Top 10 Hip Hop And R&B Songs April 2017

Welcome BACK to our countdown for the Top 10 Hip Hop and R&B songs April 2017. We are happy to see you again! Yes, we are back again with the coolest tracks and list for YOUR playlist. Drake seems to be all over the place with his new album and Migos are making the whole world dance with, ‘Bad and Boujee’. The list is interesting and Bruno Mars is leading this time. How about taking a good look at the list?

Let us find out the Top 10 Hip Hop and R&B Songs April 2017. Are you ready for the musical ride? We cannot wait to share this list with YOU!

Top 10 Hip Hop And R&B Songs April 2017

10. Free Smoke – Drake

Fans think that Drake is making a dig at Kid Cudi with the song Free Smoke. We do not know the truth behind that! However there was a tweet war between the two artists. We do love Drake’s Free Smoke for the fantastic lyrics and his powerful vocals. It truly deserves to be on number 10 this month.

09. Fake Love – Drake

Drake seems to have figured it out! Lyrically, he is trying to say that the world is fake and they show fake love to him. They only want to take his spot and do not wish well for him. It is a part of his album More Life and it is getting really famous! The song has a strong message because in today’s world, nobody wishes well for anyone. It is a bad man’s world!

08. Bounce back – Big Sean

Bounce back is a hip hop rap song and it is become more and more popular these days. It is a motivation song and the title says it all. Big Sean is trying to convey that one should bounce back even after failures because it is not the end. The singer tells the world to bounce back and never give up. Well, this is a much needed message for the world.

07. Love on the brain – Rihanna

We cannot get over this song and the video! Rihanna looks classy and chic. The music and the video is like a perfect marriage because it just blends. Love on the brain by Rihanna is our personal favorite and the video is marvelous. The lyrics are very touching and you will be mesmerized by Rihanna’s beauty once you see her in this song. We love her and we love this song!

06. Portland – Drake featuring Quavo and Travis Scott

Drake joined hands with Quavo and Travis Scott and made this super cool song called Portland. The music is great and the vocals used are awesome! It is from Drake’s new album More Life. Looks like something has gotten into Drake because he seems to have more life in him than before.

05. Passionfruit – Drake

Drake is ruling everyone’s hearts with Passionfruit. He released a new album which had 22 tracks and it seems to be everywhere! We find it all over Billboard and people’s playlists. He seems to be in a different zone with his new album and we are loving the new avatar. Passionfruit does hit our sweet spot – our hearts!

04. Tunnel Vision – Kodak Black

The video of the song Tunnel Vision by Kodak Black is a highly controversial one. The video shows a white man beating up a black man. It looks very political and so, we shall not get into it. Nonetheless the song is gaining popularity and people are loving it. What we LOVE is the music used in this song. It just grows on you after some time!

03. I feel it coming – The Weeknd Featuring Daft Punk

The Weeknd collaborated with French duo Daft Punk and created this amazing song called I feel it coming. Yes, this song is gaining popularity and it is everywhere. You will find it on all the playlists and the fans are loving it. Yes, it totally deserves to be on number 3 position.

02. Bad and Boujee – Migos featuring Lil Uzi Vert

Bad and Boujee by Migos group is trending these days. It is a fun rap song which is making its way into everyone’s hearts. It is on the Billboard and it surely is on our list! Slaying it on number 2 position is Migos with Bad and Boujee. The theme of the song revolves around high society women and the bad boys. It surely is trying to give a social message here!

01. That’s what I like – Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has a melodious and happy voice. His songs make us feel good. ‘That’s what I like’ by Bruno Mars is a song that cheers you up and makes you want to dance. Lyrically, Bruno Mars is telling his prospective lover about what he likes. He likes strawberry champagne for sure! We are loving Bruno Mars in this song and his song is here to stay on the list for a very long time.

Hope you LOVED the list! We try to make the best music list for you so that you can hear some fantastic tunes the whole month! Our lists are meant for you! We will be back with another happening list next month. Till then, you can enjoy this fantastic Top 10 Hip Hop and R&B list of April 2017. Keep dancing and singing!

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