Top 10 Best UK Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best UK songs of all time 2017, From richly composed folk tunes, to the Rock and Roll invasion, all the way to the dance club floor, the UK music scene has done more than its fair share to enrich the world with its elaborate, complex, fun and inventive musical offerings. Whether you fancy opera, techno, pop or rock N roll, the UK is most certainly going to have a group or musician that can suit your tastes. Below are some of the best selling and loved chart toppers of the UK. But remember, if something here does not suit your taste, feel free to dig a little deeper into their musical heritage, you might even find a song from an Irish group, the Rovers that tells the tale of the last unicorn.

Top 10 latest new UK songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best UK songs of all time 2017.

10. Everything She Wants – Wham

“Everything She Wants” was recorded and released in 1984 by the British team of the late, great George Michael and Andrew Ridgley. Composed by Michael, the track describes the anguish of a distraught man who loves a woman who demands more than he can provide for, and her pregnancy is not helping matters any. According to sources, George Michael was never completely happy with the music he was required to perform as “Wham”. However, this song is one he was proud to be associated with. “Everything She Wants” was certified gold.

9. Love is All Around by Wet Wet Wet

“Love is All Around” was originally released in October 1967 by the group, The Troggs. Since then, “Love is All Around” has had many versions released by various artists, including alternative rock band R.E.M. However, it was the cover by the Scottish band, Wet Wet Wet for the 1994 film, “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, where it became a huge hit, topping the UK music charts for 15 straight weeks, locked solidly in the number one position.

8. She Loves You by The Beatles

“She Loves You”, by the Beatles is an inventive and infectious song. Its fun, snappy and has a great hook, with “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”. An instant chart topper in the UK, this small, rocking song about a fella who thinks he has lost the love of his life due to an argument, but realizes that’s it’s really OK, because he learns from a friend that she still loves him. Simple, succinct and to the point, it hit home with the fans. According to lore, Lennon and McCartney found inspiration for “She Loves You” after performing a gig at the Majestic Ballroom in Newcastle, inspired by a bobby Rydell song called “Forget Him”.

7. Unchained Melody – Robson & Jerome

British pop duo Robson and Jerome started out working in a television series called “Soldier Soldier”. Robson & Jerome subsisted by covering the material from other artists, and never composed an original piece that we know of. It was their 1995 cover of the famous song, “Unchained Melody” which hit the UK singles chart. Seemingly a freak accident, in that the duo performed an impromptu performance on their television show. The fans loved it, so Robson & Jerome released it as a single, where it peaked at number one slot, and held that position for 7 weeks, and sold 1.8 million copies.

6. Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood

In 1983 the British rock band Frankie Goes to Hollywood released their debut single, “Relax” composed by Holly Johnson, Mark O’Toole and Peter Gill. “Relax” is a catchy, but somewhat controversial song regarding the suggestive sexual content of the lyrics. As a result scandal and controversy plagued this track, and even faced being banned from BBC radio altogether. However, even though banned from radio play, the single “Relax” still became a huge hit in the UK, spending 48 weeks on the singles chart, with 5 of those weeks being spent at the number one position.

5. You’re the One That I Want by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John

Olivia-Newton John is a British-Australian singer and actress who was part of one of the most fun and familiar song of the 70’s, “You’re the One That I Want”. Grease was a fun and popular coming of age movie from the 70’s, a wonderful tale of love and romance among the backdrop of teen angst and raging hormones. “You’re the One That I Want” was one of the fabulous hits to come out of that musical. Composed by John Farrar, and performed by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, this track become an instant chart topper in the UK, as well as internationally. In the UK, “You’re the One That I Want” smacked the UK Singles Chart hard and fast, staying at number one for nine weeks during 1978.

4. Mull of Kintyre by Wings

“Mull of Kintyre” is a composition by the British rock band established by former Beatle, Paul McCartney. The song “Mull of Kintyre” was written by Paul McCartney and Denny Laine, and centered around the lovely and beautiful landscape of the Kintyre peninsula which is located in Scotland. Released in the UK in 1977, it became an instant hit with the British public as the track featured the bagpipes of the Campbeltown Pipe Band, and was a reminder of the gorgeous land that exists in the UK. “Mull of Kintyre” spent nine weeks on the charts, while also scoring big on the international scene.

3. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

The track, “Bohemian Rhapsody” was composed by the late, great Freddie Mercury, and performed by the band Queen, and comes off of the 1975 album, “A Night at the Opera”. This is a unique and very artfully done song. “Bohemian Rhapsody” is a six-minute suite, which is composed with an intro, a ballad, an operatic passage, all with a hard rock edge. Indeed, one could say that “Bohemian Rhapsody” could be classified as a progressive rock ballad for the 70’s. This unconventional rock song became an instant critical and commercial success upon its launch, staying at the top of the UK Singles Chart for nine weeks. It is also known as one of the most costly singles ever produced by a band. To this day, the exact meaning of the lyrics of “Bohemian Rhapsody” are undetermined, and will likely remain a mystery.

2. Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band Aid

“Do They Know It’s Christmas” is what is known as a charity single, and was developed and organized by Bob Geldof, the lead singer of the musical group, The Boomtown Rats. After viewing a BBC documentary on the horrible conditions and famine existing in Ethiopia, he composed the lyrics, and then contacted Midge Ure to write the music. The main work for this track was completed on November 25, 1984, at the Sam West Studios in Notting Hill, London, and was a massive undertaking, due to the number of musical artists participating, which were mainly UK artists. Hugely successful and providing much needed money for the less fortunate, “Do They Know It’s Christmas” became the number 2 best selling single of all time in the UK.

1. Candle in the Wind 1997 by Elton John

Originally, the beautifully melodic track, “Candle in the Wind”, was composed by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, with actress Marilyn Monroe in mind. However, in 1997 Elton John decided to rewrite parts of the track in dedication and devotion for Diana, Princess of Wales. As a result, this version not only outsold the original, but became the best selling single of all time in the UK, as well as performing spectacularly around the world. The 1997 version was retitled “Goodbye English Rose”, as tribute for Diana, Princess of Wales.

So much more can be said regarding the fabulous sounds that emanate from the UK music scene, that a mere list of ten is somehow not enough. I encourage you to explore their musical culture and see how deep their well of creativity goes, you will not be disappointed with what you find, that is a promise.

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