Top 10 Best R&B Love Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best R&B Love songs of all time 2017, Designed to invoke feelings of comfort, passion, and an overall sense of harmony, R&B has for many years been one of the most beloved and often underrated contributors to the music industry. The fan base for this genre is simply massive, though quite often the sultry, emotion-laden songs are kept confined to the stations that specialize in such tracks, and are therefore not heard by as wide a variety of fans as possible. Thankfully word of mouth and reputation are enough to insure that this genre stays strong and even highly successful. R&B is a nice counterpoint to the rest of the hectic, often quick-moving genres that are featured so often. So with that being said, here are the top ten best R&B love songs of all time.

R&B Love Song Top 10 latest new R&B Love songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best R&B Love songs of all time 2017.

10. I Miss You- Aaliyah

Her voice was silenced far too early for any fan to truly accept, and her absence left a gaping hole in the hearts of many. Aaliyah’s personality, her passion, and her love for her music came out in every track she recorded, showcasing just a hint of the depth that this amazing young woman possessed. This track in particular was one of those that was not always heard on the radio stations, but was so relaxing that any listener could admit that their heartbeat slowed just a bit once her voice poured so sweetly into their ears.

9. Nobody Knows- Tony Rich Project

Unless a person is a fan of this song or the artist it’s hard to recall what is to come without actually listening to the track. The song is a well-thought out piece that moves just slowly enough to grant a relaxed state, but the emotion packed into the lyrics soon drops the heartbeat from a mildly elevated state to a level that speaks of quiet mourning that many people can likely relate to upon listening. The regret that can be heard in the singer’s voice and the longing that comes out with each repetition of the chorus is enough to make a person recall every last romantic regret they ever experienced.

8. Crying Out For Me- Mario

This song blends more hip hop into the mix with the soft, sultry tones that drive the chorus, creating a pleasing mix that moves at a faster pace but still retains the overall feel of R&B. There is more action to this track, driving it forward at a pace that is far different than the other tracks on this list. Overall it is a powerful track, but in some respects it follows a very obvious formula that can be viewed in many other songs that share the same type of feel. The message is quite uplifting, and the chorus is very easy to follow.

7. Feenin’- Jodeci

This song brings to mind the romantic dramas that are so popular as date movies, with the low, basso lyrics that lead into the obvious tenor that takes over rather quickly. This song is easily identified as one of the many that seeks to entice a woman to pull her man on the dance floor for a slow-moving, meaningful dance that lasts for several seconds after the track is over. It is another song that follows a definite formula, and in truth it has a feel to it that almost shouts 1990s, when such music was becoming all the rage and fairly saturated the airwaves.

6. Halo- Beyoncé

It had to be obvious that Beyonce would make this type of list, and be closer to the top five if not all the way there. In any case, this song has a fresh, almost crisp feel that is felt throughout the entire track, an almost edgy touch that eventually reaches a crescendo which seems fit to blow the roof off of whatever structure the track is being played under. Beyonce is without a doubt one of the most talented women in the music industry, and often times her sound is hard for anyone to match. But in this track, the absolute power of her voice is undeniable and transcends any possible label that could be affixed to her music.

5. All My Life- K-Ci & Jojo

Blending a classical feel with the more up to date R&B feel, this song is a masterful piece that isn’t just a bit of fluff recorded to drive women wild. Instead, it is a strong and vibrant track that, due to its success, was heard over the radio many a time and eventually became so well known that it was heard at weddings, school dances, and even blaring out of car windows as they drove by. It is a pleasing track that can be enjoyed by most anyone, without the heavy undertones that seem to drive other songs and can drive off some listeners. In short it is a fairly wholesome track that speaks of faith in the hope of finding someone worth having.

4. At Last-Etta James

Classic. That is the first and only word needed to describe this timeless piece of music that has endured for so long. It’s been so overused that one might think that the song is little more than a joke at times, as it has been featured in commercials, film, television, and rarely ever featured on the radio. But there is so much more to this song than just the commercial-worthy aspect of it, and for those that can remember such a time when music possessed the power to change moods and live all at once, this song was at the forefront of the industry, invoking passion and emotion on such a level that even now it can be felt with barely any effort.

3. If I Ain’t Got You- Alicia Keys

She’s a classy young woman, a brilliant musician, and a talented singer that is as important to the industry as anyone. Her voice carries so much force that even a quiet lyric in her words tends to move the soul and carry more meaning than even the most heartfelt chorus. It can be heard in each lyric how much she cares about her music, and how much she gives to each word as she sings. She infuses her lyrics with an almost Jazz-like feel that speaks of old school emotion and passion that are so important to R&B. In other words, she is a student of the music, as well as a part of it.

2. I Will Always Love You- Whitney Houston

A storied career that went downhill quickly is what some remember of Houston, while others wish instead to look back at her many achievements that came before the fall. Despite the fact that she had already attained great success before this epic track, this one song made her an absolute icon without rival for the rest of time. What is ironic about this song is that when it arrived on the scene it was instantly snapped up by couples for their wedding receptions, played in high school dances, and used as a means of showing one’s undying love. It’s ironic simply because it is a song about saying goodbye, which for a high school dance may or may not be kind of odd, but when used in a wedding setting it seems just a tad strange.

1. Just A Dream- Nelly

This might be placed under R&B or Rap considering that Nelly is a rather talented young rapper that can do both with equal success. Unfortunately not long after his career took off he was already having troubles and subsequently fell of the radar for a little while. Upon his return with this track it seemed that he might be poised to take over once again, but to date he is still around, but not tearing up the charts as he did when first exploding on the scene. With this song though he regained a great deal of his popularity and was able to remind people that for all that might have happened, his songs are inherently powerful and capable of gripping the emotions in a way that causes the spine to tingle and the heart to beat just a little faster.

There is no doubt about the purpose of R&B, nor about its role in the music industry. It is the chill, cool voice that seeks to calm the nerves, still the heartbeat, and yet still ignite one’s passions all at the same time.

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