Top 10 Best R&B Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best R&B songs of all time 2017, R&B music is a surprisingly vast genre. While there are clear and common themes that unite all of this genre together, there is still a lot of room for unique artists to find a home in the diverse genre. With this in mind, when it came time to comprise a list of the greatest R&B songs that had ever been composed, it was difficult to narrow down all of the options due to the wide variety of songs that actually existed within the style. So the options were narrowed down based on overall success of the song, lasting successes of the songs, and the lyric/musical composition of each track considered. After a tireless process, here are the Top 10 Best R&B Songs of All Time.

R&B Song Top 10 latest new R&B songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best R&B songs of all time 2017.

10. “Fallin’” – Alicia Keys – Songs in A Minor (1998)

Alicia Keys is a key component to the modern R&B Genre. Her monumental successes through her hit album Songs in A Minor, Keys would make a statement through several singles from this iconic CD. Her most popular song of all time, and one of the greatest R&B tracks to have ever been created in general would be “Fallin’”. The song details someone who is literally stuck in a tough position with someone that the singer cares about. She keeps “fallin’ in and out of love with” her significant other. So reminiscent of a 1980s hit in the pop world, should she stay or should she go?

9. “Bump n’ Grind” – R. Kelly – 12 Play (1993)

R&B has been defined by the suggestive content of some of its artists. Melodic deliveries of some of the biggest innuendo and direct lyrical content of sexual encounter can make some people have to blush. R. Kelly is an artist that has become famous for his interesting takes on his animalistic urges with the women that have been in his life. “Bump N’ Grind” was a bed it down anthem of 1993, and continues to be a very popular song for when you want to set a certain tone in the bedroom. He doesn’t see nothing wrong with it, and we don’t either.

8. “No Diggity” – Blackstreet (feat. Dr. Dre and Queen Pen) – Another Level (1996)

This song received a new wave of popularity through the last few years given its placement in the grossly successful musical comedy Pitch Perfect. “No Diggity” was one of the R&B songs that ran the line in between hip hop music and melodic pop music. This track would be the most successful song that Blackstreet would ever create, but it would be one of the biggest songs for the entire genre in the history of its existence. So if you are going to write a one main hit song, make it one as memorable as this one.

7. “Waterfalls” – TLC – CrazySexyCool (1994)

TLC quickly rose to popularity in the pop world and through R&B charts throughout their limited run as a group. The death of one of the members would bring the group skidding to a halt, and limit what potential future successes the band might have had with the time to grow and evolve with the changing tides of Pop and R&B melding together. “Waterfalls” would be one of the greatest songs for the entire genre, and the single biggest track that the trio of women would release during their career. The song details that people have to learn to limit themselves from overindulging in the things that can kill them.

6. “My Girl” – The Temptations – The Temptations Sing Smokey (1965)

The 1960s called and said that this song is welcome to continue being one of the greatest songs that have ever been written. Hitting hard during the Motown era, The Temptations dropped a song so big that people will still be loving it and singing right along to it over 50 years later. “My Girl” would be an iconic track for showing that special someone in your life just how much she means to you. Whether she is the “sunshine on a cloudy day” or she’s got a “sweeter song than the birds in the trees”, this is the song that will let her know just what she means to you.

5. “I Will Always Love You”” – Whitney Houston – The Bodyguard Original Soundtrack (1992)

While the song was originally a release by the Country icon Dolly Parton, this single was never a huge success for that artist. However, with its recording by Whitney Houston for The Bodyguard Official Soundtrack, Houston gave the song a life that would last forever. Being the single most successful song of all time for the diva, Houston would further cement her superstar status through the surprisingly huge reception that this song received. The song would be a number one hit on several charts for the artist, who was no stranger to successes at this point through her mega hit “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” released 5 years earlier.

4. “You Make Me Wanna” – Usher – My Way (1997)

Usher was just an up and coming artist when the song “You Make Me Wanna” was released in 1997. This instantly made the singer/dancer a household name and skyrocketed him to the mainstages all across the world. Through the successes of this song, Usher was able to become one of the greatest R&B artists of all time. Since this 1997 hit single, the artist have dropped numerous number one singles that would allow him to be one of the foremost artists for the genre, and help R&B to more easily transition into a subgenre of the Pop music world.

3. “I’ll Make Love To You” – Boyz II Men – II (1992)

Boys II Men was one of two primary quartets that existed and made waves through the R&B world throughout the 1990s. Their unique delivery and harmonizing made listening to the songs they would create a delight to the ears. One of the most successful songs for the singers, as well as for the R&B genre in general, would be “I’ll Make Love To You”. While it doesn’t quite have the direct approach that R. Kelly’s earlier listed “Bump N’ Grind” had, this is certainly a special song to help set a certain mood for those looking to get physical.

2. “Poison” – Bell Biv DeVoe – Poison (1990)

Bell Biv DeVoe was a rap/ R&B trio that saw its greatest successes through the early 1990s. While they never focused much on the rap aspects that could have easily been more pursued throughout the progression of the band, their primary successes would be through the release of the single “Poison” off the album of the same name. Harmonies run wild in this song, which details the scheming and underhanded character of someone that the band used to associate with. While she might have been attractive and alluring, she will be the death of whoever decides to try and get committed with her.

1. “Killing Me Softly (With His Song)” – The Fugees – The Score (1996)

Lauryn Hill heads up The Fugees, which also featured the successful solo artist and pseudo rapper Wyclef Jean. While the group would have numerous hit tracks throughout their short careers, the most noteworthy of all of these would be a remake of an iconic R&B track from Roberta Flack “Killing Me Softly (With His Song)”, which would surpass the original in popularity. This is the most commonly listened to version of the song, and it is also the single greatest track in the history of the R&B Genre. The song centers around the vocal stylings of Lauryn Hill as she recounts the same lyrics and melody of the original track. This version however, is much more heavy laden with bass and drums, which gives it a distinctive hip hop feel.

R & B can be defined in a number of different ways. Everything from pop jazz to light hip hop music is the spectrum that makes up the entirety of the R & B genre. Each of the songs that have been deemed among the greatest that the style has ever seen all represent the genre in a unique and memorable way. Some, like #1 for example, built off of a classic song and completely made the track their own. Others wrote love ballads so remarkable, like Boyz II Men, that people are still using it on the playlists for spending that special time with their special someone.

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