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Ellie Goulding is a skilled US musician understood for her hit song titled “Lights.” The singer appreciates huge after from over the world, because of her overall visits. She begins with electronic and popular music, however she actually gets to be distinctly fixated on electronic music and invests her energy creating the same. Her music is proof that she is in the music business to stay, and that she can just improve. We have examined ten of the best songs that Ellie has created until 2017, look down to see which song hits the main position.

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Top 10 songs by Ellie Goulding until 2017:

Checkout this list of Ellie Goulding top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.


“Mirror” is the best song by Ellie, and it includes on ‘Appetite Games: Catching Fire. Ellie does her best in the song, and the outcomes are astonishing. She looks in the mirror and ponders whether this is for sure our reality. She investigates the mirror and sees dread, from the recreations she played so well. ‘I take a gander at the mirror, and I attempt to get it.’

9.’My Blood.’

‘My Blood’ hails from the “Halcyon,” and it is a spellbinding track. She sings about the Lord staying alert that she is not going to kick the bucket, but rather sadly draining is the best way to mend. She sings that due to all the blood she lost, it takes away the affection that Ellie thought she caught on. She sings that whatever she can see are the shades of her blood in the stones, as the person cruises far from her. ‘With all the blood I lost with you.’ ‘It suffocates the affection I thought I knew.’

8.’Anything Could Happen.’

‘Anything could happen’ is the main song in the “Halycon” collection. Ellie discusses her adolescence, with the video indicating two beaus getting into a dreadful street mischance. She utilizes the song to put accentuation on the motivation behind why individuals ought not squander time, on the grounds that the startling may happen. She trusts that despite the fact that it is constantly great to seek after the best, it is ideal to plan for the most exceedingly terrible too. ‘And I know the truth.’ ‘That anything could happen, anything could happen.’

7.’The Ending.’

The song begins with a piano riff and ascends to a light dubstep. It is essential to say that ‘The Ending’ is a reward song contained in “Halcyon.” The track is, be that as it may, a most loved to numerous, greater part of who have no clue that it is just however a reward track. Reward or not, ‘The ending’ is an extraordinary song that procures its position on the top five songs on this list. ‘On the off chance that you bolt me out, there won’t be any more in the closure.’

6.’This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)

‘This love’ is a song from Ellie’s collection titled ‘Brilliant Lights’ The track is both exaggerated and delicate, with her singing about an affection that turns sour. She advises her man that he doesn’t have any acquaintance with her well, as she could end the adoration whenever. She ponders their identity to wind up in beds that don’t have a place with them. She cries about her sharp love and laments getting herself into the undertaking. ‘This adoration is be and end all.’ ‘This love will be your downfall.’

5.’All I Want.’

‘All I Want’ is initially done by Kodaline, despite the fact that Ellie does it again and it ends up being superior to the first track. Her adaptation of the song is, be that as it may, more passionate and unfortunate, which could be the motivation behind why fans love it a considerable measure. Listening to the song makes you feel like it plays surprisingly, on account of her sweet voice and special singing styles. ‘All I want is and all I need is.’ ‘To find somebody, find somebody.’

4.’Goodness Gracious.’

The song is composed by Nate Ruess, Goulding, and Kurstin, individuals from the ‘Fun Band.’ The song is about an accomplice having the information that the other half is not decent for them, but rather still proceeds with the relationship. The song demoralizes doing a reversal to harsh connections, despite the fact that it neglects to figure a portion of the reasons that prompt to that, similar to the trust that things might be better. ‘Just to continue slithering to your arms.’ ‘Gee golly I can’t stop.’

3.’Under Control.’

The song is about breathing, feeling once more, strengthening, seeing things better in life. The mid-beat song demonstrates Ellie’s inventive ability. Ellie sings that she will always remember the inclination she had when she watched her mate leave. She felt inadequate without him in spite of the fact that he never missed to love her. ‘I feel like I am breathing again.’ ‘I got it under control, oh-oh.’

2.’Beating Heart.’

The most mind boggling thing about the song is that it highlights in the film called “Divergent” as a soundtrack. The track hails from the “Halcyon” collection and is at first composed by Janiak Joe. Ellie modifies on it and is helped by Kurstin Gray to create it, ending up being a fabulous bit of work. She sings that she is leaving in the morning and despite the fact that Ellie doesn’t know where she heads, Goulding knows it will be quite a while. ‘I need to make the best of what is left, hold tight.’ ‘And hear my beating heart one final time.’

1.’Wish I Stayed.’

The song is another most loved from ‘Bright Lights.’ Ellie is far from home in the wake of setting off to the town. She reviews the basic things that the wide open brings to the table. Ellie recollects the youth skipping ropes, the smoke that constantly made them stifle, despite the fact that they never surrendered. She reviews the recollections of her adolescence home. She asks why they can’t utilize a dialect they concur on, and why men see houses when they look outside, while she sees the fields that she developed on. ‘The indiscretion of fleeing.’ ‘I wish I stayed.’

Ellie Goulding New Songs 2017

Checkout these latest releases singles by Ellie Goulding in year 2016-2017

1. Army

In the song, Ellie looks at her adoration to an armed force, where they battle each other constantly and oppose this idea. Notwithstanding, the relationship remains solid and defeats all difficulties. She reviews the evenings when she was tanked, and her man comprehended, something less individuals could do. She comprehends what individuals chatter about them, yet she minds less. ‘When I’m with you, am remaining with an Army.’

2. Still Falling for You

In the new song, Ellie sings about affection that resembles fire and ice, ‘similar to rain and the blue skies.’ She advises her significant other not to disappoint her, as despite everything she appreciates him. She even offers to take every one of his blemishes and scars. ‘So what to do, at present succumbing to you.’

Ellie Goulding is attractive and wonderful, and I think her music compares with her excellence. The ruler has exciting songs that get fans moving each time they play. She sings about affection, breakups, treachery and effective connections. The young lady is the best, listen to her latest songs “Army” and ‘As yet Falling for you’ and you will immediately succumb to her music.

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