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Eric Clapton has a discography that peruses like an interminable clothing list made out of song titles. Eric Clapton has recorded significant music tracks, both in the studio and live. Individuals from various music sorts know him, as he has an exceptional capacity to make the guitar trigger crude feelings. Clapton has had a magnificent vocation with the Yardbirds, Cream and John Mayall. He at last chooses to do songs his way in a performance vocation. The following is a list of the best songs the musician has done as such far until 2017.

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Eric Clapton top 10 songs until 2017:

Checkout this list of Eric Clapton top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10. Crossroads

The song originates from a track by Robert Johnson: ‘Cross Road Blues.’ Eric took the creation, jolting it with a blistering lead. The song is initially recorded as “Crossroads” with the Powerhouse band, in spite of the fact that Cream’s rendition is the most popular. The song is extraordinary to Clapton, and this makes him name restoration focus in Antigua and his guitar celebration after the song. The song is a hit everywhere throughout the globe, and one of the best done by Eric Clapton.

9. Badge

Incredible personalities think the same, and Badge is a flawless sign. He composes the song close by George Harrison, and the sweet tune of the tune makes the song be a most loved among the individuals who cherish Clapton. The song traverses into pop and shake domain, making it qualify as ‘Slow hand’s’ best song. Clapton wedded George’s significant other, in spite of the fact that the two remained companions and George could drive forward the entire difficulty. The song is a clarification of Clapton’s life. The most intriguing certainty about the song that many individuals don’t know is that the title of the song ought to have been “Badge,” however Clapton understands it wrongly, naming the song “Badge.”

8. Presence of the Lord

One of the best pearls made by Eric Clapton, Rich Grech, Ginger Baker and Steve Woods is clearly ‘Presence of the Lord.’ Clapton chips away at the guitar, the vocals by Winwood and the band never disillusions. The gathering changes time marks and attempts to create a unique shake crescendo. Winwood’s profound voice works fabulously well with the interaction produced by the guitar strings. The song is both passionate and effective, and it shows the ability that this gathering possesses.

7. I Shot the Sheriff

‘I shot the Sheriff’ is an aggregate crush, appropriate from its season of release until today. The song is a stone variant of Bob Marley’s song, which is a hymn everywhere throughout the world. From that time, different musicians including Bob Dylan and Rolling Stones began to cut reggae-enlivened tunes. The title did not appear to be disputable after the release of the song, likely in light of the fact that Clapton performed it at his shows. The song is a most loved of both shake and reggae fans and is a hit everywhere throughout the world.

6. Tears in Heaven

‘Tears in Heaven’ is a tragic song, and the inspiration of the song is too pitiful. Eric Clapton is enlivened by the passing of his dearest youthful child Conor (Four) to make ‘Tears in Heaven.’ Lili Zanuck goes about as the song’s executive, and the outcome is a major universal hit, with an extremely touching tune. The achievement of the song gets it to the ‘Stone and Roll Hall of Fame’ in the year 2004.The song is likewise around two cops who worked covert, however later got to be medication addicts, and assume those are the pair who can always remember this song. Lamentably, Clapton drops the song from his set list in 2004, after it evidently gets to be distinctly enthusiastic and hard to play out the song.

5. My Father’s Eyes

The song is a self-portrayal about Clapton’s life. The demise of two imperative individuals throughout his life moves the song, his father, and his child. Clapton sings that at whatever point he needs them, that is the very time that he needs his dad’s eyes. Eric, a man, alienated from his father. Over that will be that his child kicked the bucket strangely subsequent to tumbling from a window, at the period of only four. The song is a Grammy Award victor, regardless of it being miserable.


Individuals trust that “Layla” is the best song ever made by Clapton. The song records when the Dominoes and Derek overwhelm the British guitar, however Clapton is fortunate to have Allman Duane play the slide. The song is about the spouse of Eric Clapton, who likewise happens to be the previous wife of George Harrison. His insane fixation on Boyd Pattie bubbles, driving him to release this track. He forms the song as a ditty, yet Duane Allman helps Eric to swing it to a rocker. The song got little consideration amid the primary year of its release, however after Clapton did it as a solitary, it now gloats as the most darling song by the musician.

3. Wonderful Tonight

Clapton is infatuated with a writer, English photographer and groupie Boyd Patti, who moves him to compose the song. Boyd first weds Harrison George, then Eric Clapton. The couple separates in 1988 yet rouses the musician to compose two songs: ‘Wonderful Tonight’ and “Layla,” another hit track. Clapton falls into melancholy and heroin enslavement after the lady denies his advances. Be that as it may, the woman separates her significant other later, to Clapton’s favorable position. The sentimental move song is popular in weddings, since its release in 1977, in the collection named ‘Slow hand.’ Clapton’s songs appear to cover all events, from internments to weddings. The song is a show of monstrous ability by the credited singer. ‘Wonderful’ tonight is about Patti Boyd dressing and preparing for a night party held in 1976, however the song is a hit until today.

2. Sunshine of Your Love

Whoever discusses Eric Clapton needs to say something in regards to “Cream.” The reason is that the gathering gloats of many hit songs in the Cream collection, yet the most popular are obviously ‘Sunshine of Your Love.’ The song fits the bill to be great shake, on account of the overwhelming unmistakable metal guitar and also the drumming by Ginger Baker. Clapton has played the song for more than one thousand circumstances in various shows the world over. ‘Sunshine of Your Love’ is a sticking song, and is fortunate to be incorporated on the 1967 ‘Disraeli Gears.’ The song is a record-breaking great and rushes numerous over the globe. A few people say that the song made Eric Clapton a “god,” from only a lord of the guitar.

1. White Room

The song has some hallucinogenic tunes with staggering guitar licks, and is a hit from a similar awesome collection: “Cream.” The presentation harmonies of this song are completely unmistakable, particularly considering that it releases as a segment of ‘Wheels of Fire’ in 1968. ‘White Room’ is a song that connections to the Vietnam War, and outside troops used to listen to the song while in the war abroad. The wah-wah shouts by Clapton knock the socks off. The song draws blended responses from an area of listeners however is advantaged to have been played more than forty-one billion circumstances on radios that arrangement with great shakes everywhere throughout the world.

Eric Clapton New Songs 2017

Checkout these latest releases singles by Eric Clapton in year 2016-2017

1. Can’t Let you do it

In this song, Eric sings of a young lady with a high class, who steps all over him. He sings to her that he knows she will do it, however can never give her a chance to do it. He advises her that she is soo wrapped up to mind, regardless of the possibility that the sun neglected to sparkle and the blue skies vanished. The song is a sign of Clapton’s ability in music.

2. I Dreamed I saw St.Augustine

In his latest song, Eric Clapton cases to have seen St. Augustine. He sings that he saw that he saw him alive, similar to you and me. Eric sings that the holy person had a cover under his arms, and a coat made of strong gold, searching for those souls that have been sold.He dreams that he is one of the individuals who executes the holy person, and that is the place he awakens irritated.

The music vocation of Eric Clapton represents its self, and there is nothing fans can include or subtract. Let us simply trust that he lives longer to create such great music.

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