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Anthony Moses Davis (Beenie Man) otherwise called the “King of Dancehall” is a Granny grant winning reggae dancehall artist. Conceived on 22nd August 1973, Beenie Man recorded his presentation single, “Excessively Fancy,” in 1981 with maker Henry Junjo Lawes. The song maker likewise included him on the 1983 “Junjo Presents Two Big Sounds” album which highlighted huge stars, for example, Ringo, Fathead, and Dillinger. Bunny Lee delivered Beenie Man’s first album “The Ten Year Old DJ Wonder” and released it in the year 1983. In 1984, he made some material with maker Barrington Levy in spite of the fact that he released it ten years after the fact.

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Top 10 Songs by Beenie Man until 2017

Checkout this list of Beenie Man top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10. King of The Dancehall

In the event that you need to move, then “King of The Dancehall is the song to look at. Beenie Man released it in the year 2004 on the “Straightforward” album, and it has taken much control of his listeners’ body. The beat exclusively will move you! The Dancehall beat and the electronica impacts are sufficient to move you off the divider and onto the move floor.

9. Girls Dem Sugar

“Girls Dem Sugar” is another song in the broad list of King of Dancehall extraordinary hits. Beenie Man released the song on the “Art and Life” album. The track is additionally one of his smoothest, in addition to it highlights a sort of unadulterated musical plan. The maker laid it over a cool, moderate Dancehall beat. The highlighted artist in the song is delightful Mya. Her delicate and erotic voice offered a more pleasant compliment to the song’s smoother rhythms.

8. Who Am I

The best track that Beenie Man has delivered to this point is presumably “Who Am I.” He released it in the year 1997 on “Moods of Moses” album, however it is still a vital piece of most club DJ’s musical determinations. The song attached Beenie Man as the best Reggae Dancehall artist and made him an overall star. Listen to it today.

7. Girls

Man included Akon in this extraordinary hit: “Girls.” The new club-prepared tune released in the year 2008 is super hot. The mix of Caribbean music and Hip Hop like beats move women – this, thusly, gets folks on the move floor.

6. Dude

One of Beenie Man’s best songs, “Dude,” hit the wireless transmissions in 2004 – he released it on his album, “Back to Basics.” It brags a basic beat, yet one that will move you. Aside from the beat, Beenie Man chose to incorporate the provocative female voice of Ms. Thing which gave a decent differentiation to his sharp tones.

5. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie

Beenie Man has a not insignificant list of awesome hits. “Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie” is another song on the list. He released it in the year 2008, however it exceptionally strayed from his other dancehall songs. It has a dancehall source beat, yet it is a blend of Daft Punk and Hip Hop. The song moves at a quicker pace with the end goal that you might not have any desire to listen to it while driving. You may wind up bursting out the expressway the way the track hits your eardrums.

4. Feel It Boy

In the year 2002, Beenie Man worked with Ms. Janet Jackson to release his hit “Feel It Boy.” In unmistakable Beenie Man’s form, you will hear significant dancehall impacts all through the song despite the fact that Janet Jackson brought her pop and R&B style. Notwithstanding bringing forth a globally perceived song, mix of the musical types emerged to be one of the best songs Beenie Man has released.

3. The Specialist

“The Specialist” is one of the few Beenie Man’s two part harmonies. He worked with Vybez Kartel, a popular Dancehall gathering, to deliver it. The two musicians are simply specialist at their fine art shape. The track has straight Dancehall feel, and you can discover it on “From Kingston to King of Dancehall,” 2005 release.

2. Hmm Hmm

In the event that you bought Beenie Man’s album “Undisputed,” then you perhaps recognized “Hmm Hmm” as an awesome tune. The song entered the wireless transmissions in 2006 and turned into a dear of generally fans. It boasts one of the hardest dancehall beats which Beenie Man made actually. At the point when in a club, you will feel it beating in your mid-section maybe compelling you to move with it. On the off chance that you haven’t listened to it, this is the best time!

1. Bossman

Beenie Man released “Bossman” in the year 2002 on his “Tropical Storm” album. The song included Sean Paul and Lady Saw. With no uncertainty, it is a genuine dancehall banger. In spite of its type, the song ended up being one of the hottest and including today; it is slamming.

Beenie Man new Songs 2017

Checkout these latest releases singles by Beenie Man in year 2016-2017

3. Damn

“Indeed, I’m think about another Jamaica/Mi come fi execute every one of the a di gays” are the opening lines of Beenie Man’s “Damn” song. The song released in the 2000’s is among the singers most reprimanded tracks.

2. Han Up Deh

This (“Han Up Deh”) is among the homophobic songs Beenie Man has released in the latest circumstances. Its verses obviously demonstrate his aversion for the gay and lesbian group. Created in the year 2003, “Han Up Deh” was on the musician’s 39th album. Virgin Records purportedly issued a conciliatory sentiment for the verses in the song. Beenie Man declined to do likewise with cases that he was communicating his conclusion.

1. Roll Deep

Released on the “Mentally Disturbed” volume in the 2000’s, “Roll Deep,” stirred the gay group against Beenie Man. It is among the songs that set off a few organizations to scratch off Beenie Man’s exhibitions in nations like the United States and the UK. Taking after the release of this song and some others, the Virgin Records and EMI got judgment for supporting the artist.

Beenie Man’s album “Blessed” built up his notoriety around the world. He recorded the album in 1994 subsequent to marking with the Island Records. Beenie Man has visited numerous nations around the globe including the US, the UK, and Canada. The majority of his songs have remained hits for quite a while.

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