Top 10 Songs February 2017

Checkout the below listed top 10 new English songs of February 2017, There are so many songs that are released every single week that it is very difficult to necessarily to narrow down the greatest from week to week. Based on a song’s general popularity though, it can be determined which songs will continue to be among the best tracks all throughout the month of February 2017. While the list seems to be dominated by the pop genre, this is the most listened to of all the genres and thereby each of these tracks has a lot of buzz apart from the other genres that might have also been considered for a list like this.

Top 10 new English Songs February 2017

Here we present the list of top 10 best English songs of February 2017

10. “Castle On A Hill” – Ed Sheeran

Simultaneously releasing two singles off of his upcoming album, Ed Sheeran is poised to see both of these songs carrying him through the month of February into the early March release of his next full length record. “Castle on a Hill” is a track that really shows the growth of the artist throughout his career, and features the kind of chorus that everyone can find themselves tapping their foot along with. Its classic, yet all new, Ed Sheeran.

9. “24K Magic” – Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has been a force to be reckoned with since his career really began following the release of Doo Wops and Hooligans. With his latest album 24K Magic, and its title track from the record, Mars is looking to continue his dominance on the charts throughout the month of February. This song alone has been featured on the top 100 for several weeks now. Given that the track is still lingering in the top 10 means that this track will still be featured on this top 100 clear into March most likely. If you are looking for a dance groove that you can’t help but shake along with, “24K Magic” is the track that you need to be listening to.

8. “Caroline” – Amine

This is the first hip hop track to make an appearance on the list for what tracks are going to be still rocking through the month of February 2017. Amine is really starting to make a name for himself on the charts, and “Caroline” is a track that is so well produced that you just want to crank it up in your car and roll the windows down. The track features a rather basic cadence for both the vocal delivery and the overall rhythm of the song. “Let’s get gory like Tarantino movies” the rapper says, and the whole track has a let’s bed it down right now feel.

7. “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” – Zayn and Taylor Swift

It is hard to say who this track officially belongs to, as both of the artists share an equal amount of vocal time on the track. This is a track that is written and produced to be included on the soundtrack for 50 Shades Darker that is coming out soon in theaters. The song has an industrial rock kind of feel to it, but each of the artists distinct styles comes out throughout their respective verses and collaborative chorus work. This is a song that everyone needs to have on their car playlist to sing along with, and it will most certainly be one of the greatest tracks on the radio throughout the month of February.

6. “Closer” – The Chainsmokers [feat. Halsey]

This is a pop anthem that seems to fit all level of listeners. This is a song that really kind of sticks with you, and that is a big part of the reason for its several week run now on the top 10 of the Billboard Top 10 for overall song and in the pop genre. This song’s driving beat and strange instrumentation is just part of what makes it so addictive to listen to, and the other half of that equation is the vocal work from Halsey. Nothing says pop music like paying homage to popular acts that came before you, and this is a nice one liner thrown to Pop Punk pioneers Blink 182 in the track.

5. “Don’t Wanna Know” – Maroon 5 [feat. Kendrick Lamar]

Maroon 5 is no stranger to having the top songs on the Billboard hot 100 charts, and “Don’t Wanna Know” is just another single in a long line of the band’s successes throughout the years. This particular track features a nice hip hop vibe throughout the entire track. While the primary vocals still are very much Adam Levine and his typical delivery of higher end vocals and catchy choruses, Kendrick Lamar has a great verse in the track offering a big payoff to the hip hop stylings of the entire track. This is a song that might be about heartbreak and loss, but it is also a song that is hard not to sing along to and dance with this driving beat.

4. “Starboy” – The Weeknd

The Weeknd is really gaining a lot of steam through the artist’s use of electronica base and R&b/Pop vocals. “Starboy” is a track that people are falling in love with more and more with each passing week. As it climbed the charts, it seems to have plateaued and remained among the top 10 songs of all the genres for many weeks now. This is a song that will still be getting a lot of love and rotations on the radio stations throughout the month of February.

3. “Bad and Boujee” – Migos [feat. Lil Uzi Vert]

Again hip hop makes an appearance on the top songs that will carry the Billboard into the upcoming month. Migos and company really has an innovative and addicting delivery style that makes you want to keep listening to the track over and over again. The production value of the song is high as well, going far beyond just a basic beat. The toy piano work throughout the background of the song adds a little bit of a creepy element to the track, which serves as an introduction to Migos and Lil Uzi Vert.

2. “Black Beatles” – Rae Sremmurd [feat. Gucci Mane]

This is a nice blend of new age hip hop and pure pop vocalizations. While the feel of the beat is reminiscent of something that the Billboard might have seen from Lil Jon in the past several years, “Black Beatles” is a great blend of the best elements of the top genres of today. Ras does a lot of singing throughout the track, even through the rapped verses. Gucci Mane brings another level to the rapping element of the track, which really makes the whole package a memorable one. It is no wonder that this track is going to be getting heavy rotations through the upcoming month.

1. “Shape of You” – Ed Sheeran

This is almost a new style completely for the accomplished artist. The song seems to stray a little bit from the acoustic roots that have defined Sheeran up to this point. The entire track seems to have a pop/hip hop feel, which isn’t completely out of the wheelhouse for the artist. As expected the chorus has a lot of layered vocals and a hook that you can’t help but start to sing along with the second time through listening to.

While there are all kinds of songs that could have been considered to be among the best songs going into February 2017, these are the songs that have the biggest buzz right now. Of course these songs are all relative to the kind of music that you listen to specifically, but for the better part of the world that considers the Billboard Music charts to be the leading authority on song popularity, these are going to be the best songs going into February 2017.

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