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Bruno Mars is a standout amongst the most acclaimed musicians on the planet today. His songs are a staple on radios, and it is practically difficult to trust that he has been just dynamic in music for under ten years. Mars is exceptionally adaptable, and he plays around with any instrument, forms and twists classifications and styles to sound interestingly Bruno. We have examined ten of his best songs, which we are certain you definitely know since every one of his tracks are a hymn all inclusive. Appreciate observing the tracks done by one of the best and gifted musicians, Bruno Mars until 2017.

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Top 10 songs by Bruno Mars until 2017:

Checkout this list of Bruno Mars top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10.’Just The Way You Are.’

Individuals experience a considerable measure amid their first dates, and that continues amid romance. It is so sweet for a person to tell his woman that she is astonishing, ‘only the way she is.’ It feels pleasant for a young lady to realize that she is normally lovely. He depicts her hot hair and eyes. ‘When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change.’ “Cause you are astonishing, only the way you are.’

9.’When I Was Your Man.’

Individuals realize when they have a possibility, yet others learn after the open door is a distant memory. Mars finds that the things he had done were hopeless, and whatever he can do is disappointment; the young lady has cleared out. The song makes women feel pleased and acknowledged, however it raises feelings among men. This song touches individuals who have been seeing someone and later observe their previous partners with other individuals. It is never late to apologize, however you can’t recover her. Pitiful.


Bruno Mars spills out his heart to tell that unique woman that he thinks a ton about her. Bruno is an insane sweetheart, and he utilizes the most outrageous case to express the adoration. Mars offers to get an explosive for the love of his life. In basic terms, he is prepared to bite the dust to ensure the young lady that he cherishes to such an extent. He begins the song by singing something that many individuals say: ‘simple come simple go. ‘I’d get an explosive for you (yeah, yeah, year).’ ‘Toss my hand on the sharp edge for you.’

7.’Locked Out of Heaven.’

The song is sweet as a consequence of unusual snorting that happens all through the track. He contrasts love and heaven and paradise. He sings that he is not an adherent to supernatural occurrences and cherish, and could never put his affection on a line. Swimming in the young lady’s adoration is profound. He goes much crazier to sing that her adoration makes Bruno feel he has been bolted far from paradise for quite a while on the grounds that the young lady takes her to “paradise.” ‘Better believe it, you make me feel like I’ve been locked out of heaven.’

6.’If I Knew.’

Bruno Mars probably been intuition a similar thing when he composed two of his songs: ‘If I Knew and ‘In the event that I was your man.’ He sings around a deplorable relationship that closures disastrously, with an awful separate. He tells the young lady that it is excruciating for her to take a photo in another man’s arms, and he wouldn’t have done everything he did in the event that he knew. He likes to desert the past to go ahead. ‘Every one of the things that I have done.’ ‘If I Knew one day you’d come.’

5.’Marry You.’

Bruno Mars sings about a lovely night, with him searching for something to do. He likes to accomplish something imbecilic, and he advises the sweetheart he needs to wed her. Mars begs her to acknowledge the proposition with the goal that they can go some place since Mars is prepared. Bruno offers to get a ring to demonstrate the woman that he is prepared for everything. ‘Is it the look in your eyes or is it the moving juice.’ ‘Who cares baby, I think I wanna marry you.’


“Treasure” is a moment clapper song, thus you ought to now be applauding. You may not require a red suit or disco ball, simply move along. I trust you are not the young lady who looks exceptionally blue. He requests some consideration from the young lady and plays with her, advising her the amount she is wonderful, how attractive she is in reality. He looks at her to fortune, nectar and brilliant star, somebody who makes his desire work out as expected. ‘You know you can make my desire work out.’ ‘On the off chance that you make me prize you.’

3.’The Lazy Song.’

‘The Lazy song’ is the best for individuals in the wake of a monotonous night of drinking, when you don’t have a craving for awakening or picking a telephone call. The track may, be that as it may, get you on terrible terms with your supervisor, on the off chance that you sang it in his nearness. Bruno Mars get extraordinary and decline to pick calls, and he advises individuals to leave voice messages. He simply needs to rest in the bed. ‘Today I swear am not doing anything, nothing by any means.’

2.’Liquor Store Blues’

Bruno Mars chooses to consolidate reggae in the song, and it ends up being stunning. Keep in mind Nas’ coordinated effort with Damian Marley? Bruno Mars adds reggae to his loco persona, and that makes the song a hit. The reggae affected track performs well in different charts, with reggae fans cherishing it the most. The two sing about remaining close to an alcohol store, sitting tight for bourbons to come over. ‘Assume me to a position where I couldn’t care less.’ ‘This is me and my alcohol store blues.’


Mars begins the song by singing about cocaine and alcohol, which make him feel like he is numerous feet tall. The song’s title is strangely alluring, yet the track is engaging. He sings to the young lady advising her that they will have intercourse like gorillas, and that ought to the neighbors call the police or the SWAT, they won’t set out open the damn entryway. You’ll be slamming into my mid-section, blast gorilla.’ ‘Baby making love like gorillas.’

Bruno Mars New Songs 2017

Checkout these latest releases singles by Bruno Mars in year 2016-2017


In the new song, Bruno Mars sings about a charming young lady, thus lovely is she that there is no light in the room, she sparkles like gold and gives the light. Every one of the men concur that she is delightful, beautiful. ‘Infant young lady you’re sparkling like a star, come and give me some of that gold.’

Bruno Mars is a worldwide star, and his musical ability makes a few people say that he originated from “Mars” the planet. All his songs have an uncommon message, albeit some of it is extremely enthusiastic. At the point when the song ‘When I Was Your Man’ plays, individuals recall their past connections. “Projectile” gives an insane point of view toward adoration as is “Fortune,” while ‘The Lazy Song’ helps us to remember an inclination we as a whole affair. Every one of his songs are amazing, and we just can’t resist the urge to sit tight for additional. Congrats Bruno Mars.

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