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A standout amongst the most well known individuals in rap music today is Chance the Rapper, the Chicago music star. His mixtape number three titled ‘Shading Book’ is accessible in all mainstreaming stages, and he is the primary musician to get to the ‘Board Top 10 Albums’ utilizing gushed music alone. Chance does what he supposes is correct, and he keeps on making an unrest in the business by discharging free music and joining gospel, rap and jazz music. The declines to sign record names and delivers his music. The following are ten of his best tracks until 2017.

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Top 10 songs by Chance the Rapper until 2017:

Checkout this list of Chance The Rapper top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10.’Angels (Feat. Saba)

“Angels” is the principal song that Chance ever releases on iTunes, and it is free. The song demonstrates the singer’s development and creation as a youthful rapper, while in the meantime discussing the place where he grew up. Prior to the song releases, fans know Chance as a band part, singing the cooperative “Surf” collection. Fans got blissful after the release of this song, and they cherished his gospel impacts. The song communicates the best verses the musician does, and Saba does an infectious and fun ensemble. Once the song plays, fans grin and move along.

9.’Cocoa Butter Kisses’ (Feat. Vic Mensa and Twista)

‘Cocoa butter kisses’ is a track in the ‘Corrosive Rap’ mixtape that is like ‘Same Drugs’ in a few ways. The song is about the impacts of medication use on the musician’s social life. The admission of opiates detaches him with relatives and companions, and he carries on with a desolate life, his exclusive sidekick being the medications. He, be that as it may, misses his life as a blameless kid, and his mom was giving him coconut margarine kisses. Vic Mensa and Twista come in with their verses concerning drugs, indicating how genuine the medication issue cause detach amongst clients and families.

8.’Everybody’s Something (Feat. BJ the Chicago Kid and Saba)’

The song is exquisite, and its message is urgent and direct. Without a doubt, ‘Everybody is somebody’s everything.’ No matter how individuals see you, there is that somebody who adores you for your identity and comprehends you. Chance holds hands with Chicago Kid, BJ and Saba to pass on the message in an unwinding beat. Chance uses an extended performing voice, utilizing a high pitch condition that makes the song fascinating. The musicians merit suggestion for the track.

7.’Finish Line/Down (Feat. Eryn Allen Kane, Noname, T-Pain and Kirk Franklin)

The song contains two sections and is the longest on the ‘Coloring Book,’ running for more than five minutes. Section one is generally cheery where Chance reviews his trip as a musician, a mate, a man and a Christian. Chicago musicians T-Pain and Allen Kane work together with Chance interestingly to deliver the track. Half number two contains a slower rhythm, with a hot Chicago musician Noname shows up and raps about how God never deserted her at the very least circumstances. Kirk Franklin comes in last and lectures God’s name.

6.’Acid Rain.’

The song is among the last records in the second venture titled ‘Acid Rain.’ Chance sings about his life as he excursions on corrosive, in the midst of a huge rain storm. The song contains no theme, and the musician puts some excellent lines in the mixtape. He sings about individual difficulties with his companions, his future and himself. He happens to foresee something as he sings of his immersion o full Christianity. The song inclines more towards the relationship between the singer and religion, which is later uncovered on ‘Coloring Book.’

5.’Same Drugs.’

‘Same Drugs’ is an enthusiastic and touching song contained in the ‘Coloring Book’ that utilizations medications to demonstrate the mental distinction that exists amongst Chance and his sweetheart. Regardless of Chance contending that the song has nothing to do with medications, it is obvious that he implied the medications that we as a whole know. He asks his young lady Wendy when she neglects to fly. He laments the distinction that happens amongst him and his youth companion Wendy. The song is a hymn to numerous who cherish rap music, and the individuals who like Chance specifically.


“Juice” is the principal single off the ‘Acid Rap’ mixtape, one of the rapper’s braggadocios tracks. In the song, Chance sings about his triumphs and points of reference, which he has overseen in spite of the considerable number of difficulties that Chance has confronted in his vocation. The song is renowned and appealing, in spite of the fact that the verses may not be his generally significant. Notwithstanding, all he needs individuals to know is that he has the juice. Chance offers shirts to guarantee fans recall the track. The song is such an innovative magnum opus.

3.’How Great (Feat. Jay Electronica and Nicole)’

‘How Great’ is the most gospel track in the whole vocation of Chance. The song is an elevating and inspiring record concentrated on God’s enormity and Christianity. Nicole, a cousin to Chance, begins the song with a version of ‘How Great is Our God’ by Chris Tomlin. Jay Electronica sings about Jesus Christ, regardless of him being a Muslim. Be that as it may, Muslims view Jesus as a prophet, much the same as Abraham and Mohammed, not a Messiah. The song is Chance’s most loved in the whole collection, and he has rehashed that on a few events.

2.’No Problem ( Feat. 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne)

‘No problem’ is a courageous song from the ‘Coloring Book.’ The track is the best he ever does, and it is a direct diss to all recording marks that ever attempted to moderate his advance towards turning into a free artist. He censures the names that kept him from working together with different artists and those that made it outlandish for him to release his own music. Lil Wayne additionally communicates his issues with ‘Cash Money Records,’ his record mark. The track is position one obligingness of its exceptional and infectious tune, verses and message. It is the best song in the whole ‘Shading Book.’

1.’Brain Cells.’

‘Brain Cells’ is the main track from his underlying mixtape named ’10 Day’ that makes it to this list. The song is about his past propensities for smoking maryjane. The song talks about a few issues, including his life as a tyke, regardless of the way that he composes the track while in secondary school. The song is made extraordinary by the innovativeness and flighty nature of Chance, not overlooking the incredible stream, characteristics that need in his prior tracks. The track is a most loved for weed smokers.

Chance the Rapper New songs 2017

Checkout these latest releases singles by Chance The Rapper in year 2016-2017

1.’All we Got.’

In the new track, Chance teams up with Kanye West to create an exciting pop song. He sings of his prosperity and the much he has for himself. ‘Music is all we got, so we should give it all we got.’

Chance the rapper is a gifted pop singer whose popularity spreads everywhere throughout the rap world. Chance Sings about his own life issues matters confronted by different artists also. He additionally sings about issues that we as a whole face in life, at one time or the other. His uniqueness makes his the best. We wish Chance the Rapper a fruitful “Rap” life.

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