Top 10 Best Smooth Jazz Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Smooth Jazz songs of all time 2017, Smooth Jazz is a very popular genre that mixes jazz, pop music, r&b music and so many other sounds. It carries a great tone that allows you to relax and sink into it. Smooth Jazz started in the 1960s when they started producing instrumental versions of popular pop songs and jazz songs of the time. The radio stations that originally played smooth jazz were called “beautiful music” stations for its calming and gorgeous sound. Jazz is recognizable due to its downtempo and calming or emotion moving quality. Smooth jazz has since moved on to inspire new genres of music such as urban jazz and modern r&b. Let’s take a look at the top ten smooth jazz songs that helped make the genre as popular as it is over time. There was obviously so many songs that could have been added to the list; this barely scratches the surface.

Top 10 latest new Smooth Jazz songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Smooth Jazz songs of all time 2017.

10. Shirley Bassey “Something” –

Shirley named the album after this very song. This song changed the genre and brought her back into the limelight, proving she is an accomplished and talented smooth jazz artist. The album alone hit number 5 on the smooth jazz charts and spent twenty-eight weeks in the top 50. That was a huge accomplishment for Shirley Bassey. Her voice is almost angelic sounding. It has the ability to echo and absorb you into it’s musical characteristics. She is well known for her emotional delivery and has been called “magical.”

09. The Isley Brothers “That Lady” –

This amazing song came out in the 1970s and was a hit right from it’s release. This song is #357 of greatest songs of all time with all genre’s combined; not bad at all. On December 14, 1974 The Isley Brothers performed this song on Soul Train only bringing more attention to the sound and lyrics of this melody. This song is less of a downtempo song and more upbeat. It’s opening sound has inspired many sings song it’s release and has been used in many commercials and movies. If any song made a woman feel sexy it would be this song.

08. Peggy Lee “I’m A Woman” –

This powerful song rose up the charts and gained her a great deal of fans. The song was so popular it was redone by Bette Midler and was also performed on The Muppets show by Miss Piggy. It has been used on perfume commercials and redone by other artists since then. It’s a testament to women and the power they behold. Thank you Peggy Lee for your fantastic contribution to the music world.

07. Nancy Wilson “Call Me” –

This upbeat and groovy smooth jazz song inspired love between a lot of listeners. It inspired people to lend a hand to those who might need them and made women and men everywhere want to boogie down. This 1964 album had multiple beautiful songs on it but this song in particular really rung with the smooth jazz audience.

06. Nat King Cole “Nature Boy”

This song blew people away. Nat King Cole’s amazingly gracious voice paired with the delicacy of the notes following made women swoon and men pay attention. This track has been referred to as enchanting, thanks to its beautiful guitar and piano accenting his voice. After Nat King Cole’s success record companies loved it so much they had it redone by the likes of Frank Sinatra and Sarah Vaugn. It has since been a jazz standard.

05. Bobby Womack “California Dreaming” –

This soulful and heart moving song makes you want to pack your bathing suit and take the next flight to California. It has some powerful instrumentals accompanying his strong vocals. When listening you can’t help but imagine and fantasize about the sunshine, beaches and all the good things that accompany such a strong song. The combination of his voice and the instruments sends goosebumps up and down the spines of those who listen.

04. Dean Martin “Dream a Little Dream of Me” –

The song was later made popular again by the Mamas and Papas with a rustic folk sound, but the original was sung by handsome Dean Martin. His voice makes your heart melt and drives you to feel like you are falling madly in love. His voice is so magnetic and powerful; you can’t help but feel emotions at the sound of this song. He makes us feel like all of our worries have fallen far away from us. Everyone knows what it feels like to wish for someone to wish for them and this song accompanies this song whole fully.

03. Luther Vandross “So Amazing” –

Luther Vandross has had many successful songs during his career but So Amazing is special due to its ability to really mold and move our emotions during the song. The piano is glorious and his voice is soft and inspiring. He has the ability to drive our hearts towards kind emotions full of love and kindness. If you want a song to move you emotionally this is it!

02. Sarah Vaughan “Round Midnight” –

In 1963 Sarah Vaughan took our breaths away with her fantastic voice. This song was originally a 1944 Jazz Standard but Sarah Vaughan took it to a whole new level with her soulful and moving sound. This song helped improve her standing with the smooth jazz audience and has won Grammys for her amazing talent. She is applauded for having one of the most “wondrous voices of the twentieth century.” We couldn’t agree more. Her voice is mesmerizing and hypnotizes you to really feel the lyrics she croons.

01. US3- “Cantaloop” –

This groovy smooth jazz song became extremely popular in the 90s and is recognized by people everywhere. It was unique for it’s kind due to the incorporation of rap with the jazz trumpets and piano sounds. The song was so popular it hit the number nine spot on the Billboard charts and was the bands only top 40 hit. They successfully sold over 500,000 copies! The song is also recognizable due to it’s use in so many different movies such as It Takes Two, Renaissance Man and a few others.

Whether you prefer smooth jazz that is all instrumental or has some soothing vocals associated with it, it’s a great genre to relax to. From the early 60s it has influences other genre’s and despite the controversy over the actual definition of smooth jazz it cannot be denied the greatness that came from it.

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