Top 10 Hot Hip Hop and R&B Songs of May 2017

Let’s look at the below the top Hip Hop and R&B songs of May 2017 that all gained huge commercial success worldwide and became popular among the audience. Hip Hop songs inception comes to pictures when three charts were published and consolidated together for Best sellers, Juke Box play, and the Jockeys chart based on radio airplay into a single R&B chart in October 1958. The Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart lists the popular R&B and Hip Hop songs in the United States and this chart is published every week. The presence of Hip Hop/ R&B songs on the United States Billboard marks their popularity and success meter in the music industry and music lovers in short. The current Top 10 Hot Hip Hop Songs are enlisted below.

Top 10 Hot Hip Hop and R&B Songs of May 2017

Here we present the list of top 10 best Hip Hop and R&B Songs of May 2017.

10. Love:

The Artist of the song ‘’Love’’ is Kendrick Lamar that is featuring Zakari. It is the part of the Album ‘’Damn’’. The song ‘’Love’’ is written by Zakari Pacaldo, Teddy Walton, and DuckWorth. It is produced by Sownwave, Walton, Kurstin, and Top Dawg. The artist Kendrick Lamar is among the most talented, popular, and acknowledged Artist Brigade. There are many songs from his very popular music album ‘’Damn’’, enlisted on United States Billboard Hot Hip Hop/ R&B songs chart, that shows the meter of his success and huge fan following. He is widely accepted and celebrated Music Artist. His song ‘’Love’’ is Positioned at the number 10 on Hot R&B/ Hip-Hop songs chart.

9. Element:

This Hip Hop number is one of the songs from the Album ‘’Damn’’. It is sung by The Artist Kendrick Lamar and written by James Blake, Spears, DuckWorth, and Ricci Riera. It was last positioned at number 9 on the Hot Hip Hop and R&B songs chart.

8. Congratulations:

This popular song that made its place at number 8 on US Billboard is sung by Post Malon that features Quavo. Last week this song was at the number 9, Now it made the progress by one point and now it is positioned at the number 8 on Top Hip Hop/ R&B songs chart. It is not only popular and enjoyed by the music lovers but also got a huge commercial success.

7. Loyalty:

The song ‘’Loyalty’’ is sung by Kendrick Lamar and it is featuring Rihanna. The writers of this song are Duckworth, Natch, Spears, Terrace Martin, and Tiffith. ‘’Loyalty’’ is produced by DJ Dahi, Martin, Top Dawg, Kuk, and Harrell. The peek position of this song is at the number 7 on top hip hop and R&B songs chart.

6. XO TOUR Llif3:

The Artist of ‘’XO TOUR Llif3’’ is Lil Uzi Vert. Last week for its popularity ‘’XO TOUR Llif3’’ successfully grabbed the number 5 on United States Billboard chart but now it falls by one point and its current position on R&B/ Hip Hop songs chart is number 6.

5. iSpy:

The Artist of this song is KYLE and it is featuring Lil Yachty. Last week it was listed at the number 3 On Top R&B/Hip-Hop songs but now it is decreased by 2 points, hence now it is positioned at number 5. Kyle Harvey, Miles Mc Collum, Joshua Portillo, and Malik Keith are the writers of this famous song. It was Recorded and Release in 2016, December 2. It’s genre is Hip Hop. It is a sweet, charming, melody. “iSpy” debuted at number 80 on the Hot 100 songs chart dated January 14, 2017. This song has so far charted on popular list on chart. It became Kyle’s first and Lil Yachty’s second top five single.

4. Mask Off:

By Future at no. 4. It was enlisted at the same position that is no. 4.i it has very pretty music and rocking lyrics while perfect track to dance on. Song is still very famous and most listened by the audience all around the world.

3. DNA:

This song is from the Album Damn and sung By the Artist Kendrick Lamar. Its video was released on April 18, 2017 on YouTube Channel. After that it entered at the number 4 on the US Billboard Hot 100. It became the second highest earning song from Kendrick Lamar’s Album ‘’Damn’’. This song is written by Duckworth and Michael William II. It is debuted this week at number 3 on R&B Songs chart.

2. That’s what I Like:

This song is sung by the Artist Bruno Mars and he was successful grabbing the peak position at number 1 last week on the Top Hip-Hop and R&B songs charts but its current position fell down by one point so it marked its place on number 2 in the list. This song commercially gained its biggest in Airplay.

1. Humble:

The song ‘’Humble’’ is sung by the Artist Kendrick Lamar. ‘’Humble’’ is one of the Hip Hop songs from the Album ‘’Damn’’. This song is written by William II and Duck Worth. The biggest gain of this song was in Streams. Last week this song by Kendrick Lamar was positioned at the number 2 on chart in Top Hip-Hop and R&B Songs. Now it successfully managed to reach at the top position that is number 1 on Top Hip-Hop and R&B songs.

Hip Hop and R&B songs are appreciated and enjoyed by the people across the Globe. A National Survey of the most popular Hip Hop and R&B songs is done weekly at the chart to display the most popular Hip Hop and R&B songs is prepared. Above listed Hip Hop and R&B Songs are very famous in May 2017. All the songs are singing by famous and popular singers and who made them instantly famous in the world.

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