Top 10 Hip Hop and R&B Songs of March 2017

Welcome to our countdown of the Top 10 Hip Hop and Rhythm and Blues songs for March of 2017. This month we have an excellent lineup of some of the top talent in the business, including bits from that French powerhouse duo Daft Punk to Bruno Mars, with some soulful R&B tossed in from Rihanna. Drake gives us the cue on what fake love means when you hit the top, and Machine Gun Kelly and Carmila Cabello take us on a trip to the wrong side of the tracks, all for love. Enjoy our countdown of the top ten Hip Hop and R&B songs of March, 2017.

Top 10 Hip Hop and R & B Songs of March 2017

Here we present the list of top 10 best Hip Hop and R&B Songs of March 2017.

10. Starboy – The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk

“Starboy” by The Weeknd takes us inside the world of The Weeknd as he speaks of himself as the ‘Starboy’, his luxury lifestyle and the haters and trolls that come with it. According to The Weeknd, ‘Starboy’ is a sort of boastful alter ego as he tells us about his Lamborghini and Mclaren P1. This up tempo, high energy track features the mad skills of French duo, Daft Punk in this addictive and upbeat track.

9. Black Beatles – Rae Sremmurd featuring Gucci Mane

“Black Beatles” is off of Rae Sremmurd’s album, “SremmLife 2”, and is a collaboration between Rae Sremmurd, Swae Lee, Slim Jxmmi, and Gucci Mane. This hot chart topper has the four men referring to themselves as the “Black Beatles” due to their widespread fame and wealth. Indeed, Slim Jxmmi even states he is possibly related to Paul McCartney. The track jumped in popularity after association with the social media sensation, the “Mannequuin Challenge”. “Black Beatles” is an iconic track that not only is catchy and modern but houses within its beats the hints of a retro culture.

8. 24 K Magic – Bruno Mars

“24 K Magic” is off of Bruno Mars third studio album, “24 K Magic”. Composed by Mars, Christopher ‘Brody’ Brown and Philip Lawrence, “24 K Magic” is an all round dance and party song, laden with synths, drizzled with disco and seasoned with a touch of funk. The song is fast moving and full of vigorous energy, and makes no apologies for being pure entertainment, which is, of course an awesome gift to give fans.

7. Fake Love – Drake

“Fake Love” is a track by Drake that showcases the reality of success and how it spawns fake people. Drake is a hip hop artist from Canada. Upon becoming a celebrity, he realized that people were basically ‘coat tail riders’, interested in nothing but what they could take from him, or even becoming him, so he composed “Fake Love”all to a solid rhythm & blues beat. This mega hit is a catchy, addictive and truthful track that is very easy for people to relate to.

6. I Feel It Coming – The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk

“I Feel It Coming” is a very sensual and sexy track by The Weeknd, and features that electro pop powerhouse duo of Daft Punk. The track revolves around a man who tries to make his girl feel comfortable in this new relationship. Heavy on sexual innuendos, “I Feel It Coming” comes off of The Weeknd’s studio album, “Starboy”. Daft Punk contribute their monster mad skills to this track, helping to make it the massive hit that it is.

5. Bad Things – Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello

19 year old Camila Cabello and rapper extraordinaire, Machine Gun Kelly will be taking their performance of “Bad Things” to the 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards. “Bad Things” is the classic love song of the ‘girl next door’ who falls for the guy from the wrong side of the tracks. The Good girl and bad boy mix works well for these two performers as they deliver both the sweet and desired words and music of conflicted love to the top of the charts.

4. Bounce Back – Big Sean

When life gives you lemons, you have no choice but to bounce back with all you’ve got, and that is just what this track by rapper Big Sean is all about. Off his album, “I Decided”, “Bounce Back” features vocals by Kanye West and Jeremih. The song reflects Big Seans’ own efforts to recoup after a loss, and chronicles a powerful message along with its superior, solid and steadfast beats and the power just making the choice to ‘bounce back’ has in ones life.

3. Love on the Brain – Rihanna

Multi-talented songstress, Rihanna lends her vocals to this very topical song of toxic love and how its effect can be both intoxicating, frightening and at times, regretful. Fans speculate that it may be about her past relationship with fellow musician Chris Brown, but Rhianna makes no direct connection in the track. Penned by Rhianna, Fred Ball, and Joseph Angel, this well crafted track gives an obvious nod to the beats of the early 1960’s as it conveys the soulful contemplation of twisted love.

2. That’s What I Like – Bruno Mars

From his 2016 album, “24 K Magic”, comes Bruno’s second single, “That’s What I Like”. This snappy, upbeat composition is all about hip hop soul and rhythm & blues, and a hint of funk. Indeed, if there is anything Mars knows about, it’s performing, and doing it quite well as Mars sings to his future partner that “I will never make a promise that I can’t keep”. This is edgy, well crafted and performed to perfection by Mars, and another mega hit to add to his collection.

1. Bad and Boujee – Migos featuring Lil Uzi Vert

American Hip Hop group, Migos brings us the track “Bed and Boujee” off their 2016 album, “Culture”. The song reflects the wealth, women, and substance mixed with a slight amount of hedonism. Rapper Lil Uzi Vert adds his talent to this hit, which became a social media sensation in December of 2016 as fans took the lyrics, “rain drop, drop top” and made wildelyl creative memes, photos, videos and tweets celebrating the lyrics. Boujee actually refers to the bourgeois class, where life is about seeking pleasure, avoiding responsibility for ones actions.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our countdown of the top Hip Hop and R&B songsĀ of March 2017. Many of these tracks have interwoven a variety of elements into their music, creating their own personal sound. These songs are a celebration of human innovation and creativity, masterfully crafted and forged to reach their fans and for a brief period, help them to forget their troubles.

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