Top 10 Best Jazz Metal Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Jazz Metal songs of all time 2017, Jazz Metal music is a music genre where by musicians combine aspects of the traditional jazz music and improvise it with other styles such as heavy rock or funk. It was developed in the late 60s and caught momentum between the 70s and 90s.Also known as Jazz rock fusion, this genre was developed by jazz musicians when they started experimenting with amplified sounds and electric instruments, including addition of electric effects and music synthesizers. For almost 50 years now, Jazz fusion has won the hearts of jazz lovers and this is evident in the number of times this music has topped the charts.

So which songs make sour top 10 cut? This is probably one of the hardest list to compile because in most cases, one can easily be spoiled for choice. This can be attributed to the fact that this type of music can easily be experimented with and already established artists artist in both the Jazz and rock world have worked to better their best, to bring out a perfect blend of the two, which makes up the jazz metal music. Even though it stands out to be a genre tough to judge .I have tried to make a top 10 list based on popularity and quality. Have a read.

Jazz Metal Song Top 10 latest new Jazz Metal songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Jazz Metal songs of all time 2017.

10. Alive by Pearl Jam

This was a debut single by the American rock band ,’Pearl Jam’, which also appeared in the band’s debut album ,Ten, which was produced and released in 1991.Eddie Vender, the lead singer and the writer for this song described this song as ‘a work of fiction based on reality. The song is about a boy who was raised by a man who he used to know him as his father but actually was his stepfather. His real father was dead. The title of the single ‘Alive’ depicts a scenario of an affirmation of life, a thing fans would jump to as they sang along to the lyrics of the song. Although the song would end up spending 61 weeks on the US Bubbling Under Hot 100 singles chart in 1998-1999, this remains to be one of the after sought jazz metal song of our era.

9. You know, You know by Mahavishnu Orchestra

This hit Jazz Fusion was done by Mahavishnu Orchestra in 1971.It features the guitarist John McLaughlin and was one of their best works from their debut album, The Inner Mounting Flame. The track, you know you know would later end up getting several sampled and cover versions including ‘Black Sheep’s’ single, Similak Child. A remastered version of the album was also done by the Sony Music Entertainment in 1998.This album raked positions 11 and 89 in the Jazz and Pop albums billboard charts respectively in 1972.

8. Electric Worm by Beastie Boys

Released in 2007, this track by The Beastie Boys is one of the all-time instrumental performances. From their 7th studio album, The Mix up, these boys produced one of a kind jazz-metal workout, engraving their name in the 21st century jazz fusion music era. The album is almost entirely instrumental and ended up winning a Grammy Award for the Best Pop Instrumental Album. On its debut, the album sold 44000 copies, at number 15 on the US Billboard, 2007.

7. Light As a feather by Chick Corea

The album, from which the track is featured, Return to Forever, is up to date considered to be one of the all-time classic albums in jazz fusion/metal. Produced by Chick Corea, this track was the only song not written by Corea, this song, which stands out as the title track, was Stanley Clarke’s, the bass guitarist, first major composition. The album peaked at position 6 In the US Billboard Jazz Albums in 1973.

6. Fool to Cry by Rolling stones

This is a single by the UK band, Rolling stones, from their 1976 album, Black and blue. This song was written by Kith Richards and Mick Jagger. The success of this single was evident as was depicted on the charts ranking, reaching number 10 on the USA billboard top 100 and making it to position 6 on the UK charts. The lyrics of this song were a about the personal life of one of the writers, Jagger, where he writes about his family life and situation. Although Rolling stones was suffering the loss of some of its band members, this song came out as one the success stories in 1974 Jazz fusion scene. The recording of the album was also an auditioning stage for some of the new guitarist.

5. John McLaughlin by Miles Davis

This track was released on March 30th 1970,part of the album, Bitches Brew, a studio album by American Jazz fusion musician, Miles Davis. On its release, Bitches Brew sold more than a half a million copies, making it Davis’ first gold record. This album was also the progenitor of the Jazz metal music genre. Produced by Columbian Records, the album has a 5 star rating by the Rolling Stone Album Guide.

4. Romantic Warrior by Chick Corea

This is the third single from album of the same name, by the Jazz fusion band, Return to Forever. Produced by Chick Corea, this album was the band’s first recording by Columbia Records. It was the bestselling record for the band, receiving a four star recording by the Rolling Stone Jazz Record guide. Released in 1976, this song was a core track and album at large, in the evolution of jazz metal in the mid-70s.

3. Sleeping Giant

This track was released in 1972, in the album, Crossing, by the jazz pianist, Herbie Hancock. Produced by Warner Bros Recordings, Crossings was reissued in the year 1994, when Jazz Metal was finding its final momentum. This song was the first song and album Hancock did experiment with electronics and the result of the blend was classical.

2. Walk, Don’t Run’ by Johnny Smith

This song was originally done as an instrumental by the jazz guitarist, Johnny Smith in the 1954.A cover of the same was done in1960 by The Ventures where it achieved a worldwide success and is now regarded as one of the best jazz fusion songs of all times by Rolling Stone magazine. This hit version by The Ventures made several appearances in the Bill Board 100 chart, reaching position 2 and peaking at number 3 on the Cash Box magazine chart. For several weeks in the late 1960s.This song was later rerecorded several other times with the latest being in the 2003.This rerecording was done by The Ventures guitarist, Edwards and the Light Crust Doughboys for the album Guitars over Texas. This 2004 has won the hearts of many jazz fusion fans. The second verse of this recording inflicted the jazz effect and keyboards were used in place of rhythm guitar .

1. Right Off by Miles Davis

Done by Miles Davis in 1971, this jam delivers one of the best jazz metal fusions of all times. Featuring in the album, A Tribute to Jack Johnson, this single is viewed as one of the best works in Davies career. The album was released on February 24th, 1971 by Columbia Records. The music in this song reflected Davis’ interest in the electric jazz rock fusion at that time. With Miles Davis as the lead singer, the song was recorded in line with Guitarists McLaughlin and Sonny Sharrock.Jack DeJohnette and Billy Cobham were the drummers while Herbie Hancock and Chick Coreawere, the keyboardists.

Although the single received very little marketing from the recording label, Columbia Records, the song was released to profound commercial success, peaking at number 4 on the US billboard jazz chart and a 47 ranking on the magazine’s R&B chart. The Album has being given a 5 star rating by the Rolling Stone Magazine Album Guide.


Jazz Metal is a genre of music which has grown and developed from the incorporation of classical jazz music to metal rock music and vice versa. This type of music had not being fully declared a genre on its own until the early nineties. This should not however rule out the pioneer bands which brought such a a blend of two genres of the two in the late 60s.Thi genre is still developing with bands now releasing albums consisting of purely Jazz metal music.

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