Top 10 Songs April 2017

Welcome to our countdown for the Top 10 English Songs of April 2017! Looks like Chainsmokers is not leaving the list anytime soon! We have Ed Sheeran’s flirtatious fun song, ‘Shape of you’ on number 1 and it is totally deserving. The list is totally hot and we have a mix of angry, happy, flirtatious, motivational and sad music in the list for you! This is going to be one roller coaster ride for you!

Top 10 Songs April 2017

So, gear up amigos! Let us take you for a musical ride with the Top 10 Songs of April 2017 list!


10. Love on the Brain – Rihanna

Love on the Brain by Rihanna is on number 10 this month! It is produced and written by Fred Ball. The song has a 1950’s feel to it which makes us dance. Rihanna is a beauty and we can see it in the video of this song. Lyrically, this love song revolves around a theme which is basically toxic love. The song has a rock edge to it and you get back into the 50’s with this love-hate song. Love on the brain by Rihanna has dark lyrics and it referring to an addictive form of love. Well, we can only say that her fans are going gaga over this track.

09. Passionfruit – Drake

This time we have many young artists like Rihanna and Drake on our top 10 list. Drake’s Passionfruit is trending this month. The soft drums and his voice are doing a charm and it is sweet music to our ears. Yes, Drake is hitting the sweet spot with his Passionfruit song. We are loving this song and it is surely staying in the Top 10 list for a while.

08. Paris – Chainsmokers

Just so you know, Chainsmokers are not referring to Paris in this song literally! It is a love song with nice beats which make you want to dance with your partner. The whole idea of the song is that the couple used to live in a state of bliss which was equivalent to being in Paris. There is no sign of Eiffel tower! Lyrics have deep meanings and they can only be understood by those who are truly in love. Well, the fan following thought that they would see streets of Paris and Eiffel Tower in the video with some ballroom dancing. This song surprises all in a good way! It is a perfect love song for young lovers.

07. Something like This – Chainsmokers and Coldplay

This collaboration was much awaited by the fans of Chainsmokers and Coldplay. When some great minds come together, they create beautiful music. Something like this is the perfect song with electronic musings and piano chords. The lyrics seems to be very Coldplay! We can only say that if there was a perfect marriage of sounds, this would be the one. Chainsmokers and Coldplay’s Something Like This is surely winning everyone’s hearts.

06. Tunnel Vision – Kodak Black

Kodak’s ‘Tunnel Vision’ is on number 6 this month. He raps about his time served in jail. He also talks about the corrupt system of the jail that he spent time in! Looks like we have a lot of angry and distressed artists this month on our list. Every artist is trying to tell a story and Kodak Black is just one of them! He tested the song on Instagram before releasing the track for the world. This song was very popular on Instagram!

05. I feel it coming – The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk

On number 5, we have ‘I feel it coming’ from the Weeknd featuring French duo Daft Punk. It is a new song and the video was out recently in the month of March. The video is about The Weeknd meeting a Star girl in some other planet. It is a rocky outer space planet and Kiko Mizuhara is playing the star girl in the video. The video also features the special appearance of French duo Daft Punk. The song is fresh and it is definitely sunny. We are absolutely loving it!

04. Bad and Boujee – Migos featuring Lil Uzi Vert

So, number four has American hip hop group called Migos who are making the world dance. We believe this is the best R&B track of the season. The song has got more than 300 million views on YouTube since March 2017. It is certainly a big achievement for the group. The video has an interesting concept and we are totally digging it.

03. I don’t wanna live forever (Fifty Shades Darker) – Taylor Swift/Zayn

The track, ‘I don’t wanna live forever..’ is from the movie Fifty Shades Darker. The British singer Zayn and our very own American singer Taylor Swift have done a marvelous job on this one. We see Taylor Swift’s sexy side through this song. The electro R&B ballad is surely getting the fan’s attention. We have this track on number 3 for its powerful performance by Zayn and Taylor.

02. That’s what I like – Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars sitting happily on number 2 this month with his feel good song called That’s what I like! The vocals are the best part about the song and it fits perfectly in the R&B hip hop soul genre. The song is a commercial success and it is gaining popularity over the internet as well. It is ranked number 2 on the billboard!

01. Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You is on number one this month! The song has perfect dance beats to it. It is an ideal dance club number that makes you swing and dance. Oh yes! The lyrics are flirtatious and sweet. If you want to make a girl smile, this is your chance to memorize the song lyrics! Ed Sheeran’s Shape of you deserves to be on number 1 position this month.

Wasn’t it fun? Wait till you find our next month’s list. We will be back with more awesomeness next month. After all we are here to provide you the best music for your playlist. What are you waiting for? It is time to create the playlist for the month of April. Change is the spice of life and so, we will back with another list next month JUST FOR YOU!


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