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Chris Brown is a capable actor, singer, and artist who keeps on offering incredible diversion to the entire world. Chestnut has high moving aptitudes and one of a kind vocals. Since 2004, Chris keeps on giving his fans the enjoyment with exquisite songs. The musician has numerous high positioning tracks, however we can just figure out how to expound on the finest. The following are the top 10 songsĀ until 2017 that the singer has delivered, and a portion of the songs he has released as of late.

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Top 10 songs by Chris Brown until 2017:

Checkout this list of Chris Brown top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10.’Run It.’

‘Run It’ is a track released from the flawless collection, ‘Chris Brown.’ The song is the main single for Brown on the hip jump and R&B charts and in addition the track that keeps going longer as the first on ‘Hot 100.’He sings that he demonstrations like a major kid, and he realizes what young ladies cherish, which is to party the entire night. He requests that all young ladies accompany companions, as the gathering will be a hot one. ‘Let me see if you can run it, run it.’ ‘Girl indeed I can run it, run it.’

9.’Look at me now.’

‘Look at me now’ is a track contained in the “FAME” collection. The song is performed by Brown, with Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne highlighting on the track also. The song rose to the main position on the ‘Hot Rap Songs’ chart. Chris thinks about how somebody can abhor from outside a club, without getting in. ‘Look at me now, look at me now.’ ‘I’m getting paper.’ Chris Brown uses the song to reprimand his haters and the individuals who don’t wish him well in music and life.

8.’She Ain’t You.’

‘She ain’t you’ is a hit song contained in Brown’s collection titled “FAME.” The track has a kind of R&B because of another track by Michael Jackson titled ‘Human Nature.’ The single ascents to position five on the Hip Hop and R&B charts. The song is about being not able proceed onward after a relationship, and getting fixated on an ex-significant other. He sings about being not able see another young lady, and actually, she calls her new mate an alternate name. ‘Whoa-gracious goodness (Na).’ ‘She ain’t, no she ain’t you.’


‘Loyal is a hit song from the collection named X. The song is about women who are not unwavering seeing someone. He asks why a man ought to give his affection to a young lady who is not unwavering, someone who will abandon you for a wealthier person. He keeps on singing about Taking hot young ladies to a club and messing around with them. ‘You simply spent your bread on her, and its for nothing.’ The track is fascinating and true, as every one of the things Chris sings about happen, in actuality.

6.’Love More.’

‘Love More is a sentimental track from the collection named X. Chris Brown plays out the song, however it highlights Nicki Minaj, the hot rapper. The song rose to position 23 on the Billboard and keeps on being a worldwide top choice. He tells the young lady that notwithstanding her requesting steady love, it is never enough, regardless of how he tries. He asks why the affection is so confounded and advises her that it ought to be the least difficult thing ever. He includes that it ‘drives him mental.’

5.’With You.’

‘With You’ is an acclaimed track from the collection named “Exclusive.” The song appreciates affirmation by the ‘Recording Industry Association of America,’ because of the offer of more than one million carefully downloaded duplicates. Chestnut tells the young lady that he needs her and must see her since his heart is everywhere throughout the globe this evening. He tells the lady that he needn’t bother with cash or autos, as she is his beginning and end. ‘With you, yeah, heh.’ The song is a worldwide hymn sang by all, from urban communities to the towns.


“Deuces” is a song contained in the well known collection, ‘Fan of a Fan.’ The song is composed by Kevin Mcall, Chris Brown, and Stevenson Michael. The melody song portrays how to state farewell to a relationship that is fizzling. The song ascends to position one on both Hip Hop and R&B charts. He sings to his previous sweetheart, advising her that she generally wishes him misfortune. He alerts that she will lament when he finds a superior young lady, who knows his value. ‘Ohohohohoh, I let you know that I’m leaving (Deuces)

3.’Don’t Wake me up.’

‘Don’t Wake me up’ is a hot track from the “Fortune” collection. The move song is the fourth in the whole collection named “Fortune.” The song ascends to position ten on the Billboard. He wishes that no one awakens him if the affection exists just in his fantasies. He requests that the young lady kiss him in the event that he awakens while she is around since he never stops imagining about her lips. He sings that there is a great deal of life in the city, and he has been conscious for a long time. ‘Try not to wake me up, don’t wake me up.’

2.’Yo (Excuse Me, Miss)

‘Yo (pardon me miss) is a track from the ‘Chris Brown’ collection. The smooth pop track ascends to position seven on Billboard 100 hot tracks. In the track, Chris Brown asks individuals whether they have seen a hot young lady around, who he professedly detected a few minutes back. ‘Yo, I don’t have the foggiest idea about your name however pardon me miss, I saw you from over the room.’ ‘You’re making me need to stay yo’. The song is an imaginative method for moving toward a young lady, particularly when you are outsiders.

1.’Don’t Judge Me.’

The song originates from the “Fortune” collection. Cocoa sings about the significance of being pardoned for the past slip-ups and giving up the blunders. The song ascends to position ten on the R&B songs list. Chris Brown does not have any desire to go to the point of being judged. He tells the young lady that the gossipy tidbits she finds out about him are valid, however everything happened before he met her. ‘Please don’t judge me.’ ‘And I won’t judge you.’ The track is sentimental and holds a great deal of truth.

Chris Brown New Songs 2017

Checkout these latest releases singles by Chris Brown in year 2016-2017


Chris Brown works together with Usher to sing the enthusiastic song titled “Sometimes.” The song is about a woman who began to look all starry eyed at and her heart rested, and today she rests six feet into the ground.The song is a thriller, ensure you listen to it. ‘We all go down sometimes.’

2.’What would you do.’

In his latest release, Chris Brown has a question, and he needs replies. He asks his young lady what she would do in the event that she battled for her life, without anyone on her side. He can’t remain to lose the woman, and he has no place to cover up. ‘What do you do? Do goodness no doubt, what do you do.’

Chris Brown might be disputable, yet his music is the best you can ever listen to whenever. He may have utilized and dumped Rihanna, he may have pummeled her, and he may have crushed a fan’s telephone amid his visit to Kenya, however he remains the best. Chestnut’s songs are a most loved to many individuals, and we trust he lives longer to sing more.

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