Top 10 Latin Songs January 2017

Checkout the below listed top 10 new Latin songs of January 2017, Latin music is similar to English music with the exception of language and some of the musical styles used to produce this genre. Now keep in mind that Latin music tends to keep a more traditional Central and South American musical style and can also contain some elements from the Caribbean and/or Africa.

As far as how the music plays, well there are pop songs, rap jams and a few traditional Latin hits. Many Latin countries know about the top songs on the English country charts but they are not popular with the people in this part of the world.


Translating these songs into various Latin languages is usually not that important – especially since the Latin world has its own brand of music stars. Ultimately, Latin music does not translate over to English based countries and vice versa. So, many of the hits on the Latin music charts are basically limited to that part of the world.

Here are the top 10 Latin songs for January of 2017.

10. Duele El Corazon by Enrique Iglesias Featuring Wisin

Enrique Iglesias is an extremely popular and talented Latin music artist that hails from Spain. He is truly one of the biggest artist in the field of Latin music. He has sold over 159 million units and his song Deule EL Corazon is just another example about how successful and gifted he really is as a musician. Wisin is Puerto Rican rapper. He too is a very popular music force within the Latin world. When this duo teemed up to create Duele El Corazon many people knew it was going to be a hit. Duele El Corazon roughly translates to the heart hurts. In this case Enrique Iglesias and Wisin heart is doing just fine with this to 10 Latin hit.

9. Vente Pa’ Ca by Ricky Martin featuring Maluma

Vente Pa’ Ca is a jam by Ricky Martin and it features Colombian singer Maluma. Ricky Martin is another domineering Latino star who is world renown. Yes, he did have some success within the states and still does within the Latin communities of this country. Venta Pa’ Ca was released in 2016 and it January of 2017 this song continues to resonate well with Latin people all over world. It is a great radio jam and it has a great groove. Maluma lends his talents to this song as well and helps to turn it into a magnificent Latin jam.

8. Chillax by Farruko Featuring Ky-Mani Marley

Chillax is a Latin jam that features the sounds of Farruko and Ky-Mani Marley. Farruko got his start through MySpace and by doing collaborations with big time Latin artists such as Daddy Yankee. His song Chillax is a great jam that features the hip hop style of Ky-Mani Marley. Right now, this mid-tempo pop jam is one of the hottest songs within the Latin world. It is a great jam for people to listen to while they work or relax – I meant “chillax”. This tune is definitely helping 2017 off to a good start.

7. Tengo Que Colgar by Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizarraga

The Banda MS Sinaloense de Sergio Lizárraga is also known as Banda MS and they are a musical group from Sinola. This group emerged in 2003 and there are 15 members inside of this outfit. The thing about Banda MS is that they have a very classical Latin American sound. However, there delivery is modern and updated. Tengo Que Colgar means I have to hang up and this song is about a woman who cheats on her boyfriend and he has to hang up on her because she is no good.

6. Otra Vez by Zion & Lennox Featuring J Balvin

Zio and Lennox are a reggaeton music group and J Balvin is a singer from Colombia. Together these famous artists perform the song Otra Vez which is a leading song on the Latin music charts. Otra Vez was released in 2016 and as of January 1 it still remains a powerful song going into the new year. Otra vez means “again” in Spanish. This song has a solid groove and is played on many radio stations throughout the Latin world. It is truly a top charting tune that deserves the number 6 position.

5. La Bicicleta by Carlos Vives & Shakira

Carlos Vives and crossover sensation Shakira made La Bicicleta (bicycle) in 2016. In January 2017 the song has taken over the music charts and continues to climb to the top of the charts with success. This music Latin jam is powered by the voice of Colombian singer Carlos Vives and is backed up by the dynamic musical ability of Shakira. Both of these artists are an unstoppable force when they combine their talent. This is exactly why La Bicicleta is the 5th song within the top 10 of the 2017 music charts.

4. Hasta El Amanecer by Nicky Jam

Nicky Jam is a Puerto Rican born reggaeton artist that has been in the music business since he was 14. He is now 35 and still is going strong. As a matter of fact his song Hasta El Amanecer is ranked number 4 on the Latin music charts in January of 2016. This simply means that Nicky Jam is still performing at the top of his game. He is a great artists and his song Hasta El Amanecer (until sunrise) proves that Nicky Jam still has what it takes to be a great performer.

3. Safari by J Balvin Featuring Pharrell Williams, BIA & Sky

J Balvin has been singing for years and on the number 3 Latin American song Safari, he teamed up with a lot of talent in the Latin World and the U.S. Pharrell Williams is the guy that made the “Happy” song and BIA & Sky are popular rappers from the world of Latin music. Pharrell Williams sings in Spanish on this song and his work helps to drive this piece into the number 3 position. Keep in mind that while U.S. music is not dominant in the Latin world its influence is still felt. Safari is an western sounding R&B song with Latin overtones.

2. Shaky Shaky by Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee is a Latin American music powerhouse. He has crossover appeal that has even impacted the U.S. music charts earlier within his career. His 2016 song Shaky Shaky has taken the number 2 position in January of 2017. Shaky Shaky is a dance song that is really popular in the Latin World. This song is performed by many people and it is influencing Latin American culture in big way. Everyone in the Latin World likes to do the Shaky Shaky dance.

1. Chantaje by Shakira Featuring Maluma

Shakira is the dominant Latin American music star that that made Chantaje (blackmail) back in 2016. Her hit continues to dominate the music charts in January of 2017. She teamed up with rapper Maluma to make this hit and it is the most popular Latin song to date. This jam is about a deceptive woman who is manipulating a man to get what she wants. Shakira is a great musical performer and her song Chantaje is a great jam to lead the Latin music charts at the beginning of the new year.

These songs will dominate the music charts for the early part of 2017. They are great tunes that will keep the Latin world rocking all year long

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