Bruce Springsteen Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

One of the most thrilling and legendary songwriter, performer and singer who ever graced the rock and roll genre is Bruce Springsteen. From such an illustrious career, coming up with only ten of his best songs is very demanding: because almost all his songs are instant thrillers. Nicknamed ‘The Boss’, the energetic performer is known to have a ‘knack for catchy melodies’ and dedicates everything to his craft. He gives much credit to the E Street for acting as his backup for a lot of years. Here are the best ten songs with Bruce Springsteen, his finest.

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Top ten Songs by Bruce Springsteen

Checkout this list of Bruce Springsteen top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10. ‘Prove It All Night’

‘Prove It All Night’ talks about two lovers whose relationship is almost breaking up. The guitar solo by Bruce in it makes it awesome making it one of the concert favorite. Bruce tells girl “ I’ii prove it all night for you.” He tries to reconcile with the girl. “They’ll never know what it means to steal, to cheat, to lie.”

9. ‘Born In U.S.A’

The song ‘Born In U.S.A’ is often misunderstood as the experiences of Vietnam veterans due to; “so they put a rifle in my hand, send me off to a foreign land, to go and kill the yellow man.” Bruce praises himself; ‘ Now it is time that I will recognize the fact that Bruce Springsteen is the best that rock has ever seen; I am a cool rocking Daddy in the U.S.A.”

8 “Atlantic City”

This one of the Bruce Springsteen songs considered to be most influential. He tries to explain how the working middle-class is driven away of the American Dream. Bruce tries to explain the challenges faced by middle class; “Well I got a job and tried to put my money away, but I got debts that no honest man can pay.”

7. “Thunder Road”

‘Thunder Road’ comes from Bruce Springsteen album Born to Run which is one of the best rock music album ever recorded. This epic Bruce tune talks about running away from a “town full of losers” and find a place with a better life beyond the city. The epic tune in the song made it top in various chats and to be one of the greatest all time rock music.

6. “Jungleland”

“Jungleland” is one of the best roll &rock music ever written and recorded. The ten minutes track is a story of a young love which is set on violent brutal gang. The Clarence Clemons solo saxophone makes the song musically. The song which seemingly talks about Bruce breakthrough struggles ends in a sad mood with brutal murder.

5 “Badlands”

“Badlands” is Bruce Springsteen and E street showcases the talent at its best in rock and roll music. Contain in Bruce album Darkness on the Edge in Town have some epic tunes from punk music which gives the song a great biting aspect. Badlands features one of the best Bruce lyrics: ‘Poor wanna be rich/rich wanna be kings and kings ain’t satisfied /till he rules everything.’ The thunderous Max Weinberg’s back beat at the begging of the song makes the song incredible.

4. “Long Walk Home”

The song from Bruce 2007 album Magic is brought out by Bruce’s disillusionment of George.W.Bush presidency and its effects to the country. Unlike his earlier tracks like “Born to Run” and “Thunder Road,” “Long Walk Home” theme dealt with returning home after many years. “Long Walk Home” was one of the best 10 rock music in 2007.

3 “The Ghost of Tom Joad”

“The Ghost of Tom Joad” is from Bruce Springsteen’s album in 1995, the political song comes from influence “The Ballad of Tom Joad” by Woody Guthrie and The Grapes of Wrath a novel by Steinbeck. Joad’s activism makes Bruce identify with his work, the incredible guitar tunes by Tom Morrello makes the song one of its kind.

2. “4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)”

The song from Bruce Springsteen album The Wild, the Innocent $ the E Street Shuffle was released two years before the release of the hit album Born to Run in 1973. “4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) shows how Bruce is talented at a very young age. The song inspired Robert Santelli to write a book about the perfect music study of Jersey Shore boardwalk culture called Greetings From E Street.

1. “Devil & Dust”

“Devil & Dust” from Bruce’s album “Devil & Dust” in 2005 shows how he can maintain output of recordings that can compete with those he released during his early career life. The song talks about a soldier at war based on Iraq War not knowing what is truly right or wrong, he is not sure if he should take part in the war or not but lacks an answer and continue to fight. The incredible songs explain the difficulties soldiers undergo in the war field.

Bruce Springsteen New Song 2016-2017.

Checkout these latest releases singles by Bruce Springsteen in year 2016-2017

1. ‘Chapter and Verse.’

Bruce released the song on his 67th birthday. ‘Chapter and Verse’ acts as a companion album of hit ‘Born to Run.’ Springsteen takes us back to 1966 song ‘Baby I’ with the garage band and ‘You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover,’ with Willie Dixon to his 1970 gem ‘He’s Guilty ( Judge Song),’ the song continues to his all time hit ‘Born in USA’ and ends with ‘Wrecking Ball’ which is found in his album ‘Wrecking Ball’ released in 2012.

There is no doubt that Bruce Springsteen is not only a legend in rock and roll music but one of the all time best rock and roll music has ever had as he says in one of his songs “am a cool rocking Daddy in the U.S.A.” His songs have inspired and continue to inspire many rock and roll music artists.

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