Top 10 Best R&B Wedding Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best R&B Wedding songs of all time 2017, When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, a lot of emphasis is placed on the bridal party, catering, or the location. However, the song can have a lot of meaning, as it can be a reflection of how the couple feels about one another. Or it could be the one song that each prefers but the song will always be remembered by those in attendance. Many of these tunes are considered by many to be the top 10 best R&B wedding songs of all time.

Though weddings are diverse in terms of theme and the soundtrack may reflect this, R&B, or urban, music is often the preference of most. With its emotion-filled vocals, complex strings, and intense bass lines combined with lyrics that tell a wonderful story about two people in love, it can be hard for some to not have a dry eye at the precessional or during the first dance.

R&B Wedding Song Top 10 latest new R&B Wedding songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best R&B Wedding songs of all time 2017.

1. At Last by Etta James (1960)

The contrast of the delicate string section blended with James’ husky vocals has made this tune stand apart from most love songs. A classic ballad, originally written in 1941, has been covered by many, from Beyonce to Celine Dion. Even the once-quirky Cyndi Lauper performed this on the TV show, Bones – at a wedding for one of the main characters. While James’ version would only chart at #47 during its release, this song has also seen new life in TV commercials for Jaguar and State Farm Insurance.

2. Here and Now by Luther Vandross (1989)

This is another contrast in sound as the crooner’s velvety vocals are the perfect accompaniment to the high-pitched yet short synthesizer notes reminiscent of the 1980’s sound. Peaking at #6 on the Billboard chart the following year, this single would earn Vandross his first Grammy in 1991. Vandross would also perform this hit on an episode of the 1980’s sitcom 227, at the wedding of a main character (played by Alaina Reed and guest star Peter Hall). Coincidentally, the two thespians were a real-life couple that married the same year.

3. Always and Forever by Heatwave (1977)

The opening string section and soft bass line in the beginning, lets listeners know it’s time for love. The vocal range of lead singer Johnny Wilder Jr. – which moves seamlessly from falsetto to mid-tempo – along with its heartfelt lyrics let the receiver know that this is a lot more than a romance. During its release, it was available as a 45” disc (3 ½ minute radio edit) and 12-inch extended version that lasts more than six minutes. While many artists, from the Four Tops to Kenny Rogers, have covered this song, Luther Vandross received a Grammy nomination for his version in 1994.

4. You and I (We Can Conquer the World) by Stevie Wonder (1972)

This was one of many Wonder-penned hits from the dynamic Talking Book album. You and I was also one of the first songs to use the TONTO synthesizer and would also be covered by a diverse number of musicians. These include Michael Buble, Macy Gray, and Barbra Streisand; however, it was George Michael’s 2011 version that was a wedding present to Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

5. The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston (1986)

Probably the first of many ballads about real love that showed off Houston’s true vocal range. This song stayed at the top of the Billboard charts for three weeks shortly after its release and would go on to be a worldwide hit. While the previous version, performed by George Benson, would enter the Top 40 in 1977, it had longer life on the R&B charts the same year.

6. Ribbon in the Sky by Stevie Wonder (1982)

An emotional but positive ballad with lyrics that somewhat describe a wedding day. However, the lyrics give credit to faith in God for overcoming any challenges that relationships face at one time or another. This song has been covered by other musical acts but Boyz II Men’s version earned the trio a Grammy nomination in 2009.

7. On Bended Knee by Boyz II Men (1994)

While more of an apology-before-the-proposal song, its humble lyrics resonated with enough for it to top the Billboard charts for six weeks. Written and produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, this song holds a record that had been previously held by the Beatles, as the single replaced a previous song by a group that stayed at the top of the charts.

8. You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker (1975)

Written by friend and famed keyboardist Billy Preston, and Bruce Fisher, this was originally a song about God. The simple piano leading with Crocker’s extra-gravely yet emotional vocals would continue to see new life in TV commercials and programs, and major release movies like Carlito’s Way.

9. Adore by Prince (1987)

Here the musical genius returns to the theme of everlasting love and humility sung in his trademark falsetto voice. Though many songs from the Sign o’ the Times album were uptempo jams that stayed on the Billboard top 10 the same year, this gem is an R&B favorite to this day.

10. I Believe in You and Me by the Four Tops (1983)

While Whitney Houston would cover this for the 1996 movie The Preacher’s Wife (which she starred with Denzel Washington), hard-core R&B fans tend to prefer the Four Tops version. Lead singer Levi Stubbs’ recognizable tenor moves from silk to rugged with simple lyrics that define love and its highs and lows.

Every once in a while during the ceremony, the bridegroom will serenade one another with a song but most couples are too nervous to sing before an audience. If a person is getting married and they can afford to hire a professional (or a very good) singer for that special day, this is like icing on the wedding cake.

Some guests may want to express themselves in song but lack the range heard on the original. Yet the good news is they will usually perform at a wedding for free, knowing they may not be the best. For some couples, playing the original version of their favorite song may be the best option. Whatever route the bridal party chooses, this moment is certain to be memorable.

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