself is little more than a lovey dovey pop song, its composition and instrumentation work hand in hand to provide a great backdrop to a well-choreographed dance routine.

7. “Make You Feel My Love” – Adele/ Garth Brooks

This is a song all about taking the time to let someone know how much you care. This is a deeply devoted love song, and its cadence and instrumentation (in both versions of the track) suit solo dancing perfectly. While this is another song in which the dancing itself has to really take center stage, the lyrical content of the song complements a great dance perfectly.

6. “Shake it Out” – Florence + The Machine

Florence + The Machine isn’t necessarily known for their dance songs, even those of the interpretive dance variety. This song is all about finding yourself apart from the negativity and the labels that you have been carrying around your whole life. This is an excellent song choice for someone who is maybe dancing alone for the first time, or someone who is trying to rebuild their life in the midst of a traumatic circumstance.

5. “Yellow” – Coldplay/Vitamin String Quartet

The Coldplay version of this song is quite an impressive bit of indie acoustic music, and it really does suit a solo dance performance quite nicely. While there are certainly plenty of instances in which lyrics will suit your performance, if you do not feel like these particular ones would, you might consider just an instrumental version of this track. Vitamin String Quartet does an impressive cover of the song, as well as an innumerable amount of other pop, rock and indie hits.

4. “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

While “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” is one of the most recognizable movie songs of all time, there is a version that is performed on a ukulele that is a true masterpiece. In terms of listeners and hype, it seems that more people enjoy the newer cover version of the track in lieu of the original Judy Garland performance. This is truly one of the greatest solo dance songs, as its lyrics are light and playful while the composition of the track lends itself more towards a slower dance.

3. “Colorblind” – Counting Crows

Very powerful song about seeing the world through a set of eyes that do not judge people by the color of their skin. While race continues to be a struggle that people deal with on a daily basis, this could be a powerful song for a solo dance performance. Especially in the interpretive dance realm of solo performances, this could prove to be a very moving song selection.

2. “Heartless” – The Fray

Heartbreak continues to be one of the prevailing themes in hit songs throughout the world each and every year. While this song was originally recorded and performed by Kanye West, The Fray does a truly amazing acoustic cover of this track. This conveys the real emotions behind the lyrics and adds a level of depth that makes the track truly a remarkable choice for a solo dance performance.

1. “Mad World” – Gary Jules

This is a song that really speaks to the singer being very desperate for a change in his life. The song implies that nothing in the singer’s life even feels real to him, and yet it can really be a crazy world to live in. This powerful track speaks to the feeling of being alone, the feelings of being unsympathetic, and the feeling of being depressed with the life that you are living. It might not be the most uplifting song that you could choose for a solo dance, but if done correctly, could be one of the most moving performances of any other song featured on this list.

These are some of the most powerfully performed songs that can stand alone as amazing audio spectacles. When combined with a solo dance performance that is appropriately timed to the cadence and even the lyrics of the song, it can make even these remarkably powerful tracks even more so. These songs might not be quite what you are looking for for your own dance performance, but they should at the very least serve as inspiration for what you hope to achieve.

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