Top 10 House Songs 2017

House music originated in Chicago in the 1980’s. This form of techno dance music is found in dance clubs all over the world. While it is similar to disco, House music is a bit more subtle and simplistic with it’s 4/4 beat, whereas disco was more flamboyant and colorful.

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Top 10 House Songs 2017 list


Here we present the list of top 10 House Songs of 2017.

10. Love On My Mind (Extended Mix) – Lucas and Steve

Lucas and Steve became collaborators in 2010, and since then have been funneling excellent House music into dance clubs across the globe for the crowds to dance to. Their fresh and exciting techno house sounds are a favorite with club goers, and “Love On My Mind” is no exception. This track is designed with spirited and uplifting beats and stirring vocals, amid the techno powerhouse of synths and solid beats.

9. Rewind (Extended Mix) – Lucky Charmes

Rewind is working it for the fans of House music. Lucky Charmes is a Dutch DJ and record producer who released Rewind in October 21, 2016. Trippy, clever and fun, rewind is made to make you move, to make you want to dance, to smack that floor. This classic electro House treat is powerful and electric. Samples, synths and vocals make Rewind, Extended mix a House favorite among club goers.

8. Fade (Extended Mix) – Watermat

Released to the public on December 2, 2016 by Watermat. Watermat is the stage name of Laurent Arriau, a musician and record producer from France. Most fans of House are familiar with his hit single “Bullit”, which topped the European and UK House charts in 2014. Fans of Watermat will not be disappointed by “Fade” as he retains his use of the low horn sound, rhythmic synths, powerfu, upliftingl beats and trademark vocals which circulate above and below the layers of sound. Watermat retains his determined House sound, and fans will not be disappointed with “Fade”.

7. Won’t Let You Down – Just Kiddin

“Won’t Let You Down” by Just Kiddin was released December 23, 2016 and is already climbing the charts at a fast pace. Just Kiddin is a red hot DJ/record producer duo of Lewis Thompson and Laurie Revell, that is representing the UK House sound, and won’t let you down. Vibrant and Powerful piano chords are paired up with electrifying vocals by Hayley May, an Aussie singer-songwriter, and it’s sure to make you want to just hit that dance floor. The melodies rock, the vocals roll, and Just Kiddin, ‘ain’t’ kiddin’ when they released this masterpiece of electronically generated sounds and samples.


Fabio Montana, born in Italy but finds inspiration in Germany, as really created an interesting and multi layered track with “Ortygia”. The track starts out simple, gentle and low key, and later builds to it’s breakdown. This is a hypnotic House offering from Fabio, energetic, steady and pure, “Ortygia” surprises its listeners when it erupts into bursts of energy, or subdues itself within a state of agitation, all the while maintaining a firm, solid 4/4 beat. An emotional, psychological and intellectual track, “Ortygia” will have you almost addicted, listening again and again to capture the richness of its layers.

5. Invisible Children (Extended Mix) – KSHMR & Tigerlily

Released on September 16, 2016, “Invisible Children” has KSHMR smashing through preconceptions of house music by teaming up with Tigerlily, a DJ and record producer from Australia. “Invisible Children” contains a strong flavor of the east with it’s sitars, stabbed synths and mad drop, which releases into a huge climax with hard kicks and electrifying chords, all weaved with Indian vocal samples. Excellent and unique blend of House and Indian instrumentation and rhythms. Great track, highly recommend it.

4. Mad Love – Ferreck Dawn

Let’s dance! Indeed, if you are in the mood for a dance, then the trippy and complex multi layers of synths and vocals is just the ticket for you. Ferreck Dawn is a DJ and record producer who has been in the business of House music for more than a couple years. “Mad Love” is released on the Spinnin’ Deep label, and is characterized by outstanding vocals, and powerful kicks. You know when you hear that drop, you’re going to want to start to move and in “Mad Love” the drop is powered by warped vocal samples and driving chords that are designed to hold you to the dance floor and not let you go. With “Mad Love” we are talking about funk and deep house grooves.

3. Unstoppable (Extended Mix) – Tony Junior and Maddix

“Unstoppable” by Tony Junior and Maddix is indeed just that, ‘unstoppable’. With blasting and blazing bass lines, Tony Junior and Maddix formulated a techno dance masterpiece. Tony Junior is a successful Dutch record producer and DJ who partnered with Maddix, a musician and record producer, for “Unstoppable”. If you are looking for bounce mixed with solid beat, snapping vocals, and driving synths, then “Unstoppable” will definitely get you moving.

2. “Why Does My Heart” (Magdalena Remix) – Moby

“Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad” was a song by Moby, released in November of 1999, with an accompanying music video which was inspired by the book, “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. This is Magdalena’s interpretation of the Moby classic. It is constructed of simple beats, irregular rhythms and a soft, gentle back beat, and slowly builds to a complex climax, with Moby’s vocals blending with Magdalena’s mix. All in all, a distinctive remix which touches upon the brilliance of the original while capitalizing on Magdalena’s talented contributions.

1. “Jump ‘N’ Shout” (Erik Hagleton Remix) – Basement Jaxx

“Jump ‘N’ Shout” is a remix of a dance floor hit from back in the day, 1999. This remix retains it’s dance floor beat, as Toolroom’s remix by Erik Hagleton. Fast, hyper synths and beat while keeping the original vocals, layering them with smashingly powerful tribal tech house groove. This track is packed with energy, and it’s relentless. Dance clubs in 2017 will be spinning this explosive piece of dance crash, for sure.

House music is here to stay as club goers across the globe hungrily wait for new remixes as well as original tracks from established artists as well as emerging ones. House music is uplifting, steady and often minimalistic. Its drive and power focused only for the dance floor.

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