Top 10 Best Deep House Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Deep House songs of all time 2017, Deep house music emerged in the late 80’s. It rose to greatness throughout the 90’s and started to fade away in the 2000’s. By the 2010’s it came back in vogue. In 2017 this music form enjoyed success as an underground music force. Jazz, funk and samples are all used within this style of music. It also has a beat rate of 120 and 125 BPM. Its acoustic sound is also a strong part of this genre. This style of music sprung up from the electronic music scene within the Chicago area.

Places such as Chicago made house music famous simply because this genre has its origins there. TH city of Detroit is also known as a place for house music as well. The music that emerged within Chicago helped to formulate many different style of house music. There were many forms that came out of this area.

Deep house took the normal house music to the next level. This is an electronic genre that is compelling and it moves with more force than normal. This style of music has a decent following among fans who are electronic music enthusiast. Here is a look at some good deep house music tunes.

Deep House Song Top 10 latest new Deep House songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Deep House songs of all time 2017.

10. Box Clever by Huxley

Huxley made Box Clever in the 2000’s. Snippets from singer Alicia Keys is used to sell the tune. It moves hard and but has an easy flow as well. The lyrics have a lot of impact and the song takes on an easy approach. Fans like Huxley likes his music because it helps them to relax and to jam at the same time. They can get into this flow and really enjoy what they are listening to.

9. Chain of Fools by Frank B

Frank B made Chain of Fools in 2012 and this song was a big hit for house deep music lovers everywhere. Samples and precise movements are the factors that help to make this track to stand out from the competition. This song starts strong and it finishes even better. It has a deep and clean sound that is easy to enjoy and fun to experience. Frank B is a talented DJ and musician who knows his craft.

8. Need You by Duke Dumont

Need You by Duke Dumont was released in 2013 on their album Spring Break 2013. This song had every element needed to make a great house deep piece. Its flow was strong and it moved with an undeniable music style. Fans of this genre really enjoyed the grooving sound that was often played at many spring break celebrations during the time. Need You is a positive deep groove house jam that delivers.

7. Stay High Baby by Eric Estornel

Stay High Baby is not a song about smoking drugs. This song is about just staying positive when there are so many reasons not too. Many fans of this genre really like this tune and it is a hypnotic jam that flows with conviction and lots of influence. A deep house piece flows in on point and moves well with the beat that it has been set to. This song incorporates many different sounds and rhythms. It makes a great sound that fans really enjoy. Eric Estornel made this jam in 2011.

6. Feel It by Scuba

The tune Feel It go people moving and this song was a big hit for the group, Scuba during the 2000’s. This jam is loaded with all sorts of musical sounds and styles that resonate with good vibes. This is a dance tune that performs well and a person can rock to it well into the morning hours. Fans of this genre will not easily forget this song once they hear it play.

5. Senseless by Maya Jane Coles

Maya Jane Coles made Senseless in 2011. She not only made this jam she performed the vocals on it as well. Her voice is dynamic and it flows with conviction. Senseless also explains how she loses her love. The heavy bass line and thumping sound brings power to the jam. Senseless will enliven the senses and have people to temporarily forget about their problems while playing this jam. This is a great tune for people who like this category of music.

4. Hungry for Power (Jamie Jones Remix) by Azari

Jamie Jones the music expert made Hungry for Power. The track has a supreme sound that invades the listener’s mind. It moves them to a unique state of being. Then it simply snatches that feeling away before replacing it with grimy beats and bass lines. Lyrics and vocals help to make the tune resonate with power. Keep in mind that Jamie Jones remixed this tune but Azari & Ill were the original creators of this jam

3. Can You Feel It by Mr. Fingers

Can You Feel It was released in 1986. This song is a fantastic tune that debuted in Chicago during that era. Can You Feel It still continues to rock audience in modern times. Enthusiasts of this genre claims that it is one of the greatest ever made. The house music feel, pervasive drums and uplifting hi hats all help to complete the song. People like to dance to it as well. Mr. Fingers made this jam and did a magnificent job doing it.

2. Let It Go by Huxley

Let It Go was a groove that built up into an electronic music frenzy from start to finish. Th track had strong rhythmic progression from start to end. It remained strong throughout the time that it played. Fans of this tune really liked getting up and dancing around to it. Its melody is addictive. Let It Go also has vocals and snippets which are amazingly well placed. Let It Go pushes the boundaries of this music form. Huxley created this tune a short while back and it is an amazing track.

1. Child by George Fitzgerald

Child was created by George Fitzgerald. This tune has chord progressions that slithers through piece in a slick way. Fans are eased song while the beat just pulsates around inside of the background. Synthesizers play progressive sounds that cannot be denied. Child contains a lot of energy and depth. Truly this jam is considered a powerful deep house groove. It is a masterpiece and a song of great importance to this genre.

Deep house music is an underground music force that is specially made for fans who enjoy music made within this music style. It is trendy, up-to-date and magnificent music form that will last for some time.

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