Top 10 Best Salsa Songs of all Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Salsa songs of all time 2017, Many people wrongly assume that salsa music came from Central or Southern America but that is not true. This popular Latin American music form has its origins within New York City. It came to prominence during the 1960s and is not all that old as a music form. The Hispanic and Latin American populations that were living in the New York area at the time had combined many different types of musical forms to create Salsa.

Musical forms such as the mambo, bolero, guaracha, montuno, cha cha cha, Latin jazz and bombo were all used to make salsa. This music form also uses Afro-Cuban rhythms and Spanish concion sounds. Salsa spread out to the rest of the world once Cuban and Puerto Rican artists left the Big Apple and went back home.

From there, salsa music took off in a big way and spread around the Caribbean, Central and Southern Americas. Soon, it was a powerful music force in and of itself. Here is a list of the best salsa songs of all time.

Salsa Song Top 10 latest new Salsa songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Salsa songs of all time 2017.

10. Welcome to the Party by Har-You

Har-You Percussion Group created Welcome to the Party in 1969. This song has a great rhythm and beat that will keep any salsa music enthusiasts dancing and partying well into the early morning hours. Welcome to the Party is moves fast and keeps a person feet moving just as quick. The horns, drums and guitar are snazzy. People can dance to this song or just listen to it for entertaining pleasure.

9. Merecumbe

Easy flowing and easy going are two adjective phrases that can be used to describe Merecumbe. This song is a spirited piece that resembles jazz. Yet, this song is so much more. The vocals help to make this salsa tune to rock with enthusiasm and it encourages. A person can turn this song on in the background and do chores or just ride to it while driving down the street. Yes, it is traveling music with a great sound.

8. It’s a Man’s World by Ray Santiago

It’s a Man’s World is truly a salsa song for the men who enjoy this type of music. This song was created by Ray Santiago who is a manly type of guy. This song has a lively rhythm and a quick pace. It is a fun dance tune and it holds its own as a masterpiece. Many people liked this tune when it was released back in 2005. This tune is a modern salsa classic. Even though it has been created in contemporary times it has a traditional salsa style.

7. Ray Barretto – Indestructible

Ray Barretto is a salsa artist that gave us the Indestructible single in 1973. This salsa hit was one of the best from Barretto who was a revered salsa maestro before his passing. Indestructible is a song that speaks of standing up to life’s problems and not being overrun or taken down by them. It also lets people know about the importance of having help when trying to overcome problems. This song was a great salsa tune back then and remains one today.

6. La Rebelion by Joe Arroyo

La Rebelion is a song about getting freedom from one’s oppressors. It was created in the 70s by a former salsa all-star named Joe Arroyo. La Rebelion portrayed African slaves rising up or rebelling against their Spanish masters. This song was not just about slave revolting against the establishment of the day; it was also about Arroyo who was a rebel himself. La Rebelion was one of Arroyo’s biggest hits to date. This song has helped to elevate his status as a great salsa music artist.

5. Lloraras by Oscar D’Leo

Oscar D’Leon came up with Lloraras in 1996 and it was a fairly successful salsa song during that time period. Lloras is a song about a woman rejecting a man’s love and her trying to get it back – but he no longer remembers her. Lloraras can be translated to You Will Cry which is what the song is really all about. Oscar D’Leon had much success with this song and it continues to entertain salsa fans today.

4. Quimbara by Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz was a huge salsa star in her day. During the 70s she released a song called Quimbara which was also a big hit. This song is about the African/Caribbean dance known as Rumba. Celia Cruz was the perfect person to sing this song. She had a golden voice that was soulful and powerful. Quimbara showcased her amazing voice and her fantastic ability to dance and to entertain the masses. Quimbara is a great salsa song for this reason.

3. Al DeLory – Via

Al DeLory made many great salsa tunes during his heyday as an artist. While he is much older and does not perform on the same level that he used to in the past, Al DeLory’s hit Via is a powerful tune for salsa fans everywhere. This song has a lot of flavor and it moves with a smooth pace. People who listen to this song will immediately notice how great it sounds. It is a well composed song that will even sway salsa lovers today.

2. El Preso by Fruko y sus Teso

Fruko y sus Teso made El Preso or The Prisoner in 2004. This song is about being locked up in jail and the unwanted life and circumstances that come along with being incarcerated. The song has a lively tempo but the lyrics are very depressing. However, many people like it because they can dance to it. It is almost as if this tune is encouraging people to have a good time even though someone is languishing behind bars within this manner.

1. Aguanile by Marc Anthony

Salsa great Marc Anthony made Aguanile during the 2000s and this song is a salsa recording about spiritual things. Aguanile is a not religious song but it does have religious overtones. Marc Anthony has made this song to be one of the greatest in the history of salsa music. Agualine will encourage people to dance and think all at the same time. This tune is an exceptionally well made salsa hit that has found its place within salsa music lore.

Salsa music became even more popular once the dance became prominent in the Latin world. Salsa music still continues to rock today and many Latin people cannot get enough of this magnificent style of music.

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