Drake Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

Drake Graham is a Canadian rapper, actor, songwriter and maker. He is referred to for his part as an actor in ‘Degrassi, the youngster show arrangement. Be that as it may, Drake is more acquainted with his popular music, which has kept his fans excited, for a long time. The following are some of his best tracks and also his latest releases new songs of this year 2017.

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Drake’s top 10 songs until 2017:

Checkout this list of Drake’s top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10. Find Your Love

Discover Your Love is another stunning song, a few fans ask why it must be number nine. The verses in this song have left fans pondering what Drake will create on his next collection. This song contains such a variety of layers, with every layer being unmistakably infectious. The hit song puts Drake as a truly damn great artist, on the top of his rap diversion. Fans love this song since it shows the gentler side of the rapper.Drake places feeling into this song, making it much catchier. Discover Your Love has the loveliest soft verses on the planet.

9. Started From the Bottom

This hit song indicates exactly how develop Drake keeps on being in his Rap vocation, with a few fans saying this is the best Drake has done as such far. This song is unquestionably ‘the manager’: it has infectious beats, incredible video, and an awesome significance. That he began from the base, and now he is here.

Drake expresses that he wears each and every chain, notwithstanding when in the house. In any case, the song has been generally censured by haters since it doesn’t demonstrate him beginning from the base, the recordings simply demonstrate the effective Drake.


HYFR is one of Drake’s quickest raps and is without a doubt a fruitful hit song. Listening to the entire song before passing judgment on it is vital. Fans are listening and moving to the song and are unquestionably expressing gratitude toward Drake, their legend. The song is incredible and rocks the world, which has seen fans vote in favor of it in expansive numbers, moving it to the top 10 songs done by Drake.HYFR has delightful verses, it is awesome, splendid and recounts a story. The primary verse is one of his record-breaking bests

7. Over My Dead Body

The close piano ditty in the song demonstrates the two sides of Drake: the delicate heartbreaker.

The track ‘Over My Dead Body’ is basically dazzling. It accompanies a stunning tune, sweet piano stroke, and a warm feeling. The artist raps the weights off, playing around with the best music, much the same as his fans do.

6. The Motto

The Motto has stream and is practically similar to a snapping song; it’s pretty dope and untouchable. Regardless of Drake not having a mark song in this way, The Motto is just an extraordinary track. Truly, this is one of Drake’s best songs. The beat is basic and not over entangled. Drake has assembled his hits and made them full, however this is Drake going in an alternate heading than what his fans know. The Motto is a fan track to shake.

5. Take Care

Take Care is a track that you either detest or adore. With regards to this poppish track, there is no in the middle of, affection it or detest it. The verses put by Drake in this song makes it emerge. The verses combined with Drake’s singing makes the track among his top hit songs in this way. The song is profound, and it infiltrates to a man’s internal sentiments in light of the fact that a larger part of individuals have been in a circumstance like this one, a sweet kind of adoration distress.

4. Energy

“Energy” accompanies the best single line ever done by Drake. The hit song advances straightforwardly to the youthful white collar class, over the packed move floors in America. It is however by one means or another disappointing that Drake is a totem for a sort of over-agreeable manliness, yet with a considerable measure of overpowering fun.’ Energy is, in this manner, such a wonderful track.

3. Worst Behavior

One of Drake’s best songs is Worst Behavior, in spite of the fact that secret encompasses the song. The track has a considerable measure of tension, and the fans ponder what it is about and why they never adored us. They ponder whatever constitutes ‘most exceedingly awful conduct.’ Away from what is obscure, what is known is that the track tears the house at whatever time the song plays. Long after its release, the hit song is still one of Drake’s best. Most noticeably bad Behavior is one of Drake’s rowdiest singles, assuming control over the most forceful bars. The track’s heedless vitality opens up: Nothing was the same.

2. Marvin’s Room

The greatest quality that Drake has is not perplexed of awesome music. A lot of individuals including Kanye are fit for making something like Marvin’s Room, however when he made his whole separation collection, ‘808 and Heartbreak,’ he abandoned stoic synths and autotuned.

Drake’s voice is sufficient to make him powerless. His maker, 40, is in his best states of mind, getting seethes and man oleum instruments that consume up the space. With this, Drake pines harder than he’s ever stuck some time recently. Marvin Room is Drake at his Drakiest, and this is no more extended an affront. This track is the boldest thing this Canadian musician has ever recorded. The track is sweet, tragic and entertaining, propelling Drake straight to the top.

1. Over

Drake’s music vocation was at that point ascending before the release of the ‘Say thanks to me Later’ collection, yet the release of the single “Over” implied that he is an artist who will doubtlessly remain in power much more. Drake puts a realistic beat, an immaculate string course of action and sets the tone for his song, obviously mirroring his past life as a Toronto youngster star. The hit song “over” pushed Drake over the ‘Best I Ever Had,’ and made cynics give him his due. “Over” is Drake’s first business hit, which keeps on playing everywhere throughout the stations for the correct reasons. The track set the phase for Drake to release more beat hits. Whether the song terrifies or excites you, you ought to value the song.

Drake’s new songs in 2016-2017

Checkout these latest releases singles by Drake in year 2016-2017

1. Best I Ever Had

This song is a most loved to many, even the individuals who don’t listen to Drake’s songs. The song conveys favor and love. , People in adoration like the song; they sing it to their accomplices, how sentimental it is.

2. Why You are Hatin

Released in a joint effort with musician Kamaiyah, this track song has picked up broadcast appointment in every single pop station in the USA. It has been such a present to Drake’s fans, and its release amid summer is simply suitable.

3. Take Care

The beats to this song are just monster, and the incorporation of Rihanna in the track makes it spread like out of control fire. It is a most loved to numerous, and has many perspectives everywhere throughout the web. ‘Take Care’ is such a hit song.

4. Started From the Bottom

‘Started From the Bottom’ is one of Drake’s catchiest songs, and he tries to depict You Only Live Once (YOLO).Drake has unquestionably set patterns with this latest song.

Drake is such a mind boggling pop musician. His best tracks are simply incredible, and fans never get enough of them. His new songs in 2017 are far better, and the world can simply continue sitting tight for what he will release next.

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